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Flood situation worsens in southern Poland

25 Jul 2008 #1
Currently, the situation is worst along the San and Wisloka rivers, south-eastern Poland. There have been reports of collapsing bridges and flooded houses. In Sanok, firemen have appealed to local people to leave their houses due to the risk of serious flooding.

Anyone from this region and what's it like?
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
25 Jul 2008 #2
I am in Krakow and it is raining Cows and horses (the upgrade from cat and dogs) big storm.
it is like night time it is so dark
I am heading home later towards Zakopane. Last year was worse in my town than this year.
Time to build an Arch.
OP ukpolska
25 Jul 2008 #3
I am heading home later towards Zakopane.

I would think twice if I was you lol see pics:

SeanBM 35 | 5,806
25 Jul 2008 #4
I know, I live on a mountain and last year, during the flood I had to dig a trench/river because it was going directly into the building. But It seems I did a good enough job but anything could happen well we'll see
OP ukpolska
25 Jul 2008 #5
My wife has just been writing the drought report for the Ministry of Agriculture to cover the whole of Poland, and the damage has been done to many crops all over the country.

The worst hit areas are around Poznan, with many crops in a severe condition.
The rains have just come a month too late :(
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
25 Jul 2008 #6
I've just seen this on the news. Not good.

I went through the Wroclaw flood of 97, so I know what it's like.

Anyone caught up in this latest one... my thoughts are with you.
outintheyard 27 | 517
25 Jul 2008 #7
My thoughts are with all of you. Having lived through this mess in the mid west , losing my garden, most of my orchard and many trees and having most of my neighbors lose their homes. The weather is bad all over. Someone please ffix it
Piorun - | 658
27 Jun 2009 #8
I'm from that region, small village between Dębica and Ropczyce. Not there at the moment but it's bad. Village of Stobierna is cut off. Zawada was flooded so was Dębica, Ropczyce. No internet, no electric service, land lines don't work either. We never had it so bad. I never seen such a flood and neither did my parents, last one was in 1934. Here's some videos I fount on the net.

scorpio 20 | 188
27 Jun 2009 #9
My home and property is located on top of a mountain, between Zakliczyn and Gromnik, and I am lucky due to the slope of the land and how I have the drainage set up. The rain did not flood my house or property at all, so I am very lucky. My large basement is completely dry, not one drop of water. The only casualty on my land is one large apple tree which collapsed from the saturated water in the soil.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
27 Jun 2009 #10

There is a flood warning for Wroclaw. Some preventative action has already been taken.
Going by previous experience, if anything is going to happen it will be when the river water from the mountains reaches the city. Last time it took two weeks. But as I understand things they already have problems in Kłodzko.

I noticed on the news that there are quite a few flooded areas in Poland at the moment.
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
29 Jun 2009 #11
Flood situation worsens in southern Poland

Jul 25, 08,

I remember 07 was far worse south of Krakow.

Today is the June 29 09, it would appear this is an annual weather event and Poland is ill equipped to handle it.
29 Jun 2009 #12
This thread is not place for smugness ;)

Awful news, but I wish we could have some of that rain - it's 29.1 degrees in my room right now, with two fans on! At nearly 2030!!!!

Never mind ptasie mleczco, I've got chocolate sauce in my cupboard! :(
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Jun 2009 #13
The flooding is bad in some areas and there is more to come. Over 1700 families in the south of Poland have had their households destroyed. Caritas is appealing for aid such as clothes, food and medicine.
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
17 May 2010 #14
Huge floods all over southern Poland, Slovakia, Czech and Hungary.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
17 May 2010 #15
Huge floods all over southern Poland

in various places the Odra is divided into two channels.

in the area of work one half of the river seemed normal.

however, the other half was higher than normal and running fast.

Despite what i saw today i don't see any problems for wroclaw yet.

there is a lot of rain water causing big puddles and the ground seems to have soaked up all it can.

so far it's as one would expect with constant rain.
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
17 May 2010 #16
Tragic situation in the south of Poland. Alarm status of rivers, flooding, planned evacuation of 500 residents of the flooded areas, people are deprived of electricity. There are already three fatalities due to the floods. People looked anxiously at the sky, but meteorologists don't forecast good news. Stops raining early on Wednesday. Weather has to improve on Friday. To the south of the country flies Prime Minister Tusk and Foreign Minister George Miller.

The Wisla in Krakow has compeltely flooded the walkways either side.

Flood Kraków 2010
internaldialog 4 | 144
17 May 2010 #17
Flood Kraków 2010

thats bad :( crossed that bridge many a times though hope it does improve though ...
Dougpol2 1 | 76
18 May 2010 #18
People in Malapolska are complaining as usual - that the mountain rivers are not regulated by channels and dams.
Sorry but I the tax payer am certainly not going to pay for them to erect their houses in a rural idyll near a river.

The solution is simple - build a house on higher ground - or be properly insured. You'll get **** all of my taxes if I have any choice in the matter. :((
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
18 May 2010 #19
No,but you the tax payer are going to end up paying in the end arnt you,you muppet,hope your house floods you nasty little worm.
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
18 May 2010 #20
I was driving around today and I have never seen such a big floor in all my life.

I just heard on the radio that this is the highest water level ever recorded.
It has reached the bridge at Jubilat in Krakow and if it covers the bridge, it will be lost, if it gets dragged away it might destroy the other bridges.

aphrodisiac 11 | 2,437
18 May 2010 #21
I was driving around today and I have never seen such a big floor in all my life.

yes, apparently it is worse then 1997 and that was bad:(.

The unregulated rivers were in the same state as in 1997 according to Gazeta, but still I feel sorry for those people who have to leave their houses.

well, Hungary and Austria have problem as well:(
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
19 May 2010 #22
yes, apparently it is worse then 1997 and that was bad

Apparently it is 80cm higher than in 1997.
It is still raining...
Seanus 15 | 19,674
19 May 2010 #23
There is flooding here too. My wife has to take a different way to work. It's not that bad overall.
frd 7 | 1,399
19 May 2010 #24
Silesian Uni of Technology got closed for 2 days, they had to turn off all the power along with server rooms ( they switched to computer center in Katowice ), from what I know 2 faculties got slightly flooded. The road through Sośnica was partially blocked yesterday.

(I had to change my route because a car died on somebody in the middle of the road pretty close to the dorms, I was afraid I'm gonna kill the engine trying to pass through there), 2 districts of Zabrze got flooded too.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
19 May 2010 #25
Yeah, I heard about that, frd. Generally, Gliwice is ok but the Polytechnic took the brunt of the flooding. My wife set off for work early as there will be traffic jams early morning.
Drac90 1 | 74
19 May 2010 #26
In Nowy Sącz it was quite ok, there is no serious damage and our rivers dont look soo big i guess Nowy Sącz made preparations coz i remember in old times when one of the river came to pay me a visit :D

edit: we have some damages after all but not in my part of town
peterweg 37 | 2,311
19 May 2010 #27
It has reached the bridge at Jubilat in Krakow

I live about 300meters away. Yesterday. after looking at the bridge, decided a relocation to the parents in law would be a good idea. The apartment basement was already flooded (simply due to heavy rain) and some buildings opposite had already lost power.
zakopaneREP - | 2
19 May 2010 #28
It is likely the government and local authorities will have to pronounce a State of Emergency as the flood threat is reaching its worst case scenario.

Due to a vastly increased waterfall during the last two weeks it is now clear that the region of Malopolska (Little Poland) and its capital city – Krakow – are dealing with a serious natural disaster crisis.

Little has been done as far as the anti-flood protection goes since 1997 when the most devastating flood destroyed the regions of Silesia and a huge part of South Poland. With excessive rainfall occuring back to back in recent years, it’s the poor management on the side of local authorities that are to blame. Yesterday, the chief of the Internal Affairs and Administration Ministry admitted to not having completed a long expected official flood prevention plan, which makes all the local authorities unable to employ their own local solutions.

Zakopane has not been affected unlike the region of Podhale where the rivers have burst their banks and caused some initial destruction. It has been reported that there have already been casualties and hundreds of people have been evacuated.

Krakow itself has prepared a major plan to secure the lives of its citizens. Redirecting all traffic from the Debnicki bridge caused a minor paralysis to the city. The Vistula River, a serene and romantic stream that usually invites the lovers and poets to enjoy some sunny moments on its banks has shown its most uninviting face. A few more inches and it will surge over the bridge – a nightmare coming true to each Krakow citizen.

It’s a time that affects everyone, let alone the tourist industry. Have we reached the point where disasters like this will be present in this part of the world regularly now?

If the blame is on the local authorities, are they allowed to pass the responsibility onto the most developed countries claiming it has happened due to the climate change they have caused? Among the countries affected even to a larger scale are Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Looking from a mountaintop it’s not hard to come up with some predictions. It hasn’t ceased to rain and there’s plenty of snow up in here. Prepare for worse. And let’s hope for a few dry days with no sun in the Tatras. Suddenly very few elements are on our side.
STFU - | 39
19 May 2010 #29
Maybe you should think about doing what we've done in Holland. Erect dykes and dig artificial side canals to create a buffer, and pump it out at the sea. It's not a stupid idea, especially not if you're going to look at the future.

Oh, and you really can't blame a few countries for the climate change. We still aren't certain if humans are causing it, but if we could say this with absolute certainty, then all of us would be equally responsible for that.

Tax payers shouldn't pay for eachother? Aren't you happy to help eachother out then? What if it happened to you tomorrow? Jeez, a bit of solidarity wouldn't hurt some of us, that's for sure!

Let's hope it stops raining for you guys, and I wish all of you safe travels. Be careful out there!

If the blame is on the local authorities, are they allowed to pass the responsibility onto the most developed countries claiming it has happened due to the climate change they have caused?

No offense, but that's ridiculous. As if Polish people never had heavy industry, as if Polish people don't drive cars?? You have my sympathy, but no, no blame. If humans are causing climate change, then I'm afraid all of us are equally responsible. I think it's better to focus on what can be done about it.

In some pictures things are looking grim indeed. I'm sorry for those people who have lost their homes. If there's any way volunteers from other countries could do something to help people, you should let me know, because I'm jobless at the moment! (I really wouldn't mind to shovel some dirt if you have a place for me to sleep!)

peterweg 37 | 2,311
19 May 2010 #30
Maybe you should think about doing what we've done in Holland.

You mean build below sea level and reclaim vast amounts of land? Very impressive but its not quite the same thing - river floods are best managed by allowing flood plains to, well.. flood.

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