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Where would you have a higher purchasing in Poland or in Germany?

random2099 2 | 16
16 Jul 2013 #1
Firstly I know this depends a lot on different factors, but I would appreciate your opinions

Assuming you will be paid the equivalent of 1100 euros net per month in Poland or 2000 euros net in Germany, in which place would you have a higher purchasing power? , also in which country would you be able to save more and live better with that salary?

I will try to answer myself also the question, thus see below some of my assumptions, on the most basic things, comparing both countries

Rent a flat in Poland (standard city) , 200 euros per month
Rent of an equivalent flat in Germany (standard city) 450 euros per month

Gas, Internet, Electricity bills in Poland = 50 euros
Gas, Internet, Electricity bills in Germany = 100 euros

Food expenses in Poland = 150 euros per month
Food expenses in Germany = 200 euros per month

Petrol in Poland = 100 euros per month
Petrol in Germany (since it would be required to travel longer distances) = 300 euros per month

That would leave you with 600 euros per month in Poland for saving, while in Germany you would have an estimate of 950 euros. Assuming also that your goal is to buy a flat, the price of it in Poland would be 30 000 euros while the price of a similar in Germany would be 110 000 euros, you would have to save during 4.1 years in Poland for buying it, while in Germany you would need to save 9.6 years

it seems to me that comparing both salaries, one could live better in Poland., what do you think? , where would you prefer to work on those conditions?
TheOther 5 | 3,682
16 Jul 2013 #2
Don't know if this helps:
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Jul 2013 #3
You're quite correct, but flat costs varies more. In Poland it's from 150eur (in small town) up to 500 EUR in Warsaw for 2 rooms apartment, while in Germany from 300eur in small town, 500eur in Berlin up to 1000eur in Munich.

In Germany you can travel more on your salary, because benzine price, plane tickets, and hotels abroad cost the same for somebody who earns in Poland and Germany.

In Germany you can save nominally more and with your saving you can buy flat/house in Spain or Poland easier, but when you talk about buying flat in Germany, then you have also cheap options like Dresden, Berlin, where flat prices are comparable to Warsaw prices ( not 3 x higher ).

So to sum up you should be speaking about specific cities, provided that you want to spend your whole live only there, because 2000net in Munich is much less than 2000net in Dresden.

prices in Dresden and Warsaw 1st google results:

One more link with average rent prices in Poland (january 2013):

Mieszkania o powierzchni do 35 m2:

Gorzów Wielkopolski - 727 zł, Białystok - 853 zł, Bydgoszcz - 844 zł, Olsztyn - 858 zł, Rzeszów - 875 zł, Kielce - 879 zł, Opole - 907 zł, £ódź - 934 zł, Lublin - 992 zł, Szczecin - 1050 zł, Poznań - 1072 zł, Katowice - 1151 zł, Gdańsk - 1164 zł, Kraków - 1176 zł, Wrocław - 1235 zł, Warszawa - 1599 zł.

Mieszkania o powierzchni 35-50 m2:

Gorzów Wielkopolski - 885 zł, Bydgoszcz - 1038 zł, Kielce -1113 zł, Olsztyn - 1158 zł, Białystok - 1181 zł, £ódź - 1188 zł, Opole - 1206 zł, Rzeszów - 1262 zł, Poznań - 1332 zł, Szczecin - 1374 zł, Lublin - 1398 zł, Kraków - 1425 zł, Katowice - 1448 zł, Gdańsk - 1516 zł, Wrocław 1579 zł, Warszawa - 2196 zł.

Mieszkania o powierzchni 50-75 m2:

Gorzów Wielkopolski - 957 zł, Bydgoszcz - 1264 zł, Białystok - 1323 zł, Kielce - 1356 zł, Olsztyn - 1404 zł, Opole - 1462 zł, £ódź - 1552 zł, Rzeszów - 1597 zł, Poznań - 1643 zł, Lublin -1692 zł, Szczecin - 1714 zł, Kraków - 1887 zł, Katowice - 1894 zł, Wrocław - 1949 zł, Gdańsk - 1967 zł, Warszawa - 2676 zł.

Mieszkania o powierzchni powyżej 75 m2:

Gorzów Wielkopolski - 1494 zł, Białystok - 1590 zł, Bydgoszcz - 1842 zł, Olsztyn - 1903 zł, Kielce - 1924 zł, Opole - 1989 zł, Rzeszów - 2112 zł, Szczecin - 2330 zł, Lublin - 2442 zł, Poznań - 2455 zł, Katowice - 2537 zł, £ódź - 2550 zł, Gdańsk - 2812 zł, Wrocław - 3142 zł, Kraków - 3198 zł, Warszawa - 4919 zł.

OP random2099 2 | 16
17 Jul 2013 #4
so which one is better..,, 1100 euros in Cracow or 2000 euros in Augsburg?
TheOther 5 | 3,682
17 Jul 2013 #5
See You do the math.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
18 Jul 2013 #6
Rent prices in Augsburg are between 5,80 and 7,60 Euro per m2

or 8.8eur according to:

Buying price is around 2000 per m2

In Kraków buying is around 1400 per m2:

The analysis shows that in April, the average transaction price of housing used in Poland in Krakow increased by 5 percent . to March. to 5769 zł . In Lodz and Warsaw were respectively : 3449 zł (an increase of 2.9 percent . ) And 7215 zł (an increase of 2.8 percent . ) .

According to the report, the largest decreases in transaction prices recorded in Gdynia and Wroclaw . There's a square meter paid 4837 and 4828 zł zł , a decrease in housing prices in these cities by 5 percent . and 3.8 percent .

" With the April report shows that Poles are buying more and more flat. For example, in Krakow average yardage purchased flat is about 60 square meters, or 7 feet higher than a year earlier," - he stressed Jańczuk . ( PAP )

In Kraków rent is 7.1 eur per m2

To conclude in Augsburg you can save much more than in Krakow, because rents are nearly the same and your salary is nearly double there. Food prices in discounters except of fruits, vegetables, good breads and good sausages are the same in Germany as in Poland. I would that prices to go out and eat in the city, or going to pub to be double to this in Kraków.

An has too little data about Augsburg

But according to this website:

Average buying price is 2.719,72€/m²
( closer to 2000eur for studio)

Because you can save bigger chunk of your salary in Augsburg, it should be easier to buy apartment there, but the price is double of that in Kraków, so it won't be much easier. Except if you will be interested in small studio. And that's in perfect world. If you know Kraków better you may be able to rent there for below average price, and if you come to Augsburg as a foreigner you may be forced to pay above average rent. The same about shopping, but in long term Augsburg's purchasing power should be bigger. (provided that salaries in Kraków will not increase)

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