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Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump

nothanks - | 667    
2 Jul 2017  #91
health, their kids education, opportunities, infrastructure, having a stable economy and being secure. The EU supports all of those

EVERYONE "supports" those. But if the EU truly wanted the best for Europeans, they wouldn't be so preoccupied with Non-Europeans. Unless the EU plans on adding Africa into the Union, then they are flushing our resources down the toilet. Fk them for that. More for Non-Europeans is less for Europeans. Straight forward non-Leftist concept
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
2 Jul 2017  #92

Yet another assumption... Who ever said I voted? If you hate when people talk about trump why are you doing the same thing? Just because I lean towards say trump over Clinton doesn't mean that I support everything that trump does. Far from it. In fact I wrote how I was weary of his attempts to replace Obamacare which I wrote that I liked bc my parents finally have insurance, criticised his apparent desire to wage war with nk, but applauded his decision to cancel tpp, help secure the border, boost domestic manufacture, and cut bureaucracy (although I thought the enormous cut to epa was a tad excessive).There's many things i don't agree with that trumps done so far but he's only been in office 6 months so its far too early to judge his overall performance. So how can you say trump doesn't care about the economy, security, education, infrastructure when he's been in office such a short time? What did Obama do his first 6 months? Not much aside from indebting the country further and hand out favors to donors because it's a relatively short time... Look at the sheer amount of bills, proposals, exec orders trump did vs Obama in the same time frame.

Lol snowflakes? No sorry that term isnt used to label conservatives. We don't need safe spaces and dont throw a hissy fit because someone has a different opinion. We don't try to silence free speech and shut down debates.

When you purposely stereotype people as a form of revenge just because a politician you don't like won an election it just shows how immature and silly you are. Furthermore last time I checked it was Hillary who called half the us population 'deplorables' which was just one of the many reasons that aided in her downfall. All politicians slander, name call, flip flop, don't keep promises, use dirty tricks, etc - wake up its not just one party or one politicians that does it. If you hate talking about trump so much anyway why are you writing in a thread that's about him?

Of course poles want all those things you mentioned ESPECIALLY SECURITY meaning they don't want the types of terrorist attacks that Germany France uk face seemingly every week or two. I nor anyone else ever said that poles look at everything through the prism of racial purity. Nonetheless they want to keep their country mainly polish demographically with polish culture and traditions and Catholicism as the religion. That's why 150k people marched in warsaw. That's why Jesus was crowned king of poland. You are incorrect about poles not giving a crap about the migrant crisis - that's one of the top political discussions in poland both in public on tv radio etc and in private amongst friends and family. If you turn on the polish news, any polish news, you'd know one of the hottest topics discussed is the migrant crisis and the fine that the eu wants to hand poland. This has been a hot topic for years and has been discussed even more after macrons election due to his threats to poland.

You're right though, Poles are concerned with having a good infrastructure, good health, being secure, etc. They don't want someone to literally and figuratively blow it all up. That's why they are defying the eu and not letting in Muslims - this is talked about nearly everyday on polish tv and radio. The majority of poles don't want to face the type of attacks that western Europe has and are very vocal of their opinion. Furthermore they want poland to remain in the eu, absolutely, but they also don't want to give up their right to determine their own destiny as a nation. Turn on the pl news or a debate and you'll see. In fact I watched one pretty recently and commented on here how some poles have warmed up a bit to the idea of accepting eritreans because they're Christian and poles feel that may help them assimilate into our society.

Like I said many poles do view trump as a prostak and poke some fun at him but nonetheless want him to visit poland and strengthen ties both economically and militarily just like they would ve wanted to if Hilary won. However much of trumps ideas match those of pis - like securing the borders, being extra vigilant on whos allowed into the country, increasing the military, growing the economy, and gaining back lost sovereignty. Last time I checked merkel was snubbed by trump - duda won't be. Maybe instead of labeling everything that trump says as drivel and nonsense, you should seek to understand why he says those things and why his messages are so popular - hence why he was elected. That's what erudite people do - they look at both sides of the argument even if they lean towards one side. Some people will even change their opinion after researching both sides. Those who stick to one side without even attempting to understand the others perspective or worldview are just plain foolish or perhaps even brainwashed just like the poor rural Afghanis who often know nothing of the world aside from the Koran and what an imam tells them to think. How do you think bipartisan politicians work to pass important bills? They seek to understand each other and compromise. Even if not for the sake of learning something to gain some knowledge on a different perspective, you could study the opposite side to better understand your enemy since you hate him and his supporters so much.

Let me ask you this how long have you lived in poland? I'm willing to bet your an expat and not actually a native polish due to the words you use. I could be wrong that's why I ask. However a native pole who's English is a second language wouldn't use words the type of idiomatic English and words like snowflake or m.o. as you do. If you were a native pole born and raised you'd understand how meaningful a us presidents visit is to poland regardless of whether he's a democrat of Republican.
Marsupial - | 912    
2 Jul 2017  #93 popular in Poland as far as i know. Don't know any % but it's more than PO.
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
  2 Jul 2017  #94
Trump is extremely popular in Poland unless you listen to the Liberal Left ex-pats who live in Poland.

the right wing snowflakes must learn to handle insults and stereo types too.

Right Wing Snowflakes ! ??? LMAO
That's a first.

He's from Chicago,

Thank you as I was wondering how a native Pole could be so ignorant.
Don't you hate it when the insecure ex-pats on this forum "pretend" to be native Pole's to give themselves some clout to intimidate the non Polish members.

Kind of like pretending to be a police officer for intimidation. lol

The United States meeting with Poland first is sending a very loud message to the EU.
Now that Britain has wised up and left, you now have two countries leaders speaking for all of the EU. (One actually)
Since winning a parliamentary election in 2015, the PiS has angered France over a canceled army procurement deal, brought relations with Germany to their worst in nearly a decade, and is facing EU action over what critics call its authoritarian tilt.

The other countries belonging to the EU (Poland for one) must be very resentful that they are being ordered by these two leaders to influence Poland's culture.

With Poland and the United States having similar views on immigration and the climate hoax it makes it a little harder for these two leaders to promote their agenda as Left authorities rule.

It is no secret what President Trump thinks of Merkel & Macrons Liberal Left views.
I also think that Poland is just as concerned about Russia as they are about Brussels ordering them around against Poland's will.
Poland will have an opportunity to share their concerns in private with allie Trump.
I have been amazed that Trump has not been more stern with Putin publically.
The G-20 might be what Trump has been waiting for after meeting with Poland in private.
You can bet that when Trump and Putin meet face to face that there will not be many smiles.
I hope there is considerable coverage with their side meeting as it will set the tone for the next four years.
Wulkan - | 3,278    
  2 Jul 2017  #95
right wing snowflakes

That doesn't make sense, snowflakes can only refer to some left wingers.

I do need t know anyone who is attending - either as a protester

Why would a person in Poland protest the president of the USA? but at least you let us know that you don't have a complete retards in your circle.
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
2 Jul 2017  #96
Obviously cms is an American pretending to be a Polish citizen.
Does he even live in Poland ?
Marsupial - | 912    
2 Jul 2017  #97
I dont think Poland will ever leave tbe eu
The government in uk is finished as any force and basically inflation and low currency problems are just starting. I wouldnt invest 10 cents in the uk and the campaign was based on fiction and lies but as more people find out their hour of reckoning is yet to come. Its not fair comparing that with trump. Uk is in the process of committing wholesale economic suicide but trump is not. He just rejects some things like science and so on. He isnt rejecting the usa economy wholesale. The science part is good for me the renewables sector is booming and coal is dead more is going up every day. I am really happy usa wont compete as strongly now just buy those things back from us. The Obama dude was useless but the previous uk dude was not, another unfair comparison. Frankly i cringe more when i see the useless countries like denmark or netherlands sending troops to baltic or elsewhere. I mean wtf who is going to see those little boys as deterrence? They couldnt fight their way out of a sock, just nazi parasites who took marshall money and now pretend they achieved something. I wanna keep those worthless pretenders out. Poland needs usa and trump but what does it have in exchange?
jon357 65 | 13,630    
2 Jul 2017  #98
The government in uk is finished as any force and basically inflation and low currency problems are just starting

Absolutely. It does look like there'll be a new government sometime this year. I don't hold out much hope that they'll do anything except reverse austerity, however right now almost any change is a positive.
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
2 Jul 2017  #99
Poland needs usa and trump but what does it have in exchange?

Allowing American Strategic Military Bases in Poland.
Poland is an asset to your country of Australia too if you would think about it.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
2 Jul 2017  #100

Economically perhaps very very little. However it is natos eastern flank and buffer for us NATO allies like Germany, france, etc.
cms 9 | 1,289    
  2 Jul 2017  #101
the numbers do not back up your anecdotal opinion - according to a poll last week by the Pew Center only 23 percent of Poles trust Trump to do the right thing for the world. Remarkably similar to the 22 percent that want to leave the EU and the 20 percent that voted for PiS so probably the Venn diagram would have a large overlap.

The comparable number for Obama was 58 percent - not that I am any great fan of Obama. I would far prefer a moderate republican like Romney or Little Marco.

Of the EU countries then none had more than thirty percent trust in the Orange Moron. Hungary came closest with 29 percent. There was one "European" country where Trump gets high support over 50 percent. To give you a clue they drink vodka and eat terrible food.

Do you have any other surveys that show he is popular in Poland ? Any evidence ?

What arrogance it is to expect the rest of the world to love your leader when it is clear he is an obsessive fool - even this weekend instead of preparing for this prestigious trip to Poland he is wasting time on a grudge against some newsreaders.

And what arrogance that you snowflakes think we should waste time understanding your motivation for voting for someone with no experience - I can guess the reasons but it has happened, you can vote for whoever you want so you can live with the mess you created - the rest of us can cross our fingers and hope he doesn't nuke anyone.

Maybe this week would be better spent in somewhere like West Virginia, reopening those mines, but if he has to come then he can have a nice time with the bussed in PiS supporters from Pacanow and tell them to rev the engines and get the steak on the grill so he can leave sharpish.
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
2 Jul 2017  #102
Most Poles are hailing his visit and its going to be historic!

They most certainly aren't. The fact that PiS has had to resort to bussing in people from villages all over Poland says it all.

If he was so popular, they wouldn't need to bus anyone in, would they?
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
  2 Jul 2017  #103
These are the privileged people who pay a lot of money for direct transportation to see President Trump.
Like you said Delphi, they are coming from all over Poland to show their support says it all.
Now if the President of Scotland came to Poland....wait, Scotland doesn't have a president but a queen or something right ?
Who besides you would go to see her ?
Sparks11 - | 337    
2 Jul 2017  #104
I live here and can confirm what Delphian says. No one gives a rat's a@@ about Trump coming. In fact, no one really thinks about him very much at all. Sometimes people wonder what's going on in America, they here that he's controversial and see whatever is on the news but most people are far to busy to care. Some people protest or support but no one hails anyone (except maybe Robert Lewandowski) in Poland.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,040    
2 Jul 2017  #105
If he was so popular, they wouldn't need to bus anyone in, would they?

the bus was oversubscribed in my town some are going by train also there is also a picnic in the stadium.

Cant wait for trump to go to britain where he will be shouted down and shunned by mass demonstrations, it willl show Americans who are their friends and allies

are, bring on brexit and business flight to Europe. sometimes you get what you vote for.
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
  2 Jul 2017  #106
These are the privileged people who pay a lot of money for direct transportation to see President Trump.

They're getting it paid for by the government. You don't speak Polish, you don't know anything. Each member of parliament in the the ruling Party is getting money to pay for a bus to take PiS supporters from villages to Warsaw. Essentially, they know no-one is going to show up from Warsaw, so they're resorting to taking unemployed people to demonstrate a crowd.

Like you said Delphi, they are coming from all over Poland to show their support says it all.

It doesn't say anything at all, except that these are mostly people with nothing better to do with their life.

Who besides you would go to see her ?

Don't make me post that picture of Trump's inauguration when no-one turned up :D
dolnoslask 5 | 2,040    
2 Jul 2017  #107
no-one is going to show up

wait and see, by the way hows your Polish delph, do you get much done in Poland without the help of the missus
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
  2 Jul 2017  #108
You got that monkey on your back again tonight ?
You really should kick that habit delph.

They're getting it paid for by the government

The American government wouldn't pay for such a thing.

You don't speak Polish,

Kto powiedziaƂ ?

It doesn't say anything at all

It says everything as they are coming from all over Poland to see him.
Bet they wouldn't do that if your queenie showed up.
You are just nervous like the rest of the EU officials that Trump may sway Poland to Polexit.
Marsupial - | 912    
2 Jul 2017  #109
Its true usa can't stand a large successful block. If he comes to Australia we will sell him clean coal.
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
2 Jul 2017  #110
Its true usa can't stand a large successful block.

It's a huge threat to their interests. China has been making deals with Europe and Russia, and if the EU and Russia can come to a long term, stable agreement (despite America interfering at every step), then the USA will pretty much be very much left out of the world. China already has secured control over much of Africa, too.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  2 Jul 2017  #112
Prelude or last chapter of Brussels

USA seeks to destabilize Germany (ie EU). Yesterday Russia wanted that. EU begins to crumble. Germany is weaker. Germany turns to Russia but Russia consult with USA. China is with Russia. Vatican mediate between USA and Russia. Britain abandoning game. Then Germany turns to France. EU is stronger. But France is USA`s pawn. And Germany knows that. Germany (ie EU) is under control.
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
2 Jul 2017  #113
Well, Crow, we all know how the USA destabilised Kosovo and then put Serbia in flames through their support for the KLA.

Trump may well be trying to do the same thing with Poland.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
2 Jul 2017  #114
Frankly, I don`t like development, processes in case with Poland and in Poland. Poland is from outside and from within, pushed in trap, to say- prepared for experiments. Hard to tell what would be outcome. Naively, of course, I would suggest immediate Poland`s turn to Serbia and more active approach to Hungary but, who am I in bigger plan. All of us, who are we. It would be what must be.

Truly amazing how that brat Jan Lopuzanski of right winged Catholics in Polish parliament was right, back in 1999 (when NATO bombed Yugoslavia/Serbia and Montenegro), when he defending Serbians, warned [citation]: ``If, today, NATO's putative right to be a judge of other nations and their governments and to enforce these decisions by way of violence is recognized, this right may tomorrow be directed against any nation in the world, Poland included.``
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
2 Jul 2017  #115
If, today, NATO's putative right to be a judge of other nations and their governments and to enforce these decisions by way of violence is recognized, this right may tomorrow be directed against any nation in the world, Poland included

Yes, I agree completely. I was never a supporter of the NATO bombing of Serbia, and I had a friend from Belgrade who was devastated by what was happening. I remember her e-mails at the time, telling me that they never, ever thought that the West would attack them.

Poland would be wise to remember that America may be a friend today and an enemy tomorrow.
OP johnny reb 16 | 3,106    
2 Jul 2017  #116
China already has secured control over much of Africa, too.

They have secured control over the entire world including the U.S.A.
Joker 1 | 751    
2 Jul 2017  #117
Poland would be wise to remember that America may be a friend today and an enemy tomorrow.

Yet another conspiracy theory, Delphy?

Fairy tales can come true, and for the snowflakes they do, in their little minds. In safe spaces they hide and listen to lies from fake news. They go to extremes with nefarious schemes, cry and wail when their dreams fall apart at the seams. Their lives get more disturbing with each hateful rant. They were all told yes we can and found out not they can't! And heres the best part! They can't get a good start, at keeping Trump from making America Great Again:)
delphiandomine 85 | 16,864    
2 Jul 2017  #118
Seems like you think that Europeans aren't familiar with America's meddling and interference in our affairs.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  2 Jul 2017  #119

It was Kwaƛniewski who set Poland to this direction and exactly in 1999 when he, during Kosovo conflict, signed the instruments ratifying Poland's membership of NATO. He hysterically supported NATO attacks on Serbs. He deprived that way Poland of her oldest and most valuable sphere of influence but, what stunned me, he provoked Pope Paul II to urgently come from Vatican to Poland in order to intervene on behalf of Serbs. I was surprised of that side of Pope Paul II because I considered him to be religious leader but he proved to be uncompromising Polish statesman. That statement [critics of NATO] of Jan Lopuzanski in Polish parliament coincide exactly with urgent Pope Paul`s visit to Poland who begged on Polish leadership to stop supporting attack on Serbs and instead do everything possible to stop that NATO madness.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
2 Jul 2017  #120
According to sources close to trump, namely mcmaster, he will praise poland for its bravery, courage, and say that other European nations ought to take inspiration from poland.

Again just what I read online take it for what you will.

The fact though that trump is visiting Warsaw before Germany and France is a big snub though. Leaders in the eu feel trumps visit will embolden Poland's leaders even more.

The bombing of Serbia destroyed us Russian relations. After the fall of communism and further exposure to the west, Russians of all walks of life were fascinated with the us including yeltsin. They loved American style culture freedom etc. Even the politicians sought better ties with us since the cold war was over. However when us bombed Serbia all that changed in an instant. Russians completely reversed their views. They felt the us could bomb them too if they step out of line. And so the 2nd pseudo cold war began.

Apparently at one point putin wanted Russia to join NATO but they didnt take him seriously.

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