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Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump

Joker - | 603    
14 Apr 2018  #571

This is one area where shooting his mouth off leads to a stupid action,

The first thing I thought when I heard that was....Obama

You're right once you open your mouth you put your foot into it.

This is a massive campaign promise broken by Trump, very disappointing.

I wonder if this was just a message to NK and No Im not happy about any wars or babies being gassed either.

There had to be ample evidence if the UK and France played toy soldiers as well.

Joker - | 603    
14 Apr 2018  #572

The weather is nice and its a Saturday.

Enjoy the day:) its raining cats and dogs here.

Putin wanted to sit down at the table but the Trumpster couldn't control himself.

The Russians do lie a lot and cant be trusted.

They tried to blame Britan for the gas attack and I find that very hard to believe.
tygrys 2 | 295    :-(
14 Apr 2018  #573

The only reason Poland wants Trump to visit is to get rid of the visa, so then there would be more illegal Poles all over America. But that will never happen hopefully.
Ironside 46 | 8,658    
14 Apr 2018  #574

You're a regular genius. You got it. Now run along and don't tell anyone you have anything to do with Poland.
Made in USA - | 8    
14 Apr 2018  #575

Can't face the truth, can you, Ironside.
Crow 143 | 6,600    
14 Apr 2018  #576

I hope that Poles these days perfectly understand message of all what happening around in the world. Ironically, this time, if Russia lose, if Multi-Polar world as option lose, its the end of Poland. Such a good ally is NATO and such a good thing is EU. Anglo-Franko-Germanic conglomerates led by monsters that looks only for the interests of few powerful circles, that desperately defend their self-given right on domination and control in Uni-Polar world that suits them. Its clear how those circles comprehend Poland. To them, Poland is NOTHING or rather territory and populace that just wait to be grabbed and assimilated.

So, once more. Poland have treacherous leadership. That is only reason that explains why official Poland isolated itself from Hungary and Serbia.

Home / News / Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump
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