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LGBT hate speech to be banned in Poland

johnny reb 29 | 5,411
17 Jan 2019 #151
So that was almost 3 years ago.
Did the law ever get changed or do people in Poland still publically denounce Homosexuality ?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
17 Jan 2019 #152
Why would anyone hate "lesbians"? There isn't a guy on this earth who doesn't wet dream about rolling with a couple of them. The remaining 25 letters of the alphabet are a different matter.
johnny reb 29 | 5,411
17 Jan 2019 #153
Back to my question though Rich, if you read through this boring thread you will read such propaganda that how Poland welcomed homosexuals with open arms.

And because the Moral Majority disagreed with such b.s that the laws had to be changed by the Progressive alphabet who used the term "hate" in order to enrich Poland's culture with soy boys to dumb down Poland's society.

I just wonder if the law ever got changed or not as I never really heard the out come of such stupidity.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
17 Jan 2019 #154
I don't know nothin' about the Polish laws applicable to the alphabet deviations.
My post was meant to showcase my extraordinarily friendly and warm personality.
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
17 Jan 2019 #155
Maybe ya oughta find a different venueLOL
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #156
A recent scandal with hate speech - in one church in PÅ‚ock they listed various sins and dubious or openly immoral attitudes on the Easter Lord`s grave display, including LGB and gender. There was a brawl with LGBT activists over it.,114883,24686995,grob-panski-w-plocku-ostrzega-przed-lgbt-w-kosciele-doszlo.html

Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #157
This is so terrifying!

Do you have any news of these LGBT activists targeting synagogues and mosques for their same stance against homosexuality?
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #158
No news about it yet, probably because synagogues and mosques don`t erect such displays inside. But when it happens, it will be reported as well, don`t worry.
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #159
But the display was inside. It wasn't outside. Additionally, a display is merely a form of communication as is a sermon.

Anti-homosexual diktats were written in the Old Testaments by Jews. These texts were then borrowed centuries later by Christians and Muslims.

So what can you tell us of LGBT activists demanding to have this hate speech banned in synagogues and mosques and not only churches?
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #160
Not much can be told about synagogues or mosques in Poland because there aren`t too many of them here. What a pity. We need bigger religious diversity.

But if hate speech happens in synagogues or mosques while addressing the congregation, it is a moment which quickly passes and later people go out and back to their own business and forgets the whole thing.

Here, the display was erected and has been staying there for days so it is natural its effect is stronger and provokes people to react.

And not only LGBT activists are offended. Also LBGT common guys who visit church as believers. Where is it said that LGBT can`t attend ceremonies? After all, some priests are also LGBT. so what the heck?

That is why your stressing the fact that it was inside and not outside is useless.
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #161
Anti-homosexual positions have been in Abrahamic religious texts for thousands of years.

Do hate speech laws only go into effect based on the number count of buildings used for churches, synagogues or mosques?

No, they don't. Indeed, this LGBT protest is based on one display in one church.

But anti-homosexual preaching is commonplace in synagogues, mosques and churches and has been that way for millennia.

Since you are pro-LGBT then why don't you lobby your politicians to mandate that all synagogues, mosques and churches display pro-LGBT messages both inside and outside their places of worship?
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #162
It is so wonderful you are stressing the importance of sticking to tradition originated millenia ago, but let me remind you that mankind has been undergoing a phenomenon called progress and today people prefer to use planes and cars for mass transport instead of horse carts like in the past. Tradition is great until it constrains us. Anti homosexual laws are constraining and all decent people know it.

As for anti-gay preaching, it isn`t so commonplace as you suggest. It doesn`t occur in my church, for example, so again you are wrong.

I don`t need to lobby anyone about LGBT rights, I am not one so let them do it, I have other things on my mind. I simply disagree with the hate speech cultivated by some clergy despite the fact they should love all their brethren/neighbours in accordance with the noble principles of the religion they profess, advocate, spread and popularise.
28 Apr 2019 #163
And then you'll hear that gay ppl have nothing to fight for, no parade needed, all is gravy...
I guess in some minds being gay is equal with being lying, stealing as***. What about the members of LAGBT that are celibate? As far as I know being gay is not a sin

Also I wonder what they mean by gender...
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #164

You are just another passive-aggressive armchair activist.

You, like these LGBT instigators, troll a church hoping to incite others into action against it.

Tell you what, to redeem yourself, stage a protest outside a synagogue or mosque, demanding that they renounce their anti-homosexual scripture.

If they don't acknowledge their own hate and repudiate it then this means they are in agreement with it.
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #165
Also I wonder what they mean by gender...

By gender they mean teaching boys what it is like to be a girl and in the other direction, too Famous cases from Sweden or elsewhere when boys in kindergarten were dressed in girl clothes and played dolls etc.


I know your style a little - this yawn means you are giving up because you have run out of logical arguments. Good. :)

And I won`t stage a protest because I don`t know where the nearest functioning synagogue or mosque is. But when I hear about any hate speech from them, I will certainly react properly, just like I have about the one in the church. :):)
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #166
Fun fact.

Why did the Jews write anti-homosexual rhetoric in their ancient texts?

Because if you read the Old Testament it is an endless admission of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by a conquering and expansionist tribe. They knew thousands of years ago that normalising homosexuality would not result in children and the continuation of their people especially in lands they occupied by force.

Their underlying self-preservationist belief is to "be fruitful and multiply". Homosexuality would not achieve the expansionist goal of these warring tribes.

So beware the PRL-era faux Pole which encourages an LGBT agenda against churches while giving a free pass to anti-homosexual preaching continued to this very day in synagogues and mosques.
28 Apr 2019 #167
You, like these LGBT instigators, troll a church hoping to incite others into action against it.

What instigators? It was the priests who put up the display and through that allowed the ppl to have an opinion about it.
And the only thing I want is say that I think it's stupid not to mention not in line with the dogma. The church states they welcome gay ppl it's just the act that is sinful. The same as sex outside of marriage yet somehow I don't see it ob display
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #168
What instigators?


LGBT activists

Theses "activists" are nothing more than an outrage mob and they see the church as a soft touch which they can bully. This is why it is totally hypocritical of them to not also be taking on any synagogues or mosques which also hold the exact same anti-homosexual views.

And they could do this easily.

They just need to cite the anti-gay scripture passages found in the Torah and Koran and then stand outside the places of worship of these two other Abrahamic faiths and demand that Jews and Muslims renounce said passages and commit themselves to actively supporting and promoting pro-LGBT positions.
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #169
Most posts which you are writing in this thread are off topic because we should talk about LGBT rights in Poland and not Jews or Muslims, your two obsessions which you push everywhere possible. You should get a warning for off topic message.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
28 Apr 2019 #170
Anti homosexual laws are constraining and all decent people know it.

So do laws that say don't stick your dick into a person less than X old. How low should X be in your opinion? Various countries have different X's.
Shitonya Brits
28 Apr 2019 #171
LOL! You are the one who took this thread off topic by citing religion but only as it regards a Christian church.

Was this church prosecuted for "LGBT hate speech" in Poland? Nope. But that didn't matter to you. It was just an opportunity for you to take a slap at a church.

And in your true philosemetic Soviet mentality you want me persecuted for "thought crimes" for pointing out that the same anti-LGBT message is also preached in synagogues and mosques.

Since YOU demonstrated that you can't keep this thread on-topic then it should be closed. You shouldn't be be allowed to use this thread to passive-aggressively attack one Abrahamic faith (Christianity) for not being "progressive" while simultaneously calling for censorship when the other Abrahamic faiths (Judaism and Islam) are no different and in some parts of the world even worse in their intolerance towards LGBT communities.
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2019 #172
No Rich, not your silly arguments again, we have had enough of them in other threads, you`d better start taking proper medication if you don`t remember. :):)

Since YOU demonstrated that you can't keep this thread on-topic then it should be closed.

Yes, now we have a proof that some posters deliberately take threads off topic with their Jewish./Muslim obsessions to have them closed. I noticed it before and sadly I saw that admin happily falls for that, in result damaging decent members` will to contribute valuable input.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
28 Apr 2019 #173
talking about LGBT

But it must be said that relegion is the major force working against LGBT rights, and from a personal prospective I have found Poland to be the most intollerant country in Europe when it comes to gay rights or just being gay, maybe the cities are opening up a bit but the majority dislike / hate gays and even compare them to paedophiles.

Absolutely no way would I invite any of my outwardly gay friends to Poland unless it was a major city. I cant see the situation , intolerance countrywide changing for decades.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
28 Apr 2019 #174
There was a brawl with LGBT activists over it.

One day, there will be a brawl with ARMS - animal, robot, masochist, and sadist - activists. Once the two factions merge, it will be LGBTARMS.

Luckily, we still have 18 letters for not-yet mainstreamed perversions.
10iwonka10 - | 395
28 Apr 2019 #175
Strange as from legal point of view it has never been illegal in Poland contrary to these 'very tolerant' countries in Europe when it was illegal 30-40 year ago.

Did you really research it in every country in Europe or it is your another anti-polish statement?
Velund 1 | 388
28 Apr 2019 #176
Luckily, we still have 18 letters for not-yet mainstreamed perversions.

And 10 digits, if that 18 letters will be not enough. ;)
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
28 Apr 2019 #177
it has never been illegal in Poland

Very true Poland is one of maybe two European countries that have never had a law against gays.

I don't know if Poles have become more intolerant between the II and III republics, my father was anti gay that's for sure.
10iwonka10 - | 395
28 Apr 2019 #178

I don't live in Poland now but I think that polish society is very divided now. There are obsessive PIS supporters who don't tolerate gays and the rest of society who acknowledge them and tolerates.I think in bigger cities you have guy bars and it is quite normal now.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
28 Apr 2019 #179
OK, time for numbers. 100% hetero society is viable. 100% homo society is not.
Question: How many homos - in percent - can a sustainable society tolerate?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
28 Apr 2019 #180
bigger cities you have guy bars and it is quite normal now.

I noticed that but mainly Warsawa, not seen much gay wise in wroclaw, but as soon as you are out of the cities it is a different world,

No one where I am admits to being gay and with all the priests and kids stuff everyone seems to want to lynch gays / gay priests and as you know in Poland its not long before politics/religion pop up in conversation, I don't even admit to having gay friends for fear of getting a lashing.

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