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Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump

Joker 1 | 751    
14 Apr 2018  #571
This is one area where shooting his mouth off leads to a stupid action,

The first thing I thought when I heard that was....Obama

You're right once you open your mouth you put your foot into it.

This is a massive campaign promise broken by Trump, very disappointing.

I wonder if this was just a message to NK and No Im not happy about any wars or babies being gassed either.

There had to be ample evidence if the UK and France played toy soldiers as well.
Joker 1 | 751    
  14 Apr 2018  #572
The weather is nice and its a Saturday.

Enjoy the day:) its raining cats and dogs here.

Putin wanted to sit down at the table but the Trumpster couldn't control himself.

The Russians do lie a lot and cant be trusted.

They tried to blame Britan for the gas attack and I find that very hard to believe.
tygrys 2 | 294    
  14 Apr 2018  #573
The only reason Poland wants Trump to visit is to get rid of the visa, so then there would be more illegal Poles all over America. But that will never happen hopefully.
Ironside 47 | 9,122    
14 Apr 2018  #574
You're a regular genius. You got it. Now run along and don't tell anyone you have anything to do with Poland.
Made in USA - | 8    
  14 Apr 2018  #575
Can't face the truth, can you, Ironside.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  14 Apr 2018  #576
I hope that Poles these days perfectly understand message of all what happening around in the world. Ironically, this time, if Russia lose, if Multi-Polar world as option lose, its the end of Poland. Such a good ally is NATO and such a good thing is EU. Anglo-Franko-Germanic conglomerates led by monsters that looks only for the interests of few powerful circles, that desperately defend their self-given right on domination and control in Uni-Polar world that suits them. Its clear how those circles comprehend Poland. To them, Poland is NOTHING or rather territory and populace that just wait to be grabbed and assimilated.

So, once more. Poland have treacherous leadership. That is only reason that explains why official Poland isolated itself from Hungary and Serbia.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  5 Jul 2018  #577
Poland is wise. Now Serbia, same as Poland, also hailing upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump. Victims of CNN and BBC understand each others.
TheWizard - | 253    
5 Jul 2018  #578
@tygrys....yeah lucky ey because you wouldn't want illigal poles with the nice clean latino gang violence infested society where mass murder is daily on our screens and entire towns have been overun by islam like anyone can watch on u tube. Ohhh no, you may get free pierogi kurwa. No wonder only Jews like the usa these days. I bet that is what you are.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  16 Jul 2018  #579
Oh, hallowed be the Trump! Yesterday he said that EU represent enemy to US. Hand on heart, USA and Poland share their enemies.

How Duda mistaken the moment to play on Germany and German satellites. What a historical blunder.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
16 Jul 2018  #580
Crow, Poland has always been between a rock and a hard place - Russia and germany. I can tell you this though, polish people in general trust today's germany far more than today's Russia. The treatment of poles from the pl Soviet war to ww2 to prl years won't be suddenly forgotten. It'll be like 2 3 generations before relationships between Poland and Russia are even neutral at best let alone friendly. And Russia causing problems in Ukraine and Estonia isn't helping. As much as I hate seeing Slavic brothers and sisters hating each other, killing each other rhat is the reality. Even if poles had some sort of like polish Russian friendship and cooperation agreement itd be investigated nonstop by the security services and one mis step could land a pole in prison.

However among youth there is a lot of cooperation and friendship between poles and Russians. In a way greater even than polish youth and ukranians. Poles and Russian hools, mma and contact sport types, bikers and even nationalists have a lot of respect for each other.

It is getting harder to tell which polish and Ukrainian nationalist groups and individuals ghough are legit and grassroot and which/who is actually handled by the Kremlin and is acting as an agent provocateur. Generally it's the newer groups who suddenly have a ton of funding and carry out attacks, arsons, etc for no good reasons or purpose - the useful idiots
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  16 Jul 2018  #581
Dirk, hand on heart, we are all potential victims of our or global politicians.

Duda particularly, itself politician, have limited maneuverable space, I know that. But he don`t need to choose between Germany and Russia. Any of those choices is wrong. Any similar choice is wrong. Duda just have to choose to be good president of Poland or not to be good president of Poland. If, IF Duda have honesty, Duda would stop to be president of Poland.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
16 Jul 2018  #582
Poland is increasingly choosing sovereignty, independence and looking to the v4 and 3 seas partners for the future. The eu namely the w european countries have offended poles far too many times and they're sick of hearing bullsh1t on how we should run our own country or creeps like verhofstadt saying 60k Nazis marched in Warsaw. Stuff like that is deeply offensive to poles old and young. Poles never imagined that the eu would exert so much political influence and stick their nose into our affairs. Well this wasn't the case when pl first joined the eu. Now the socialists in the eu habe revealed their true colors and while poles don't want to leave the eu, they certainly won't allow a foreign capital to dictate how we should form our courts or what kind of immigrants to take into our country. That is OUR decision - not the EUs. We never signed up for anything that would require us to take in migrants quotas or have democratically elected partisan and individuals being scorned for carrying out campaign promises. It's not just Poland who feels this way either. Now you have a whole block of countries that are refusing to keep toeing the ever more Marxist eu line. And the socialists in the eu hate it - the European swamp is slowly being drained. The leftists know it too - they know that now they have to compromise if they wish to keep the eu and their leftist parties going. Even Merkel realized that and was forced to negotiate. The eu is in crisis management mode now and has been for atlesdt a few years... And it's only going to get more difficult for them to keep pushing their Marxist bullsh1t.

Also duda is in a way just a figurehead. Kaczynski and morawiecki hold the real power.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
  16 Jul 2018  #583
Poland is increasingly choosing sovereignty, independence and looking to the v4 and 3 seas partners for the future.

But Duda then underestimated strategic situation and development. See, one of 3 seas countries- Croatia illegally hold territories that are in dispute with Serbia. Territories that are acquired by committed massive genocide on Serbs during WWII and in this last Civil War, where death tool of Serbian civilians goes much above 1 million people, woman, man and children. Of that, only in Jasenovac Nazi camp during WWII, ustashe killed more then 20.000 very little Serbian children, babies included, separated from mothers. Even these days we see (in mass media) continuation of this Croatian genocide on Serbs sponsored by western European powers.

All in all, when Yugoslavia started to dissolve, Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, suggested peaceful negotiations between Serbian and Croatian representatives to determine real border between Serbia and Croatia. Dialogue was cut by Germany`s prematurely recognition of separation of Croatia before these negotiations about borders occurred. That`s how Yugoslavia sunk in bloody Civil War. Western European powers then organized anti-Serbian media campaign to cover real reasons for conflict and to put the blame on Serbs. Most prominent was Germany because was in particular interested to cover up Croat Nazi `ustashe` background. Then Britain and France followed, including USA Clinton`s, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the deal. Rest is history. My people was mutilated and crucified.

To shorten this. Story between Serbia and Croatia is yet to get its epilogue. Predictions are realistic that Croatia can`t survive in its current borders. Massive genocide on Serbs can`t be rewarded but must be rightfully punished and, most importantly, stooped. Only negotiations about future relations and payment in territories can satisfy Serbia. Simple 1/10 of total number of all Serbs (civilians) was killed so that Nazi pro-German Croatia can be formed and then same number of Serbs was assimilated (Croatinized) in illegal way. Only territories in Dalmatia, Krajina and Slavonija (that are anyway originally Serbian) can compensate those Serbian loses.

So, Poland should be careful with 3 seas initiative, not to found itself included in Serbian-Croatian territorial dispute, what may result in open military conflict with Serbia. If come to this, that would be biggest historical trap to Poland. Trap set by Germany so that Poland finally fall in German hands or at least collapse.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
  17 Jul 2018  #584
This is exactly what Trump (and i) are talking about - the destruction of Europe's culture and identity he pointed out during the NATO summit

Birmingham UK - before and after

No that shot with so many Muslims praying in public isn't in Saudi arabia.. It's Europe - specifically the United kaliphate

Even their fighter jets look like pussy ass punks. Man if I was a Russian or Chinese general and saw a fighter jet displayed with a pink and purple background like some budget fashion show id be pissing my pants.... from laughter

Who are they trying to.scare with that? Homophobic Russian pilots rofl
Joker 1 | 751    
17 Jul 2018  #585
finally fall in German hands or at least collapse.

For a guy that usually cant construct a cohesive sentence, suddenly!

Hey, who's your ghost writer or is it copy and paste?

To shorten this. Story

stop spamming about serbia nobody gives a $hit!
Crow 146 | 7,354    
17 Jul 2018  #586

Thanks for sharing video. Do they in Birmingham copulates with newcomers?
Chemikiem 5 | 1,166    
18 Jul 2018  #587
Birmingham UK - before and after

Do you automatically believe everything that's posted on the internet ? To start with Birmingham has never been a " quaint little city " as so described in the video, and secondly, those shots are not even of Birmingham. That first one is of Warwick Castle, which is about 35 miles outside of Birmingham, and In Warwick, which is a picturesque market town. But you're not worried about that so long as you can stir up more hatred and pollute the forum with your anti-Muslim sh1te. I stopped watching as soon as I saw dear old Tommy, because whoever originally uploaded that video clearly has an agenda.

Perhaps like Fox News, you should fact check when posting about Birmingham, because they were forced to apologise for this little gem:
dolnoslask 5 | 2,040    
18 Jul 2018  #588
To start with Birmingham

having been a local of brum, I will say that it has changed hugely since the sixties and not for the better.
Crow 146 | 7,354    
18 Jul 2018  #589
Scots would be wise to give up from Britain. Its lost case. Brat Sean Connery is right.
Atch 17 | 2,537    
18 Jul 2018  #590
I will say that it has changed hugely since the sixties

But it was never a quaint little market town. Birmingham was an industrial city, more akin to Newcastle or Sheffield and viewed with almost the same degree of horror as southerners reserve for those Northern places :)) Remember Victoria Wood - she had a character, a newsreader with the BBC and one of her lines was "We'd like to apologise to our viewers in the North - it must be awful for them" :D
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
  18 Jul 2018  #591
But it was never a

... a city full of ninja women, paki rape squads, more mosques than could ever be considered a reasonable amount, terrorists, neckbeards demanding stores stop selling liquor, sharia courts, tens of thousands who dont even speak english and have no plans to learn, etc etc... until the leftists brought in boatloads of them and let them collect benefits for generations while popping out soccer teams to the point where Muslims will outnumber native Englishmen...

So you deny that Birmingham is full of Muslims raping and pillaging all over the UK? So that scene of thousands of dudes Allah akbaring in public isn't in Birmingham or the UK?

If you kept Britain for the British you wouldn't have thousands of neckbeards snack barring 5x a day in public. Birmingham looks more like Tunis or Algiers or riyad than a British city because there's so few brits, and I mean actual brits, Englishmen, not the migrants calling themselves brits because they got a passport

That's why brexit won't matter. It's like giving last rites to a cancer patient. The Muslims will continue to multiple, sharia courts will remain, paki rape squads will keep raping, etc because the British people have become too.cucked to do anything about it.

Thank goodness this bs isn't happening in Poland czechy or the Slavic countries...

Oh I'm sorry that was over 100k Muslims in that shoot in Birmingham

'Terror attacks put Birmingham in spotlight' big surprise considering all the muslims...

anti-Muslim sh1te

**** Muslims. They're destroying Europe literally raping and pillaging the continent. If a British or any European woman supports Muslims it must only be because ugly girls need love too and Muslim men will give it to them. Whether it's consensual or not is another story...

because they were forced to apologise

Rofl... forced to apologize... doesn't sound like much of an apology does it? Probably because they know there was a large degree of truth and the British don't like it when their immigration policies are shown as failures

That's the difference. Poles don't apologize for not wanting Muslims. We say they cause terror, rapes, have diseases unseen in Europe and when the eu throws a b1tch fit we saw too bad, were not taking any.
Atch 17 | 2,537    
  18 Jul 2018  #592
Adrian you sound completely unhinged. Here's a dose of reality for you:

Some of the worst areas for crime, muggings etc are over 90% white. Others which have now become more ethnically diverse, already had a bad reputation as far back as the 1970s.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
  18 Jul 2018  #593
Some of the worst areas for crime, muggings etc are over 90% white

Guess it must be the 10% non white that's committing all the crimes.

When is the last time you've heard of a white British rape squad grooming young girls? Never because they're almost all pakis. When is the last time you've heard of white brits blowing up a bus or massacring a bunch of innocent Europeans or beheading a soldier? Never. When is the last time Christians walked around enforcing religious laws in a secular European country and posting 'fundamentalist Christian zone' stickers? When have Christians asked the Vatican for billions so they can build 22 churches on one street all preaching fundamentalism? When have white Europeans created no go zones full of crime and poverty and harass and even assault non whites? Never. Except maybe a few in Poland where kibole want to send a clear message that third worlders aren't welcome.

Here's a dose of reality for you:

And here's one for you - almost all the victims and perps of the murders are foreigners as you can clearly tell by their names

Almost all foreigners and almost zero white native brits or even European migrants for that matter. That's because turd worlders replicate their environment wherever they go. They turn Europe into the same type of sh1tholes they came from. That's why they're NOT WELCOME in Poland. We don't want terrorism no go zones and rape squads. And because we don't have turd world migrants, we don't habe those problem. Like I've said before - germany takes in 1 2 million turd worlders and there's non stop terror, rapes, assimilation issues, and more money spent on migrants than education because they don't feel like working a d rather collect 1500 eu a month. Poland takes in the same amount 1 2 million migrants but from EUROPE, not turd world sh1tholes,, and guess what? NO PROBLEMS despite taking in the same amount of migrants. No skyrocketing rape, not a single terrorist attack, no car or truck rammings, no problems with assimilation because they come to.WORK not collect benefits. Clearly the variable is WHERE the migrants come from. Sh1thole turd world - same problems as sh1thole turd world rape terror violence poverty etc. Migrants from europe - none of those problems.

Less foreigners from turd world, less crime. It's that simple. And poland, czechy vs uk germany france is the perfect example. One group didnt take in turd worlders and doesnt have problems, the other did ans has tons of problems.

Britain doesn't need to leave the EU, what would be far wiser is making all the non assimilated benefit leeching migrants leave instead. Tear down all the mosques preaching hatred of others, shutter all the sharia courts, why a parallel legal system that follows 7th century Islamic law was even established in the first place is beyond me and take back your country for crying out loud before Muslims outnumber you and treat you the same way Muslims treat Christians in the middle East. Oh wait, that's already happening in the no go zones - and it will spread as they multiply like rabbits on ecstasy - just wait...
Rich Mazur 5 | 1,707    
18 Jul 2018  #594
Some of the worst areas for crime, muggings etc are over 90% white.

What you so conveniently skip over is the fact that ALL crimes by migrants are 100% preventable. Just don't let the scum in. Problem solved.

The domestic white scum is easy to deal with because they cannot scream ethnic, religious or any other form of discrimination.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
18 Jul 2018  #595
But that would hurt their feelings rich, and that's a greater crime for the liberals than committing murders and rape against the native population.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
  18 Jul 2018  #597
I see very very few British names in that list... the vast majority are not native Europeans or brits - as evidenced by both their pics and names.

Non Europeans commit the majority of violent crimes like murder, rape and terrorism. That is a fact. Pakis seem to have a particular propensity for grooming and raping children and Muslims as a whole for committing terror attacks. Almost every single terror attack, massacre, truck rammings etc was committed by a non European.

9/35 were of obvious African origin
7/35 were of obvious 'Muslim' origin
2/35 were of obvious Spanish origin

10 sounded British

So 18 out of 35 - more than half.... without counting the blacks, which are non European, which would make the count even higher....

But even without counting the non white/native brits (blacks) your own post shows the majority (18/35) are not native brits....

Like I said, if you want to make the crime rate go down stop importing third worlders and kick out the ones that aren't assimilated, aren't working, etc

Brexit will not do that, it will not prevent Muslims from multiplying like stoned test bunnies, it will not shutter sharia courts or stop funding from.saudi for.more mosques so it's only slightly extending uks eventual demise to multiculturalism
Rich Mazur 5 | 1,707    
18 Jul 2018  #598
This was discussed before and I gave you a breakdown of their nationalities. The majority were not Muslims or even immigrants.

Who gives a s*** if Muslims or immigrants are a majority or not. Do you think that their victims do? Like in: Oh, I was raped and murdered by a minority human garbage from some s***hole so I feel less raped and dead. Is this how it works in the liberal loons' heads?

BTW, if that garbage is minority today, they will be majority very soon. Like in London.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,618    :-(
  18 Jul 2018  #599
Is this how it works in the liberal loons' heads?

Yes. A german politician who was raped refused to identify her attackers because she felt it would cause more strife between Germans and migrants. True story.
TheOther 5 | 3,514    
18 Jul 2018  #600
Selin Gören is not a liberal. She's a Turkish-German member of the ultra left party "Die Linke" (many East German commies amongst them), and member of the Turkish left-wing party HDP.

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