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An Open Letter for newly Elected President of Poland

Sun and Moon 2 | 28
8 Jul 2010 #1
my dear sir, first of all accept heartfelt congratulations for winning the election of presidentship of this great country and nation. it is expected that under your capable and dynamic leadership the country will prosper in better way.

i am just a simple human being who by chance came here for service. during my service i happened to visit many asian, european and american countries. poland, no doubt, is a nice country with rich culture and traditions. it is also a very fast growing economy. poles are simple and very good at heart.

beside lot many good things, it is also a fact that poles do not enjoy a good reputation inside as well as outside poland. be it usa, europe or asia, poles have a specific reputation which of course is not possitive. you might be knowing it better than me. just see the double lock systems of offices and private houses and number of security gurards every where.

during your election compaign it came to lime light that you are very much pro european. this is a good thing and will benefit the poles.

only request to you is that along with improving your health system, jail services do ponder on improving the image of poles globaly. it definetely requires a huge compaign and effort and it might take many years to achieve this noble cause. however if it is started with porper planning, zeal and guidance, results can be achieved soonr also. i hope you will pay some heed to this request of this simple human being.
plk123 8 | 4,142
8 Jul 2010 #2
poles have a specific reputation which of course is not possitive.


btw. you may want to polish your engrish as it sux bad.. that is all. and you're welcomen
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
8 Jul 2010 #3
Next time India have an election, I shall write a letter, mine is simple.

Dear ......

Recall all these exported rejects from Europe.

Many thanks (in advance)
OP Sun and Moon 2 | 28
9 Jul 2010 #4
Recall all these exported rejects from Europe.

what a inferiority complexed personality u r. we are not rejects rather the back bones of us and uk economy. most of the health system of us runs by our doctors. and these are the countries with whom you prefer to be affiliated. true it is beggers can never be chosers. since u r running your life line on the charities provided by uk, us and eu so how u can ponder on the prevailing facts of globe. a mad man considers all others as mad. rejected by whole civilsied world is calling a member of great nation as rejects. hi hi
mephias 10 | 296
9 Jul 2010 #5
Sun and Moon

So send it to the president why disturbing people for something between you and the president. This is second thread started by you which is obviously trolling. If you want to draw attention try running naked instead of starting stupid threads.
9 Jul 2010 #6
Moon and sun you claimed that you spent vast of your life in USA, that you work as a diplomat (or something aike)... but sorry to say that your english doesnt suggest that... stop lying and trolling (well that one has amused me I must admit)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
9 Jul 2010 #7
most of the health system of us runs by our doctors.

Are you sure about that? If this is true then why did the government put restrictions on Indian doctors (to the outrage of indians) we have plenty of our own thanks, plenty that are not continuosly up in front of the GMC for inappropriate behaviour!

rather the back bones of us and uk

Rather the rats and parasites of the UK who have failed to assimilate after over 40 years - we can do without dirty veg markets, sari shops and indian takaways - not to mention immigration solicitors - none of these things actually benefit the indiginous population, they only serve the parasites within their closed communities.

what a inferiority complexed personality u r

Actually Im English so rather superior to some little brown curry smelling man with some fake MBA certificates who thinks its okay to approach women when sunbathing.

we are not rejects

Not only, you're inbred too, asians account for 1 in 3 genetically impaired children in the UK (retarded or physical defects)..considering you're supposed to be a minority here, thats a rather high figure, one can only conclude that marrying ones close relatives isnt a healthy thing do to - you are therefore a burden on British society and probably other countries you flee to from your large open toilet.

is calling a member of great nation as rejects. hi hi

What great nation would that be? One where millions live in shyte and have no access to clean water in the year 2010 or education or health care or where you dont seem to get the concept of refuse removal. What great nations use images of staving children in order to extract money? You may have a few brand names and a few high fashion shops in a few cities, but you are by no means considered by the outside world "great" .
Varsovian 91 | 634
9 Jul 2010 #8
Sad, sad, sad.

True, the opening post was slightly naive perhaps - then out poured so much vitriol in unmeasured terms. Seriously bad taste.

It could have been developed along the lines of the medical services available in the Warsaw area v other areas, and private v public.

But no. Attack the messenger instead.

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