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What does Poland Import?

kissingcows 4 | 7
26 May 2008 #1
Hi! All,

I'm interested to what are the thing Poland imports? :)
Sugar angel x
4 Jul 2009 #2
poland imports lots of things like vodka, machinery, coal and chemicals x :)
scrappleton - | 829
4 Jul 2009 #3
I think that's export not import.
Last Slowo
5 Jul 2009 #4
I agree.....import = coming into country
export = going out of country
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Jul 2009 #5
inter alia: cars, Made in China junk, wines, spirits, sound equipment, pop culture...
Juche 9 | 292
19 Nov 2009 #6
machinery and transport equipment 38%, intermediate manufactured goods 21%, chemicals 14.8%, minerals, fuels, lubricants, and related materials 9.1% (2003)
polishmeknob 5 | 155
3 Mar 2010 #7
Lots of military equipment and aircraft engines. Also, it exports aircraft engines (I know! Right?!)
convex 20 | 3,978
3 Mar 2010 #8
energy, building supplies, german car radios.

Also, it exports aircraft engines (I know! Right?!)

Do you know which company? PZL used to make engines. I don't think anyone is making aircraft engines here now.
polishmeknob 5 | 155
5 Mar 2010 #9
Pratt and Whitney also has offices here and I think contracts PZL to make the engines (especially for all those F-16s Poland just bought.)
ss report
11 Mar 2011 #10
coal, iron, steel, and machinery :)

haha funny
ericr747 - | 1
14 Apr 2011 #11
raw materials, transportation, chemicals and consumer goods
jwojcie 2 | 763
14 Apr 2011 #12
Here you have it all both in Polish and English:

Poland import structure: Polish Trade 2009 (source GUS)
14 Apr 2011 #13
Do you know which company? PZL used to make engines. I don't think anyone is making aircraft engines here now.

Here is some information about aircraft engines and other types of engines production in Poland .

As a matter of fact Poland is quite significant producer and world wide exporter of engines . Poland produces a variety of different engines . The mass production dates XIX century . However during the world war II the polish engine production was completely destroyed , a lot of famous polish construction engineers lost their lives during the war or emigrated after the war .

PZL Mielec is a renowned aircraft producer ( not only engine producer )

Nowadays the production line includes :

M28 - passenger and transportation aircraft
M28B BRYZA - special utility aircraft
M18 DROMADER - special utility aircraft

In a cooperation with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation – PZL Mielec makes parts for UH-60M BLACK HAWK and make complete S70iTM BLACK HAWK exported world wide .

Besides that aircraft production there is a huge production of different types of engines for : cars, ships , army , production enterprises etc.

The most known are : H. Cegielski - Poznań S.A. now named Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. in Poznań produces ship engines with capacity of 30000 kW, "PZL-WOLA" S.A. in Warsaw specialises in heavy engines for utility army vehicles, PZL Mielec sp. z o.o. - aircrafts and aircraft parts production, High Combustion Engines Enterprise - Andoria in Andrychow

Polish made engines are installed in such viehicles as : FIAT: Panda, Punto, Idea, Palio, Albea, Doblo, Lancia: Ypsilon, Musa, Opel: Agila, Corsa, Astra III, Tigra Twin Top, Combo Tour, Suzuki: Swift, Ignis, Wagon R+, Subaru: G3X Justy.

Volkswagen is a second largest producer of car engines in Poland

Japanese ISUZU started in 1999 in Tychy a new factory producing 300000 of car engines yearly mounted in Opel: Corsa, Meriva, Astra, Combo Tour oraz Honda Civic.

Toyota has got two production factories in Poland . Toyota Motor Industries Poland started in Jelcz-Laskowce a production of its top of the line engine ZS - 2.2 D-4D.
14 Apr 2011 #14
News and market data about polish market (in English) -
gumishu 11 | 5,682
14 Apr 2011 #15
Poland imports almost all oil it needs and the greatest part of the natural gas it consumes (among many other things)
14 Apr 2011 #16
For those who are interested and want to get more information about aircraft engine production in Poland .

Here is a link to a website concerning polish aircraft industry ( in english too) . There are links to something like 80 - 90 of major and minor companies which are located in east- south of Poland producing equipment for this branch of industry .
Ironside 50 | 11,145
14 Apr 2011 #17
Import - means buying, export - quite opposite
14 Apr 2011 #18
OMG didn`t know that ...... just read first few posts , someone (a very smart person ) has made a mistake . The real subject is export , lol .

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