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Korwin Mikke: re-badged American Jews pushing Poland into war

Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Apr 2015 #1
The controversial and eccentric preisdential candidate Janusz Korwin-Mikke has told TV interviewer Monika Olejjnik that re-badged Jewish leftists in the US are pushing Poland into a global conflict. "The gang that rules Poland wants to involve Poladn in the Third World War at the urging of certain circles in Ameirca, generally neoconservatives or lefitst intellectuals, mostly Jews, who have switched orientation from left to right becuase they have wisened up... The neocons are now the world's hegemonists and have the world's strongest army. But since the US is $17 billion in debt, China has a surplus and Russia is holding on, in seven years the Sino-Russian axis will be more powerful than the USA. "If we want to retain our position we have to act now" is how Korwin presented the conduct of Americans with regard to Poland and Ukraine.

A successive headline-grabbing publicity stunt by yet another Palikotesque tabloid artist or do any of his remarks merit consideration?
Kurzer555 - | 12
30 Apr 2015 #2
Paranoid antisemitism. World conspiracy theories. Usual mad rantings. Saddens me to the core that there is the possibility that some people might actually listen to such nonsense.
jon357 74 | 21,808
30 Apr 2015 #3
Me too. I suppose reality's too boring for some people or they feel so impotent in life that they look for someone to blame.

Fortunately, nobody takes that Korwin-Mikke fool seriously. It'll end up smeared all over the Internet on US conspiracy websites though.
Wulkan - | 3,212
30 Apr 2015 #4
Even "Korwin-Mikke fool" is better than Komorowski.
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Apr 2015 #5
That's quite a stong statement comparing a fringe eccentric and publicity seeker to a restrained. well-liked mainstream politician. Any justification?
Roger5 1 | 1,449
30 Apr 2015 #6
None whatsoever. I'm just looking forward to JKM's inevitable sticky end.
jon357 74 | 21,808
30 Apr 2015 #7
He'll probably stab himself again and pretend it was by a mysterious Chinese assassin like last time.
30 Apr 2015 #8
Korwin is right. Poland's current Russiophobic administration is basically asking for a Russian missile to hit Warsaw with its nonsense politics.
The Neocons must be rubbing their hands together to get Poland and Russia to war with each other. Mccain and Sikorskis Jewish wife must be salivating at the possibility of a war.
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
30 Apr 2015 #9
at the urging of certain circles in Ameirca

Absolutely !
Those "certain circles" make huge profits off war.
My question is, "How long after our Muslim President Obama leaves office (in two years) will it be before Israel and the United States "certain circles" bomb Iran ?"

This will be


that will draw Poland into the conflict as a NATO alie and Russia into it as an Irainian alie.

But since the US is $17 billion in debt, China has a surplus and Russia is holding on, in seven years the Sino-Russian axis will be more powerful than the USA.

And what better way to get the economy going again then to have a war.
Kurzer555 - | 12
30 Apr 2015 #10
Here come the usual predictable comments by paranoid nutters! Yes the Jews are responsible for the world's ills! why? Because Jews are Capitalists, Jews are communists, The Jews are Left, The Jews are right, The Jews are rich, the Jews are poor, The Jews are religious, The Jews are atheists, The Jews control the USA, the Jews control Russia, The Jews control Poland, The Jews control the media, endless mindless nonsense! these guys should get a life! The Jew is their eternal scapegoat to blame for everything. After hundreds of years nothing has changed, even in a country where the Jews have pretty much left never to return some still blame the Jews for everything. Unbelievable!!!
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Apr 2015 #11
It all boils down to envy. Whether God-chosen or simply faced by constant adversity wherever they went, the wandering Jews had to be good to survive. The Catholic Church helped inadvertently by banning usury (lending with interest), so Jews became the money changers, also for Poland's kings.

Jews were both visible and successful and that many Goyim (Gentiles) could not stomach. "How could outsiders or intruders do better than we who are living in our own country?" Hence they were persecuted, burnt at stake and expelled from country after country. But even though time and again they had to start all over from scratch, they soon made out and achieved success.
Kurzer555 - | 12
30 Apr 2015 #12
@Polonius3 your comments are valid and correct. It is a sad reflection that in modern day Poland scare mongering of Jewish conspiracies is still rife even by 'educated'. Even certain political opponents make allegations of certain politicians and journalists having Jewish background or being secret Jews as if being Jewish is somehow a dark evil secret to be ashamed of. It really is disgusting how calling someone a Jew is actually seen as an insult. I even occasionally see Polish schoolchildren calling each other Jews somehow as a word for being stingy or not generous or just a generic kind of name calling which they don't really understand and have inherited from their parents. This base form of anti-semitism is really mostly seen nowadays in Islamic fundamentalist countries and has dissapeared from many European countries. This is nothing to do with any political ideology it is just sick old fashioned racism. I'm sure I'll get the ususal mantra of responses excusing such behaviour.
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Apr 2015 #13
It's not a question of excusing any kind of behaviour but understanding the reasons behind it. One thing is irrational racial hatred of some group because it looks and sounds and dresses differently and appears dirty, creepy or sinister. Just as I am able to understand the Jewish position, you should also try to understand the Poles. Here after 123 years of foreign occupation they regain their independence only to hear some Jews smugly exclaim: "Wasze ulice, nasze kamienice" (Your streets, our tenements). Newly liberated Poles found many prestigious professions (law, medicine, banking, business, etc.) dominated by Jews. So you can understand such questions as "Whose country is this after all?" Some recalled that Jewish merchants had turned Polish anti-Russian insurgents over to the tsarist police. I can understand Jews who felt any kind of civil unrest was bad for business. And during the partitions Jews had no reason to desire the restitution of a Polish state. Much of the anti-Jewish feeling in inter-war Poland was not racially but economically motivated. Polish merchants and entrepreneurs by and large lacked the experience and business acumen to successfully compete. Hence the slogan "swój do swego po swoje" (support Polish-owned businesses) which was effectively an appeal to boycott Jewish places of business. To this was added, esp.amongst the more devout Catholics, the Gospel account holding Jews responsible for Jesus' death. But in the Talmud one can also find statements saying that Goyim were created by God to serve Jews. This ball can be bounced back and forth indefinitely. The main thing is not to try to prove who is right but understand where they're coming from.

Emulation is the highest form of praise. I have said time and again that Poles would have been much further ahead if they were more like Jews. Poles would be better off if they displayed more genuine solidarity with their ethnic kinsmen, helped and supported one another and rejoiced at each other's successes. Instead Poles have an envious streak and seem to resent it when a fellow-Poles gets ahead. An old joke goes that an angel came down to earth and asked various poor peasants what they wanted. So a German, Belgian, Hungarian, Italian, French, etc. peasant said things like: My neighbour has three cows and I have only one, so I'd really live to have two more. But the Pole said: My neighbour has four pigs and I have only two so I'd like two of his to drop dead!
Kurzer555 - | 12
30 Apr 2015 #14
@Polonius3 I do understand the Polish Christian point of view and I am familiar and respect what your say. However Poles now have an independent Poland which is pretty much 99% Polish. Dmowski's vision and wishes have nearly been fulfilled (Poland has unfortunately lost the Kresy). Poles have a Polish country for Polish Catholics. There are no Jewish Doctors or Lawyers anymore. The Jewish middle class has long gone. it has been many years since the second Polish republic. How can Poles today still have these feelings? I am beginning to think that the only people in the world more obsessed with their past than the Jews are the Poles. It really is unbelievable that in spite of our differences, we are in fact the same!
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Apr 2015 #15
Some of it has to do with family tradition, past resentment spoken about and passed on the younger generations. Anyone whose family members were imprisoned and/or tortured by Berman's secret police (UB), which had a disproportionately large Jewish leadership is not likely to forget that mistreatment. At present there are probably no more than 50,000 Jews in Poland, or a fraction of one percent. But in some areas (culture, academia, science, medicine, media, etc.) that percentage is much higher. To Jews that may be a source of pride but to others it can cause resentment.

Dr Michale Berenbaum, one of the most distinguished authorities on the Holocaust, explained why Jews sometimes seem more down on Poles than on Germans -- something Poles cannot understand.

He put it this way: "The reason is because we expected better treatment by the Poles - by people we had gone to school with, by people who knew us, by people who had bought in our stores. That expectation led to a feeling of betrayal. Imagine returning home and finding somebody sleeping in your house and eating at your table. That's an act of absolute betrayal and many survivors experienced that. Contrast that with the behavior of the Danes who protected and preserved Jewish property, and many Danish Jews who came back found a table that was set and food in the refrigerator. One is mentchlichkeit and one is taking advantage of the ill fate that befell your neighbor."

But Dr Berenbaum's comparison is a bit stretched. The fate of Danes in Denmark and Poles in the General Governorate were hardly comparable. Poles in the GG were rounded up, shot, sent to concentration camps, there homes were bombed or plundered. Maybe if they were saints or martyrs they could live beneath a bridge or amid the rubble of their demolished homes, but some did indeed take over what they thought was abandoned Jewish property.
Polsyr 6 | 761
30 Apr 2015 #16
It blows my mind that some media outlets still give him airtime. Like there is not enough insanity out there already.
Kurzer555 - | 12
1 May 2015 #17
@Polonius3 we all have baggage and history. I am interested in the here and now. What is happening today. In spite of the fact that I have family members that were killed in communist instigated pogroms in 1906 I bear no ill feelings to Poles today quite the opposite. This was over a hundred years ago!!! bermans's secret police also had many catholic communists that tortured other Catholics. It was the communist antisemitism that expelled the Jews from Poland in 1968. In spite of the fact that all my family (apart from one) that remained in Poland were gassed in Treblinka I am not angry with Germans today. I do not spread conspiracy theories about Poles and I do not teach my children to hate Poles or even Germans of today. My children do not use racist terminology concerning non-Jews, Poles or even Germans. I teach my children to love Poland and Poles. I really cannot see an excuse for such disgusting behaviour.
jon357 74 | 21,808
1 May 2015 #18
It blows my mind that some media outlets still give him airtime. Like there is not enough insanity out there already.

Remember there's a disproportionate amount of political programming on TV, all those stodgy discussions between centre right politicians trying to outdo each other in looking serious, so Korwin-Mikke with his daft costume, extreme comments and self-publicising soundbites is a bit of light relief. Basically rent-a-clown.
Polsyr 6 | 761
1 May 2015 #19

That hit the nail on the head. But many other clowns out there apparently!
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
1 May 2015 #20
In the political clown department, how would you compare Korwin to Palikot?
jon357 74 | 21,808
1 May 2015 #21
One's a clown and the other's a self-made millionaire who challenges the established political culture.

One means well. The clown Korwin-Mikke doesn't.
One generally knows when to stop. The idiot Korwin-Mikke doesn't.
One has launched the careers of several respected public figures like the popular and effective Mayor of Słupsk. The fool Korwin-Mikke hasn't.
One hasn't stabbed himself and blamed a mystery Chinese assassin. The embarrassing Korwin-Mikke has.
One didn't deliberately use the word n*gg*r in the European Parliament, The oaf Korwin-Mikke did.
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
1 May 2015 #22
What about Palikot'ws sincerity? He has run the full gamut of publishing a Catholic Newsweek-format weekly called Ozon (very good by the way!), to making his pile in the liquor business and eventually pursuing a libertine political agenda. His career is peppered with happenings, hoaxes and scandals like appearing on TV with a rubber penis and pistol, ostentatiously drinking vodka and smoking weed outside public buildings, tacking his Act of Apostasy to the door of a £ódź church lik a poor man's Martin Luther and most recently announcing that Putin's biker thug convoy had crossed into Poland in Braniewo. Seems to be a publicity seeker to the core.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498
1 May 2015 #23
Here come the usual predictable comments by paranoid nutters! Unbelievable!!!

hah, you have discovered us!
Mosze Ibrachim Goldbergstein

OP Polonius3 994 | 12,380
1 May 2015 #24
Any commnets on this article. The author's name doesn't ring a bell with me. Is he someone well known?
jon357 74 | 21,808
1 May 2015 #25
appearing on TV with a rubber penis and pistol, ostentatiously drinking vodka and smoking weed outside public buildings, tacking his Act of Apostasy to the door of a £ódź church

All of that good. All drama, but unlike that clown Korwin-Mikke, no malice either.

The author's name doesn't ring a bell with me. Is he someone well known?

A highly dodgy website and a highly dodgy far-right conspiracy theorist. Not taken seriously except by ultra-nationalists and/or people who believe that lizards and ancient aliens control the earth.

The bit about Lucifer and pretending Rupert Murdoch is Jewish should be a clue.

Really Pol3, you are obsessed with these people.
Polsyr 6 | 761
1 May 2015 #26
smoking weed outside public buildings

He sounds like a very cool guy!
4 May 2018 #27
Korwin Mikke's vigilance against American Jewish attempt to dominate Polish politics is praiseworthy. Poland should always strive to have a friendly bond with Iran. They [Iran] are our ancestral nation and also very powerful roots -- national, ethnic, social, cultural and spiritual roots.

by the way this is a historical FACT: both Poland and Persia/Iran historically offered unusual favors and tolerance to Semitic race and to Jewish people in comparison to surrounding countries. Many, many, benefits were bestowed by Persian people on Jews in ancient times and Poles were even blamed for such excessive tolerance of Jews as to a point of affliction and suffering of vindictiveness from other cultures and nations against us.

BUT we do have the right to our self-determination.
TheWizard - | 233
4 May 2018 #28
Don't buy anything from them. For example face book, dont use it.
Crow 155 | 9,030
4 May 2018 #29
They [Iran] are our ancestral nation and also very powerful roots

Let me correct you. Sarmatians (ie Slavs) are ancestral people (so not nation but people!) to Iran.
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
4 May 2018 #30
Always easy to blame the weak link in the chain. Historically, the Jews rarely had any serious political clout. This is a relatively recent phenomenon.

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