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Komorowski won Poland's presidency vote?

delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Jul 2010 #121
with available data

This is the problem - the available data is frankly rubbish. I'd like to see the GPS track of the plane (which the Polish investigators have confirmed as being available) - but all in good time. I suspect that there might be a release of some information in the coming days, actually.

Personally, I'm surprised people aren't asking questions of the Minister of Defence as to what the hell such an inexperienced crew was doing flying such important cargo!
Paulina 9 | 1,448
6 Jul 2010 #122
Good point there, delph. However, it's almost 3 months on and black box data has been released and those ATC guys have been interviewed regarding flight paths and altitudes. Conjectural speculation, coupled with available data, should be the norm if you ask me. No harm in asking, especially if you have flying exp and something to go on, wouldn't you say?

Asking questions is one thing but insinuating that Polish government would like to cover up something about the Russian radar, etc. is just silly, IMHO :)

Oh, this is about Kommie's win so I guarantee you that he won't cast the net wider on the investigation.

What do you mean by casting the net wider on the investigation? It's the prosecuters' job to get to the truth. You think they don't want to know the truth?

What would you like Komorowski do about the investigation? Go to Russia and interview witnesses by himself? LOL
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Jul 2010 #123
So, the pilot put the plane into the ground and the available data is "frankly rubbish" to prove it? Come on, delph, what's it to be?

Why weren't questions asked on Apr 7 when Tusk flew if there were glaring concerns? The Polish Air Force has much to answer for. They had more exp than others here claimed, though.

I think there was a GSP link in pprune though I could be wrong.

Paulina, only because they know that the Russians can conceal the truth. They swiped loads of evidence and it was like the lottery for them.

You are clearly not informed of how uneven the investigation has gone to date, Paulina. Ask Delph, he has been following it. The Russian side has not conducted it as openly as it would merit.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Jul 2010 #124
Come on, delph, what's it to be?

Well - the data available is enough to tell us that he put the plane into the ground. But it doesn't tell us much more beyond that - for instance, the actual position of the plane is still speculation (until it hit the ground).

Why weren't questions asked on Apr 7 when Tusk flew if there were glaring concerns?

I wonder if there was actually any concerns at all - it seems to me like there was an attitude of "no problem, we can do it" - the Yak pilot landing without permission seems to be an example of institutional rot that was tragic in this case.

As for the experience - the navigator was dreadfully lacking in experience and definitely shouldn't have been on that plane. The others weren't that much better when it came to flight time in the Tupolev.

Please don't use this thread to talk about the plane crash.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Jul 2010 #125
OK, we were off-topic and I agree. So, let's take the plane stuff to its rightful thread.

So why is Komorowski so warm to them? Does he foresee a need to have Russia onside? It just smacks of a pretext but Poles are not naive or fickle this way. Putin hasn't commented much personally and, for the head of the investigation, that hardly inspires confidence. Kommie should be giving Szeremet and Rzepa more resources to answer those lingering questions and lay them to rest. They are operating in a climate of secrecy.

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