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Hypocrisy, finagling and foot-in-mouth disease of Poland's "noble" opposition

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
17 Jan 2017 #1
**The absolute leader in the gaffe department is Romanian-surnamed MP Ryszard Petru. At the height of the Constitutional Tribunal row Petru said Poles should respect "the binding May 3rd Constitution". (It hasn't been binding since the late 18th century when Targowica, an opposition similar to today's, also involved foreign forces to overthrow independent Poland.)

**'On another occasion Petru said Piłsudski's May coup, which put na end to unruly MPs only after their own selfish interests (like PO and Nowoczesna) had occurred in 1935. In actuality it took place in 1926. But being off by 9 years isn't really that bad, is it?

** Besides history, Petru also isn't too savvy in the area of Polish traditions. Not long ago he said something may last until the Six Kings (The Feast of the Three Kings, 6 Jan is a public holiday in Poland).

** Neither is geography Petru's strong point.. When discussing Poland B, he said it started in Góra Kalwarii and ran south from Warsaw via Ciechanów and Łomża. (Ciechanów is to the north, Łomża to the NE and Góra Kalwaria to the SE of Warsaw.)

**But Petru's ignorance is exceeded only by his inflated ambition. Asked back in the PO days whether he would accept a ministerial portfolio, he replied: "I've got higher aspirations. I want to be prime minister."

**While his fellow opposition MPs were staging a sit-in in the Sejm instead of spending Christmas and New Year's with their families and opposition backers were freezing in the cold outside. wife-cheating Petru takes an attractive lady MP and goes on a mid-winter junket to sunny Portugal. Asked why he called for protests and then skipped town, he called it a "niezręczność" (awkward situation).).

**PO MP Arkadiusz Myrcha asked by a reporter if he knew the names of the Three Wisemen, replied: Kacper (should have been Kasper), Melchior and Belzebub! (For the benefit of PF's atheist fringe, Belzebub was one of the devils and the correct answer would have been Baltazar.)A

**Wojciech Dziduszko, the husband of a leftist journalist, was to have been the first "victim" of alleged PiS police brutality. During the nocturnal rumpus outside the Sejm someone hurled a smoke bomb, and the next thing one could see was a "body" lying on the tarmac. PO used the obviously stage-directed sequence in a spot, and soon the world media would have led with the Polish opposition's first "martyr". Except that someone caught the would-be "corpse" on cell cam suddenly getting up and walking away.

**KOD leader and child-maintenance shirker Mateusz Kijowski is the opposition's finagler hypocrite and liar supreme who could easily give the PF's Liar Laureate a run for his money. The hero of an invoice scam, whereby he charged KOD for IT services his company never rendered to the tune of 120,000 złotys and transferred the contents of KOD on-the-street collection boxes into his own pocket. When cornered, he hummed and hawed, claimed he had returned the money and called the whole scam a "niezręczność" (award situation).

**Kijowski was sized up by his sister Marta Wiatr who wold reporters: "What my brother is doing is harmful and is acting agaisnt democracy. He hasn't got the makings of a leader, and I think some force stands behind KOD. Mateusz would never have thought it up himself. He's so deep in debt that he'll do anything for money,"

OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
22 Feb 2017 #2

Kuchciński retains Sejm marshal's post despite costly opposition recall

As was to be expected, Kuchciński survived an attmept to recall him that was doomed to failure from the word go. The Sejm is a mighty and pricey economic operation and whenever it is in session the full staff has to be on hand. But the oppositon which lack the votes to recall anyone has already gone through most of the cabinet with futile recall campaigns prolonging the sessions and jacking up the maintenance bill. As one MP (from Kukiz I think) said: The opposition know they lack the votes but go through all the motions of a recall campaign. Their only possible goal is to indulge their unsatiated desire to futilely sling mud, raise a rumpus and tap into the budget which has to pay for it all.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,893
22 Feb 2017 #3
But the oppositon which lack the votes to recall anyone has already gone through most of the cabinet with futile recall campaigns prolonging the sessions and jacking up the maintenance bill.

You mean like how PiS did it constantly to the PO/PSL government?]http

And - oh look, PiS brought a vote of confidence against the speaker in 2014 -,Speaker-Sikorski-survives-no-confidence-vote

Where was your criticism then, Polly?

Please avoid excessive links, no need to post the whole internet.
23 Feb 2017 #4
The Sejm is a mighty and pricey economic operation

As opposed to the private planes and helicopters which the elite of the PiSlamic State use many times per week when they are travelling on purely personal business?
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
23 Feb 2017 #5
Where was your criticism then

There was nothing to criticise because attmepts were made to remove crooked, anti-Polish politicians on the leash and payroll of foreign interest groups.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
27 Feb 2017 #6

Political genius Kaczyński pushes opposition into own-goal zone

Poland's impotent, frustrated "total(ly hare-brained) opposition" haven't a clue what to do next since all their protests and ruses have come to naught. Some observers see political genius Kaczyński pulling the right strings behind the scenes and causing the opposition to make fools of themselves:

**To bloat the crowds at their street-pounding circuses the opposition have ended up attracting and marching arm in arm with PRL-era secret police agents.
**The clueless Kijowski actually praised the SB saying they have made the country safe for people.
**The oppositon have repeated SB demands that the IPN should be liquidated.
**With horns, whistles and chants they have disrupted patriotic anniversaries, historical commemorations and heroes' funerals, referred to doomed soldiers as "bandits" and otherwise tried to discredit Polish patriotism.

** They also want to liquidate the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), showing themselves to be on the side of crooks, tax cheats and other scamsters.
** They oppose the school reform although none other than the ZNP (teachers' union) was fiercely opposed to the introduction of middle schools in the first place. That shows voters that the opposition is only about one thing: calling for the opposite of the PiS programme but having nothing meaningful of their own to offer.

**A feminist activist was asked what women would be fighting for on 8th March this year and replied: "Well, er, um, I mean, that is.." and finally blurted out "the ban on in vitro". The TV interviewer replied: "There is no ban on in vitro only that it isn't being bankrolled from my taxes."

**Most everyone who has dealt with Poland's cumbersome court system is well aware of the bureaucracy, prolonged delays and under-the-table gratuities. The opposition are banging on about independent judges while ordinary Poles wonder if that means independently corrupt, on the take or in the pocket of big local entrepreneurs.

**As such, the so-called total opposition have played right into the hands of Kaczyński who can only chuckle at their bumbling shenanigans, impotent fury and back-firing schemes.
jon357 63 | 14,599
28 Feb 2017 #7

That is so funny
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
28 Feb 2017 #8

Funny but true!
jon357 63 | 14,599
28 Feb 2017 #9
Nope, very far from the truth. Much as I dislike him politically and as an acquaintance always felt a bit sorry for him, I wouldn't really wish him harm. I do wonder how his health is right now, with the pancreatic cancer - a hard disease to survive.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
28 Feb 2017 #10

pancreatic cancer

Any proof of that claim?
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
28 Feb 2017 #11
with the pancreatic cancer

Turns out that Kaczyński has a knee problem. On wouldn't put it past little creeps like Biedroń to spread disgusting rumours about a statesman far out of his provincial league.
28 Feb 2017 #12
I do wonder how his health is right now, with the pancreatic cancer - a hard disease to survive.

I shouldn't worry, the PiSlamic State will most probably follow the example that they learned from their heroes. Remember the Soviet leaders and their "colds"? Brezhnev had a "cold" and in reality he was gravely ill and addicted to drugs; Chernenko had a "cold" and then disappeared in the Kremlin for months before dying; Andropov had a "cold" and was dead within weeks. No doubt The Dear Leader Kaczynski will be announced to be suffering from a minor injury. Although perhaps it will be announced that he's a little bit more ill when the government has some particularly bad news it wants to cover up.

Turns out that Kaczyński has a knee problem.

Did you write any reports about 'colds' back in the day?
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
1 Mar 2017 #13
very far from the truth

Why haven't we heard you defend and adulate the enlightened opposition, the dynamic leadership of the Kijowski-Petru-Schetyna trio and their innovative well-thought-out programme for Poland?

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