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Example of how EU wants to ruin Poland - thread for those who understend politics

Crow 155 | 9,025
23 Sep 2016 #1
Let me give one article and then we can talk.... all about Poland.... because, as long as Serbia positively influencing Russia, Poland can be confident that Russia won`t work against Poland. But, that is problem to EU. Why is that problem to EU? Let me tell you. Less maneuverable space to manipulate with Poland and Poles. By that, more of fair business with Poland, less assimilated Poles, safe and prosperous Poland, more newborn Poles, less killed Poles. More Poles. Why EU wouldn`t like it?

Serbia's ties with Russia "will be problem in EU talks"

Source: Beta, Tanjug Friday, September 23, 2016 | 09:35


President Tomislav Nikolic says a delegation of EU parliamentarians he received in Belgrade was "worried about the development of relations with Russia."

Lesson of this thread have to be that problems of Poland don`t begins suddenly. Many moves in European and world politics leads to specific outcome. So, if one day Poles wake up seeing Poland in trouble, they have to understand that something or someone arranged things that way. Sure, i here don`t talk is it Russia right or wrong and similar things. No, i simple talk about reality. Reality is that western Europe (especially Germany) keeping running its business with Russia, no matter all, in all times. That way things are influenced. Now, Serbians are back in business, people with proven loyalty to Poland.
23 Sep 2016 #2
Poland needs an EU referendum !
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
23 Sep 2016 #3
yes. But even more importantly, Poland needs to know what Poland want. Poland now have active friends who influencing things and that way creating maneuverable space to Poland. Only people who totally don`t understand politics can`t see that all what Hungary`s and Serbia`s politics doing directly contribute to safety of Poland. Its direct counterweight to all NATO and EU (ie Anglos, Germanics, Romanics) provocation of Russia, what could put Poland in grave danger. But, Poland drifting out of focus. That is good. That put Poland in situation to have independent politics. To seek new ways how to strengthen, arise Her noble head.
23 Sep 2016 #4
Crow, I am afraid that you are out of your mind. We Poles, generally love EU, on the other hand, by and large we do not like the current Russian state as such because of its belligerent attitude, and we reallly do not care about Serbia at all. Face the facts!
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
23 Sep 2016 #5
Crow, I am afraid that you are out of your mind.

you know, i myself have that fear sometimes

We Poles, generally love EU,

Informbiro was also loved my some

on the other hand, by and large we do not like the current Russian state as such because of its belligerent attitude,

i nicely said, i don`t examine level of what is good or wrong in Russia. i just took reality that Russia exist and i pointing out that western Europe love business with Russia, while like to control level of business with Russia by others.

and we reallly do not care about Serbia at all. Face the facts!

you know, theoretical marketing says that is worse thing when people `don`t care` for products. By that, its worse then `not to love`. Sure, best is when people likes products. It means that we Serbians needs to invest in Polish love, to prove that we care for Poland more then western Europe. See, that`s the point of this thread, among else.
land of thunder
24 Sep 2016 #6
Crow - I do enjoy reading your posts. What do they all mean? I have no idea. None the less I enjoy them. There is Mystery and Magic there. Twirling specters in a dark forest in a hidden ravine in a far away mountain. Spooky stuff.

I also like listening to Branco Malic', on I don't know what he talks about, either. He is a philosopher in Serbia. You must be a philosopher, too. Serbia - a land full of Mysterious Magicians. Spooky!
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
24 Sep 2016 #7
No, no. See, everything is perfectly clear. Its just that fog dispersed in Anglos dominated world. But, sun coming out. Its the law of nature. Anyway, Anglos came to dominate by an error or to say thanks to circumstances that medieval Serbian Empire was broken by the Ottoman Turks (who among all Europeans founded best allies among Brits) what by chain reaction enabled fall of medieval Poland. Simple, main (in the hands of Slavs that were aware of it and so then mutually well connected) flow of wealth from Baltic to Balkan and Mediterranean was cut. That secured domination of Britain.

Just, as i said, sun coming out again. Error would be corrected.

Well, its true, one easily fall in philosophy and contemplation, so let us focus now

At a time when EU ruling establishment pressuring Serbia because of our normal ties with Russia, leading EU powers have ``most fruitful`` (end of citation) cooperation with Russia and free flow of investments.

June 17, 2016, Friday

Trade and investment relations between Russia and Germany are among the most fruitful for Russia and EU countries, led by automotives, transport and infrastructure, energy and energy efficiency, machine engineering, and other manufacturing sectors.

See, that is how THEY play. Dirty. They work with Russia. They dictate to Poland how to behave on Russia. They create environment for both, in our example, for Poland and for Russia. Then, when things go nasty, they move aside and leave Poland to be oppressed by Russia and ``liberated`` by that same western Europe. THEY just push things in motion.

But, it doesn`t work with Serbia. That upsets them. Very. Poland? Well, its a never-ending struggle that slowly but surely ruining Poland. Oh, not that Serbians didn`t pay the price. They paid and they paying. Price is omnipresent and omnipotent. Its just the matter of the way and outcome that, at least, giving hope.

Now one more utterly dirty example of great joking with Poland and on the account of Poles and future of their children >>>

Britain was a major hawk for sanctions on Russia and before that, one of players that influenced events at maiden in Ukraine (did ``great service`` to that country). One of those players who practically lured Poland in conflict with Russia. Then comes the Brexit and washing of the hands (and toilets). What is left to Poland? For now, fortunately only to stick to sanctions on Russia. Fortunately. It could had been much more. Believe me, if some major sh** happened with Poland, all would finish with new jokes on the account of Poland and Poles, in foyers of British palaces. That is, my dear Polish sisters and brothers, EU and NATO (ie western Europe, ie Anglos, ie Germanics, ie Romanics). All penis after penis in Poland`s interests.

Boris Johnson says Britain must 'normalise' its relationship with Russia
11 August 2016


The Russian foreign ministry said: "Both sides expressed hope for a normalisation in Russian-British ties and underscored the desire to step up political dialogue."

OP Crow 155 | 9,025
22 Mar 2018 #8

People, EU is madhouse. Let us talk seriously how to save ourselves. What should Poles do?

I think that I didn`t discover America by this thread. No, we all know how things stand and developing. I am just desperate and I wants to see what people suggest how one can save itself from EU. And I don`t speak just in general, how countries can save itself. I also point on lives of individual people who live outside of their countries, all over this madhouse.

Please, what are suggestions. Particularly, what should Poles do? What would we all do?
TheOther 6 | 3,674
22 Mar 2018 #9
how one can save itself from EU

You still haven't understood what is going on in the US, Crow. Trump and his minions are on an "America first" trip, and they mean it. Poland and other countries in the EU will only have one choice: stand alone against the USA and be steamrolled into submission , or be part of a trading block which is larger than the US and protect your financial and political interests. Choose wisely.
Joker 3 | 2,324
23 Mar 2018 #10
Crow, take a look at what is happening in Los Angeles over 60K homeless living in tents on the streets. All thanks to the Dems!

And this is just one example of many.......................

When in history has socialism worked?

The definition of liberal insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

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