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What impact will Donald Trump's election have on Poland?

OP Wincig 2 | 210
20 Jan 2017 #211
Trump isn't in office yet, you can't judge him just yet.

We can start judging as of today!!
nothanks - | 640
20 Jan 2017 #212
No Nuclear Armageddon yet? I'm disappointed. Hollywood will need to project their hatred into a new target
Crnogorac3 1 | 314
20 Jan 2017 #213
No Nuclear Armageddon yet? I'm disappointed.

Had Hillary been elected and insisted on imposing the No-Fly Zone in Syria no matter that such an insane decision would surely lead to a conflict with Russia who knows what could have happened. I think with the victory of Donald Trump we will see a relaxation in US-Russia relations.

Hollywood will need to project their hatred into a new target

Crow and I can rest assured that at least Hollywood (which is in essence and ideological factory) will no longer portray the Serbs as the bad guys in their film productions.





LOL - It's the Russians turn.
20 Jan 2017 #214
More Americans will move to Poland
Crow 139 | 8,149
20 Jan 2017 #215
With Trump, I starting believe that there are normal Anglos.
OP Wincig 2 | 210
21 Jan 2017 #216
If by that you mean an Anglo that can be as impulsive and irrational as a Serb, I think you are right!
nothanks - | 640
21 Jan 2017 #217
With Trump, I starting believe that there are normal Anglos.

Hahah. Look at his innaguration photos. No diversity forcing at-least. Whites are no longer judged/attacked. We are at-least just another again.
Crow 139 | 8,149
21 Jan 2017 #218
I love Merika

What terrified me during Trump`s inauguration is that Hillary slightly shaken her head. God forgive me for speaking that so openly but that woman truly isn`t normal. I mean she is 100% mental
nothanks - | 640
21 Jan 2017 #219
The next battle. Germany will openly censor websites. For example the popular reddit page "the Don". Well you know the German version won't be allowed in Germany.

Truth: wouldn't be in Poland either probably. But we don't hide our censorship, nor do we do it to protect foreigners.


21 Jan 2017 #220
Hmmmm ..Four Russians discussing the effect of Trump on Poland.....
nothanks - | 640
21 Jan 2017 #221
Haha come on. You see those pictures of ethnics "protecting us"? Our ancestors fought for this. We need to figure out something because I expect Trump to pull those troops within his 1st term
21 Jan 2017 #222
If you listened to Trumps speech, we can expect the following, trade wars - Globalisation was put to bed with the election of Trump, the federalist elites from Brussels, UN and Democrats must have choked on his words as he reprimanded them for failing their public. Currency wars - countries will have to manipulate their currencies to benefit exports. If you are part of the euro its on a knifes edge, I expect the Euro countries to be reigned in by 2020, to include Benelux, France,Germany and Spain. America has been trying to create a division in Europe for some time now, especially with the support of Poland and Romania and the missile shield, Trumps ex wife is Czech and his current Slovenian, so one has got to expect his support for a form of intemarium. with the exclusion of Ukraine. The big decision will be how much of a sweetener will he give to the UK on Brexit , will the UK fully divorce in 2019-20 on Friday and opt back in on a Monday with the deal they want. Trump is a deal maker, to go down in history as the man who made the UK the 51st state of America, would surely massage his ego. For us Europeans times are about to change, we will have to become protectionist and forget above feeding the world, its time to feed ourselves, we will have to build our own wall to keep out immigrants and refugees. I have long been a big advocate of the PNG solution. With that in mind, FAIR DINKUM.
johnny reb 24 | 4,281
21 Jan 2017 #223
we will have to become protectionist and forget above feeding the world, its time to feed ourselves, we will have to build our own wall to keep out immigrants and refugees

So you have seen the light and want the same exact thing of what Trump is FINALLY doing for the United States of America ?
Welcome to the Republican Party.
21 Jan 2017 #224
JR, America has finally seen the light voting for Trump, had you voted in HC and her posse of Neocons,I truly believe she would have started WW3 in her term. So thank you America for saving us... After reading the book ' Small is beautiful' by Schumaker I was ad- versed to big government, in 1973 he warned of the emergence of globalization. and the mantra of ' bigger is better' which eventually drives most into poverty. As a Conservative I see 'Trump' as looking to Churchill for inspiration, with his rallying speeches.I hope for the American people Trump can deliver, he is clearly anti Political establishment as could be heard in his speech, the question is can or will he be allowed to deliver? There was a point in the exchange between Trump and Obama when I thought I heard Obama say ' keep that seat warm I will be back for it in four years. The one thing Trump has going against him is his age.
cms 9 | 1,271
21 Jan 2017 #225
Who is going to pay for this European wall ? Or do you want to send the bill to Mexico for that one too ?

Not sure how the EU has failed its citizens - its given them the longest period of peace and prosperity in history and in the top nations for quality of life there are many EU members.

I doubt Trump really knows much about Brexit - he is not good on details and I think he does not really know who is in charge in the UK - but if Britain thinks they can get a better trade deal with the US then they can get cracking on that on Monday morning. Probably will not be as easy as they think.
21 Jan 2017 #226
cms : Personnly i am not against the EU.
However i am against the liberal agenda to replace EU native population by africans/arabs/muslims.
Liberals are naive to think arabs/africans will behave the same as europeans.
Their mentality is entirely different and liberals are putting seeds for new ethnic wars, islamism terrorism.
Tomorrow is going to be worse than today because of liberal multi culturalism ideology.
Ethnic wars will be the future of Europe because of liberals.
It is already starting in France for example : So many ethnic riots, islamism terrorism.
It is starting in Germany too.
It is only going to be worse unless somebody decide to limit mass imigration.
cms 9 | 1,271
21 Jan 2017 #227
Do you have some evidence that this agenda exists ?

And does that mass immigration include Poles ? Is an unqualified Pole a more desirable immigrant than an African doctor or an Indian engineer ?

Maybe you would be happier discussing your views on a white supremacist forum ? Until about a year ago this board was mainly for advice about Poland.
22 Jan 2017 #228
CMS, you are an on going recipient of EU funds, you would be insane to bite the hand that feeds Its obvious the unelected Elites in Brussels have failed Europeans, This has resulted in one country voting to opt out of the EU and more to follow, a rise in Populist anti EU party's within the block.The Edu 27 is a failing experiment. As an add-on, François Hollande whom is to become the most unpopular French president on record, has the audacity to scream punish the Brits. If Brussels wishes to punish the British voters for exercising their democratic right to a referendum vote, the response will be harsh and abrasive. We will cut taxes cut red tape and introduce "other strong business incentives" turning the ' City' into the worlds largest offshore center which will severely damage EU coffers. We Brits are the best in the world at rebranding the EU know they can't compete against the ' Anglo Saxon model' Push a little harder CMS, you may get what you don't want.
22 Jan 2017 #229
CMS, read the book below we can have a good debate afterwards about the Treaty of Paris and the creation of the ECSC and why it benefitted Germany.

Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile Paperback - September 8, 1981
by Paul Manning
Crow 139 | 8,149
22 Jan 2017 #230
Merkel`s reaction to Trump > witchcraft

Joker 1 | 1,454
22 Jan 2017 #231
She has about a snowball`s chance in hell of getting re-elected.
nothanks - | 640
22 Jan 2017 #232
Do you have some evidence that this agenda exists ?

The agenda is openly preached

> "The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural."
nothanks - | 640
22 Jan 2017 #233
> "A charity backed by the Swedish government has launched a campaign denouncing the assimilation of migrants and telling natives to "integrate" with foreign "cultures and languages".

"It's time to realise the new Swedes will claim their space" an ad insists, describing the Nordic nation as a "safe space" for migrants and concluding: "There is no way back. Sweden will never be like it was."

The campaign is called "The New Country" (hashtag #detnyalandet) with a website appearing alongside the film, arguing that residents should adopt foreign "cultures" and "languages", rather than expect new arrivals to become Swedish.

The charity behind it is Individuell Människohjälp (IM), which translates as Individual Relief. However, they go by the English name 'Swedish Development Partner' and say they are dedicated to "fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion".

IM is an official member of the government-backed Swedish Fundraising Council (SFC) and Swedish news source Fria Tider claims that it is a recipient of taxpayer's money."
nothanks - | 640
22 Jan 2017 #234
Maybe you would be happier discussing your views on a white supremacist forum ? Until about a year ago this board was mainly for advice about Poland.

"White supremacist forums" are losing traffic. The movement is now public, people no longer have to hide behind keyboards. Glad to see Whites return to having a backbone, like the other races.
22 Jan 2017 #235
No thanks- from the posts of CMS - I have the impression he is himself a economic migrant/immigrant or married to one. His opinions are that of a socialist/progressivist thinking man, he would be comfortable eradicating tradition and culture in his adoptive/country and have Poland become more like Canada, the trait of a federalist. Lets not forget he is a recipient of EU funds .

Please focus on the topic, not on other posters.
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Jan 2017 #236
Thanks mods - but in any case the topic seems to have switched from Trump to posting white supremacist nonsense and insane theories about Putin and Martin Bormann.

Trump will at least be good for comedy if the first three days are anything to go by - his slow dance reminded me of some awkward school prom moments and he seems to have spent the rest of the time arguing about how many people showed up for his party. Not sure if he has started work on the wall yet.
Marsupial - | 886
22 Jan 2017 #237
It's too hard to tell. There is the trump now and there will be the trump who gets all the details from cia and everyone else. This takes more than one day or one week. After that happens he will form his new opinion of nato, Russia and whoever. You may find there is no effect.
22 Jan 2017 #238
As long as Poland doesn't bow down to EU stuff like letting Moslems in, and the correct person in charge, I think Trump may actually groom Poland for a economic power, outstripping Germany, possibly. Poland's leaders need to realize this. It's the opportunity of a millennium. Poland a sovereign country, answers to no one, really, and chummy with a US that WILL become the unquestionable leader in the world? Can't think of a better opportunity! But, Poles must make sure to trash deep socialism/ Marxism in who they pick for leaders (I suspect there are a few hangers on). Poland's relationship with Donald Trump could well set the stage for Poland's next 100 years or longer. And let's face it...they (Poles) haven't made too many good decisions for, like...600 years. Time to get it right! Want to live like a Ukrainian? Fine, move to the Ukraine. Get out of the way. I can tell you, Trump is in total agreement with the ideals of non-communist Poles. And, btw, Trump is going to make Ronald Reagan look like a first runner up in a Miss America pageant. He likes Poland. Play along. It may be your last chance!
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Jan 2017 #239
Right, so thanks to a moron with no experience of political office who pobably could not place Poland on a map, this country will increase its economy by 400 percent in 8 years ? Must have been a good afternoon on the sauce.
johnny reb 24 | 4,281
22 Jan 2017 #240
Bejma...................very very very well said.
Plus +1

Poles must make sure to trash deep socialism/ Marxism in who they pick for leaders

That's the ticket for becoming an economic power.
Poland being independent has a great opportunity right now.
France, Britain and Germany are all in for a huge economic disaster soon.
Trump is the best chance of any American president for Poland to excel economically.
Keep Poland Polish

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