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What impact will Donald Trump's election have on Poland?

nothanks - | 640
12 Nov 2016 #91
There'll be a backlash to this anti-establishment tidal wave, but I surely cannot imagine what it will be (or bring)!

Doubt it. Check out mass and social media, a-lot of people/sources are still in denial and resorting to scapegoats "those racist Whites". There are no signs of them truly self-reflecting on why they lost. Many Democrats just figure it's a time issue not policies. Meaning "those racist Whites will die sooner than later, meanwhile the young generation is the future". The fallacy is assuming all young Democrats remain so. I for one changed my political allegiance with age/experience.

For there to be a backlash (to the backlash) the establishment (media included) would have to switch ideology; thus opening the door for the new movement. But the media isn't changing allegiances. Thus the grassroots movement that Trump tapped into will never reach the mainstream. So what can people backlash against?

For example the media is still fighting Trump. If the media started to sugarcoat him blindly then you would see people backlash. But instead people are continuing to roll their eyes at everything the media is saying about Trump. Don't even get me started on the Hollywood celebrities, whom seem to be taking the lose the hardest hahah!
12 Nov 2016 #92
America needs to kick start the economy and create jobs, with Trump we will have Reaganomics mark 2 to be known as Trumponomics... Benefiting all those who are Entrepreneurs and want to work, bring it on DJT.
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
12 Nov 2016 #93
with Trump we will have Reaganomics mark 2 to be known as Trumponomics...

Hopefully Trumponomics will be as successful as Reagonomics was to jump start the economy.
Ronald Reagan was a genius in jump starting the economy with the trickle down effect and it worked.
I mean 8 years of Obama's failures sure didn't do anything for it with more people on food stamps then ever.
This will impact Poland by having a role model of what it takes to jump start their own economy in varies ways.
You go DJT !
nothanks - | 640
12 Nov 2016 #94
America needs to kick start the economy and create jobs, with Trump we will have Reaganomics mark 2 to be known as Trumponomics... Benefiting all those who are Entrepreneurs and want to work, bring it on DJT.

imo this is what the Democrats are not understanding. In 2016, America ranks jobs/economy above social progress and/or environmental awareness
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
12 Nov 2016 #95
environmental awareness

Is environmental awareness you speak of the same as the climate change hoax that has made a lot of people rich ?
Hopefully Poland won't fall for such nonsense.
12 Nov 2016 #96
Shale in Poland is a non starter, Poles and great at finding solutions to do things more effective and cheaper so focus on creating clean technologies for a clean based gasification system of coal, as Poland has some of the largest reserves in Europe. DJT is about to kick subsidies for Eko tech into touch
Crow 139 | 8,167
12 Nov 2016 #97
Did anybody here noticed that Donald Tusk have same name as Donald Trump?

On symbolism of that, contemplate I will.
12 Nov 2016 #98
In Europe and the USA is not the rise of the far right as many leftists would have you believe, but distrust, disillusion, even full-scale rejection of the political establishment, its understandable the millennials are out supporting KOD they have grown up in a period of full blown equality, a time when you fight for the rights of some obscure group in Africa or Asia, yet you lend no hand to the elderly or sick on your street. Since when did the Palestine issue supersede moral responsibility to look after our own closer to home...
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
12 Nov 2016 #99
Trumpanomics will simply put more people out of work and place more reliance on market trickery aka chicanery!!
12 Nov 2016 #100
Ignorance is at its worst when people are proud of it. Too stupid to understand basic science, buffoons like the fascist Johnny Reb and the blowhard Donald Trump think it's a hoax. Unfortunately, those of us who are sane have to breathe the same air and live on the same planet that these lunatics are destroying. I'll be honest - I don't understand right-winger's desire to screw up the world, but I sure as hell don't share it.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
14 Nov 2016 #101
The "jerk factor" is in the end what decided the US-election, antycebulanin! It wasn't the intelligent, smart, well-read, law-abiding who got elected, but the ultimate American-style Dirt Bag - in - Chief, pervert, womanizer, and bully, that's who:-)

It was indeed a sad day for America and for the world.
14 Nov 2016 #102

Turns out, you don't need a time machine
14 Nov 2016 #103
Current USD to PLN exchange rate...


Thank you Mr Trump!
Crow 139 | 8,167
14 Nov 2016 #104
Mr. Trump plans to expel illegal migrants and residents out of USA, back in their original countries. Serbia should apply same standard on illegal Kosovo Albanian (Shiftar) residents and migrants in Serbia- sent them back to Albania (Shiftaria). This would greatly strengthen Serbia and in turn strengthen Poland. As historical examples nicely shows- strong Serbia, strong Poland.

Thank you Mr. Trump. God bless you. You bringing law in this suffering world.
14 Nov 2016 #105
Silesiaexplorer, the markets understand TTIP is in the toilet the jury is out on Putin being the next Satan and UK's at the front of the queue.
Crow 139 | 8,167
14 Nov 2016 #106
Because of Trump, Poles would again start to think positively of USA. Same is in my country.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
15 Nov 2016 #107
Better Trump

Today Trump & Putin were in touch by telephone. They agreed to start a political dialogue only after Trump's official inauguration.
Some are worried that Trump will strike a deal with Littlte Tsar Vlad. O'Bama saw a democrat in Putin's eyes and wanted to "reset" relations with Moscow.

Only Crimea belatedly cured him of his naivete. But Trump is a tough guy, knows human nature and may well be the one to rein him in?
Crow 139 | 8,167
15 Nov 2016 #108
With Trump and Putin in petting, we are at least safe from world war. My prayers are rewarded.
OP Wincig 2 | 213
15 Nov 2016 #109
Heavy petting might even be possible but further is unthinkable, the Bear does not recognize same sex wedding!
Crow 139 | 8,167
15 Nov 2016 #110
Just look how Hungary rejoice. Hungarians are untouchable now, happy having normal relations with Russia and USA. Merkel now can blow to Orban.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
15 Nov 2016 #111

I had assumed perhaps too hastily that Merkel was only trying to be Mrs Good Lass in expiation for her nation's Nazi past, and that may have indeed played a part. She was also hopeful that the refugee influx woudl provide the industrial manpower Germany needs, and her memories of the post-war wave of Turks, Kurds and Yugoslavs was mostly favourable. They may have had their own neighbourhoods but they were not out to convert the Germans to anything. Perhaps she had simply assumed things would be the same this time round.
Crow 139 | 8,167
15 Nov 2016 #112
It is interesting that Germany predominantly tend to accept migrants from the countries that are, as Otto Von Bismarck suggested, geographically on the line of German desirable primary expansion- Turkey via Balkans. Bismarck`s idea was that Balkan needs to be split on German and Turkish zones of control. Then with time, he contemplated, Germany should expand and swallow entire Turkish zone of influence. See, ideology of Nazi-Islam, mind-blowing concept as it is, have its origin in Bismarck`s mind. Anyway, what we also see on the scene is how Germany well learned from the Anglo and Franco colonial thinking (after all, from its own colonial and hegemonic tradition), when assumed that accepting migrants from one country and, assimilating them in own society, means nothing but acquiring right to meddling in that country.

Back on topic please
Crow 139 | 8,167
15 Nov 2016 #113
Back on topic please

I will pane. God bless you for your adamant nature
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
16 Nov 2016 #114

The anti-Trump marches, demos, editorials and utterances in America and elsewhere in the Western world are a normal emotional knee-jerk reaction to the shock and surprise caused by popular rejection of one's preferred candidate and public support for the opposite side. But continuing the protests indefinitely is foolish, futile and counterproductive, Unless the protesters plan to violently overthrow the government, there is no constitutional way to reverse the election outcome.

Even more surprising is the anti-Trump hysteria on the part of educated people, even academics who, one should think, would not openly display such an ahistorical approach. They seem to have forgotten the basic lesson of history that EVERYTHING PASSES!

Washington's liberal political-corporate establishment and its compliant lefstrream media had somehow ahistorically believed they were preordained to rule the roost forever. The now ascending conservative wave goes far beoynd Trump's victory. BREXIT in the United Kingdom, Poland's conservative Law and Justice govenrment, growing rightist movements in France, Germany, Austria, Holland and elsewhere show that more and more people have had their fill of leftist elties telling them what's good for them.

But today's now ascending conservatives and popiulists too will eventually pass. And either the pendulum will swing back to the the Obama-Clinton-style liberal option or some other alternative no-one can possibly envisage at present will take over. But that too will last for only a limited period of time!
Made in USA - | 9
17 Nov 2016 #115
It was indeed a sad day for America and for the world.

This was the best and most exciting day in America! We finally chose a person, who will fight for our country, not the whole world. We are in so much debt because Obama gives money away to lazy people, who think America will give them everything. Well that money comes from us, the taxpayers, and Hellary was going to raise our taxes more, so we can pay for all those illegals sitting in our country receiving free handouts. Trump is the biggest miracle our country could ever have!!! He is a fighter and will stand up for America!
Made in USA - | 9
17 Nov 2016 #116
But Trump is a tough guy, knows human nature and may well be the one to rein him in?

Exactly!! He is far more intelligent than Hellary!! For example, Trump is patriotic and wants America to be great again. Everyone thinks that all Americans are rich and live in expensive homes and that we owe money to other countries because they are poor. There are millions of Americans, who are homeless. We live in cardboard boxes, in our cars because we can't afford housing. Trump is the greatest blessing our country could ever receive. Obama and Clinton were giving our country away, raising our taxes so we can give money to the whole wolrd. Whoever doesn't see this is clearly brainwashed by the media.
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
17 Nov 2016 #117
Time to stop worrying about possibly getting your rights violated.
That is when I certainly would protest.
Not just being a poor sport which is true to the case here.
Talk about stupid is as stupid does.
We've twisted in pain for what 8 years now in America.
Remember that time Republicans rioted, beat innocent Democrats, destroyed property and torched the American flag ?
Me neither.
Trump will be a excellent role model for Poland in how to put an end to the Progressive Socialism ilk from destroying their culture.
nothanks - | 640
17 Nov 2016 #118
> Trump is currently busy cleaning the swamp in Washington
"anyone being vetted for a high post in the administration must provide a termination of lobbying form if they are a registered lobbyist.

In addition, when officials leave the government, they will be banned from being a lobbyist for five years as part of the agreement to serve in Trump's administration.

"Not only will people will not be able to registered state or federal lobbyists, but when they leave government, they will be banned from being a registered lobbyist for five years," Spicer said.

Also:Trump to help Poland get back Smolensk plane wreckage?
US President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly said that he will do "his best" to help Poland get back the wreckage of the presidential plane which crashed in western Russia in 2010.
peterweg 37 | 2,321
17 Nov 2016 #119
So that is why Putin is holding it back, to make Trump look good.
Crow 139 | 8,167
17 Nov 2016 #120
If Russia accept to give back to Poland, Polish presidential airplane when Trump ask, it can only mean that we now have new administration in USA to which Russia trust regarding evidences. It also can mean that responsible for assassination of Lech Kaczynski, belong to some USA or generally NATO circles. Maybe Trump intend to deal with those people and deliver them to justice.

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