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Participants from Poland on the 66th Bilderberg Meeting

5 Jun 2018 #1
Applebaum, Anne (POL), Columnist, Washington Post; Professor of Practice, London School of Economics
Hajdarowicz, Greg (POL), Founder and President, Gremi International Sarl
Sikorski, Radoslaw (POL), Senior Fellow, Harvard University; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Poland

The number ONE "problem" to be discussed is:
"Populism in Europe"
That is: Nationalism.

Infowars said:

globalists will undoubtedly be expressing alarm at the potential for Italy to be an example to the rest of Europe.

The country's new populist government has vowed to deport 500,000 migrants, re-assert localism over globalisation & monopoly capitalism, monitor mosques and reinvigorate the country's Christian heritage, all policies that directly contradict the neoliberal globalist consensus that Bilderberg represents.


Applebaum, Anne is Jew:

"I was brought up in a very reformed American Jewish family"

Hajdarowicz, Greg is Jew:
See the commentary section

Gregory Hajdarowicz (owner of Uwa┼╝am Rze)

That's now 19 (at least ) articles re the Holocau$t, Nazis etc that have appeared in the Daily Mail within the past TWO WEEKS!

Sikorski, Radoslaw is Married with Applebaum, Anne:

The third film is the one whose plot Sikorski is toiling on today. It is based on a love story - the surprising, against-all-odds love affair between Poland and Israel.

Is it all a big coincidence?!?!?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
5 Jun 2018 #2
The first meeting of that globalist, unelected cabal: how to assassinate Trump.

Do we have any military killer drones in the area?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,715
6 Jun 2018 #3

I dont believe in cohencidence ; )

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