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Magdalena Ogórek - a new hope for Poland?

Vlad1234 16 | 725
20 May 2015 #1
What do you think about Magdalena Ogórek and her political program?
TheOther 5 | 3,758
20 May 2015 #2
Far too young for a presidential candidate.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
20 May 2015 #3
How a memmber of the Communist Party (SLD), that enslaved, butchered and Slaughtered the Polish Population for 60 Years, can be a NEW hope?

She is a New Hope of another polish massacre, if it is what you mean.

Magdalena Ogorek HATES freedom and free speech (That is why she refuses to talk to anyone so often).

Fortunately most part of the poles still have fresh in their mind the horrors of the communist dictatorship so she had less than 3% of the votes.

But my main fear is that the new generations will forget that and let Communism come back again with all their brutal violence against anyone that dare to think.

If you want to vote to Ogorek, i just ask for ONE THING: Visit the KGB Museum in Vilnius. Is very close to Poland and then you will see what the communism done with any opposition like teachers, doctors, lawyers and priests.

It is almost as shocking as Auschwitz. And this horror should never, NEVER, repeat.
OP Vlad1234 16 | 725
20 May 2015 #4
How a memmber of the Communist Party (SLD),

SLD is abbreviation of "Democratic Left Alliance". A Communist Party? To your knowledge Communist Party (Polish United Workers' Party) ruled Poland barely 44 years, not 60.
20 May 2015 #5
Witam! Levi who does not live in Poland, who does not speak 5 words of Polish and who does not know anything about politics in general (his vision of the world is really something very particular and completely different from reality;)) dares commenting once more what he has no knowledge of. Levi sees communists everywhere ;).

Through my work, I have met a lot of very important Polish politicians, including (and not only of course) from SLD and saying that SLD is a communist party is plain stupidity. As to M. Ogorek, whom I have not met, I believe that she had a lot of things against her: 1. woman 2. lack of personality. SLD leaders have made a big mistake to choose her (they have realized and are now fighting against each other because of her poor result) ; they believed that a pretty woman would do the thing but Poles although no more (and often less when we consider that most policitians have no program) mature than others in terms of politics are not stupid, they need more than a good looking blonde. SLD could and should have chosen a man, to begin with, and with more charisma and the result would have been different. I feel sorry for M. Ogorek as now she is criticized by her own party but she was the wrong candidate (whereas PiS has made a very good choice, I don't know whether they'll win (for me Komorowski or Duda, no change in my life) but Duda is doing a very good campaign).

@Vlad: please don't waste your time and energy to "discuss" Polish and more generally world affairs with ignorant people such as above ;). Have a nice day! :)
20 May 2015 #6
Ogórek is the full package.... Beautiful, smart, and progressive.

Unfortunately Poland is not ready for her or her party. A real shame.
nope 2 | 43
20 May 2015 #7
Ogórek is the full package

Yeah, I agree :D :D
ufo973 10 | 89
20 May 2015 #8
Old minded, Communism era Politicians are stopping Poland from growing. Poland has already lost most of it's young talents to other countries.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
20 May 2015 #9
You would be shocked to see that so many communists are below 30 years old.

Actually this is pretty normal. People under 30 years didn't suffered the horrors and all the pain caused by communism, so sometimes they just believe in the utopic socialist promises.
Crow 145 | 8,772
20 May 2015 #10
Have in mind that main flow of wealth in the world definitely switched more to the East. In the future would be even more concentrated in Asia around China and Japan, then in future in India, too. At this moment, west of Europe and USA managed to slow down Russian economy but, considering Asian strategic reasons to support Russia, it is clear that would Russia consolidate on those new winds (and more efficient use of its own resources). So, Russia continuing to rise contributing even more to the switch of the main world`s wealth flow more to the East, away from west of Europe and USA.

Then, there are other centers in the world that consolidates, redistributing world`s wealth flows, such is Brazil, South Africa and some rich Arab countries. This world goes multi-polar, on the contrary to idea of uni-polar world that USA tried to protect, for its selfish interests.

In this old new world, Poland have its own place as the natural leading country of the Eastern Europe. New perspectives demand new politicians. Looks to me that is Ogorek definitely politician who have `out of the box` thinking. Exactly what Poland needs.

How a memmber of the Communist Party (SLD), that enslaved, butchered and Slaughtered the Polish Population for 60 Years, can be a NEW hope?

left parties of malty-party system are something else from left parties in uni-party system.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,245
21 May 2015 #11
Far too young for a presidential candidate.

This. She could try modelling? I liked that sports minister too but her charms were distracting as well:)
I presume the cucumber is smart as well as easy on the eye? She shouldn't have embarrassed herself by putting herself forward in such a trite manner. But then again, SLD are 99.9 per cent ugly people, inside and out, and were obviously dim enough to think a pretty face would win them votes.

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