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Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland?

3 Dec 2015 #121
About 3 weeks ago we had our anti terrorist attack by land or water exercise (this is not a joke), all the local services police fire brigade and militias were mobilized, Siren tests the lot, I almost expected the locals to come out with their pitchforks to hunt down the terrorists, so I guess we are ready in the village, bring em on.
Crow 149 | 9,400
3 Dec 2015 #122
Polish army is present on Kosovo, seen by Serbians as protecting force and by Albanians as oppressive force. Considering how is ISIS and Wahhabi Islam strong among Albanians, its just the matter of time when would occur serious clashes between Muslim fanatics and Polish soldiers. That situation may in the blink of an eye lead to deeper involvement of Poland in any sense.
8 Dec 2015 #123
Exact Crow. When muslims attacked serbia, Poland was seen as a serbia allied force.

Also Poland protected christians against muslims recently in Iraq.

For those reasons Isis and Wahabbi Muslims now put Poland as a target.
Crow 149 | 9,400
17 Mar 2016 #124
Spot this


nothanks - | 640
24 Mar 2016 #125
Is this the Official Thread for the 'Summer of Terrorist Attacks' ?

AP: ISIS has trained 400 fighters for European bloodshed

- They are planning attacks in bunches. This creates a larger kill zone. Eventually they will do 3 attacks in seperate locations and hope to catch the authorities in the traps. There is a reason they are training for this long. They are learning the tendencies of the authorities and how they react to these attacks

This is extremely scary. There should be serious talk of active military being brought in for added defense. I can foresee the militaries of Sweden, Holland and Austria being completely demoralized. Just like Belgium currently is. And USA is not getting involved til at-least January when a new President is sworn on. 2016 will be bloody.
johnny reb 30 | 5,181
24 Mar 2016 #126
AP: ISIS has trained 400 fighters for European bloodshed

If this was a real alliance the US could actually send something serious to protect Poland.

We have been at peace with Japan since our nuclear attack in 1945.
Time to make peace with Islam.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #127
completely stupîd to think that Poland can be attacked! (Muslim) terrorists attack places which have large (muslim) communities as they expect to rely on some of their members and in which they have strong networks. If Salah Absdelsalam (or whatever his name is) who was arrested last Friday in Bruxelles could hide for 4 months and walk around (in Molenbeek), it was so because of his strong network to help him. Also because of very strong (and radical) networks, all attacks in European soil (and probably elsewhere) are organized from Molenbeek. As there is no muslim community in Poland (or even Warsaw) and thus NO network to rely on while preparing attacks and in order to be protected from police, how the h..ll could terrorists "work" in Poland (or Warsaw)?????

Inspite of what has happened in Paris and in Bruxelles there has been NO particular police protection whatsover in Poland (yesterday I was once more at Sejm and everything as 'usual" ;)). Poland (just to talk about Poland) cannot be threatened (not only because not important in world's politics and economics) but ALSO because terrorists have nothing and nobody to rely on while in Poland. In places like Bruxelles and Paris, there are tens of thousands of cops + the army with rifles 24/7 in the streets (around Xmas, there were even .... tanks in Bruxelles) and public places. Around Xmas time Bruxelles was closed for 4 days. Anything similar in Warsaw? In Warsaw, any more cops than usually, any soldiers in the streets??????? NOPE!

Bruxelles was attacked since although small city and Belgium a small country because it is EU's and Nato's capitals. Warsaw is no more than a regional capital and Poland no more than a regional power so NO interest for terrorists. Sure Poland has participated for instance in war in Irak but Poland was no more than a mere follower. Poland has never decided to bomb any place, has never been a leader.

In conclusion, Poland is no big fish and as a result not a target. Saying the opposite like some here say show deep lack of knowledge. (Muslim) terrorists don't give a sh... about Poland. The only European countries that could be attacked are: France, Belgium (because of EU and NATO), UK, Germany, maybe also Italy because of Vatican and the others can sleep tide.

PS: since attacks in Paris, I have listened to and read many experts on terrorism and none of them has claimed that countries likes Poland could be attacked but of course 20-year olds in Michigan or Illinois know better ;)
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #128
completely stupîd to think that Poland can be attacked!

Supsect package in the metro Warsaw yesterday. Subway closed and cordoned off so however unlikely that it was real it's obvious that the police are on alert.

Warsaw is no more than a regional capital and Poland no more than a regional power so NO interest for terrorists.

That's a bit like saying that Hitler wouldn't be interested in x, y or z country but he was. Why?? Because he wanted to establish an empire. Islamic fundamentalists have an agenda and that agenda is to obliterate Christianity from the face of the Earth and establish an Islamic world. Every Christian country is a potential target and it's only a matter of time. Maybe not in our generation but in the next.

Poland has never decided to bomb any place, has never been a leader.

I know how you dislike me mentioning my homeland but neither has Ireland. However:

In Warsaw, any more cops than usually, any soldiers in the streets??????? NOPE!

Just because you don't see uniformed police or army on the streets doesn't mean that there isn't increased security presence. Governments don't like to panic people but there could be numerous plain clothes officers around the place.

I know I said I wouldn't engage with you because you have the manners of a backstreet Parisian brothel keeper but saying that Poland is not at any risk is really tempting fate.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #129
@Atch: I took the metro several times yesterday (as I every day do) and nothing!!!! You must be "joking" if you think that Poland is at risk. Obviously you don't know anything re situation since you don't understand that (muslim) terrorists do operate from areas where they have communities to rely on. Do you think that without strong network, Sahal Abdelsalam could have walked around for 4 months whereas his picture was everywhere?

As to Hitler, what's the connection with today's (muslim) terrorism????

I also suppose that coming from your small island, you have never seen any "muslim" so do stick to what you know!

Poland (and also Ireland, not to mention others) are among the very last in the target lists. Islamists don't care about tiny fish.
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #130
@Atch: I took the metro several times yesterday (as I every day do) and nothing!!!! You must be "joking"

It's true. Yesterday evening between four and five. Mr Atch was heading home from work with a few colleagues. They couldn't all get on to the bus, so some of them followed on in the next bus. When they arrived at the station the ones who had taken the first bus were waiting for them outside to say that the metro wasn't running as there was a suspect package. I said 'Wow, were the police there?' and he responded 'Oh yeah it was all cordoned off anyway'. I'm not sure which station it is, I'll ask him this evening.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #131
ps: @Atch: do not compare a bag most probably forgotten by an old lady or a bezdomny guy (once I forgot my bag full of groceries on the tram) and an act of terrorism!!!!! Have a minimum of respect to victims of terrorism!

Yesterday, I also was even at Sejm (I go there a few times every week) and nothing different!

@Atch: of course, it was NOthing but because of the psychosis, people and police have overreacted (normal). How many bags are forgotten by their owners every day in public places? If you could think for 1/2 a second, you would understand that Poland is one of the least concerned countries. Poland is no player in the world scene and has no islamist networks. They also opt for "mediatic" targets...

I know that newspapers like to write any bs in order to sell their papers but I personally prefer to rely on experts on terrorism and the police ;)

Yes, Warsaw is a quiet provincial town .....
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #132
InPolska, unattended packages are treated as a threat in countries in a state of high alert for terrorist attacks. Otherwise why close the station? Because yes, it probably is a bag left behind by someone, but it might be a bomb.

You see, however small and unimportant Ireland is, we were on alert for years for terrorist threats from the Loyalists in the North and it was taken very seriously indeed. I once saw a suitcase outside a shop in Grafton St in the city centre of Dublin. I did what everybody had been trained to do, without even thinking about it. I went into the shop, spoke to the assistant, no customer claimed the case, she called the Gardai, that's how it was and that's how it should be. The Dublin bombings of 1974 were car bombs but unattended bags were always treated as suspect.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #133
@Atch: Wake up! Poland is not and has never been in high alert! ;). They have simply overreacted BECAUSE of what had just happened in Bruxelles. France and Belgium are at 4 (maximum), Germany and UK must be at 3 point something on the scale of terrorism threats and the others have no risk. Many experts now compare situation in Paris and in Bruxelles with situation in .... Tel Aviv. Sorry, but Warsaw (and also Dublin) are millions of years behind that! Of course, the (Warsaw) police have reacted (especially now) but a bag left behind does NOT mean a terrorist attack ;). So, in Warsaw, they have closed the metro for a little while and so what? Have the decency not to compare a small incident and a terrorist attack! In Paris there are victims who are still in hospitals. Of course, I don't forget about the dead not only there but also in Bruxelles.

Have some respect to real victims!

Well, stay inside! ;). I'll be going all over town today again using public transportation and guess what: ZERO fear! ;)

PS: not to confuse being "paranoid" (Polish reaction) and really threatened + hit ;).
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #134
completely stupîd to think that Poland can be attacked! (

Completely stupid to think that it's immune.

As there is no muslim community in Poland (or even Warsaw) and thus NO network

There are Muslims in Poland. Not that I'm suggesting that any of them have terrorist links but it's not true to say that there's no Muslim community.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #135
@Atch: do you do it on purpose? Do get informed and do travel in order to see the world! The muslim "community" in Warsaw and in Poland is very very small and more important there are NO islamist networks! Don't you tell me that you don't see the difference between "muslim" and "islamist" ;). Is there anything in Poland like .... Molenbeek in Belgium? NOPE! The Paris attacks were organized in Molenbeek....

If you dared getting informed, you would understand that Warsaw, or Wilnius, or even Budapest or Libonne are NOT on the target lists. France, Germany and UK are because they are big players in the international scene. France has ALONE decided to bomb the area (and is also at war in Africa, Sarkozy has organized the huge mess in Lybia while having Khadaffi killed because Khadaffi was starting to give proof that he had financed Sarkozy's campaign..;). UK and Germany are big powers who also play big roles in world politics. Belgium although a small country was 1. a colonial power (yes in "black" Africa but a colonial power) and 2. Bruxelles is now the seat of EU and of NATO and it is no coincidence that the metro station bombed is near the EU's headquarters ;).

Islamists don't attack at random (what you don't want to understand) but have clear targets; Poland plays no role in world politics (and economics) so no threat to them and no interest whatsoever in Poland.

Poles are unfortunately paranoid. It is just like the Smolensk thing. It was an accident but because of their paranoia, (some) Poles want to believe that the nasty Russians have shot the plane down. Russians don't give a sh]]t about Kaszynski, Duda and consorts. Poland does not risk any islamist attack. Saying the opposite shows ignorance and also paranoia.

It reminds me of Jean de Lafontaine's fable: "la grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le bœuf", in which the little guy wants to show his muscles and pretend to be a big guy and this is exactly the situation now with Poland in view of current situation in Western Europe. They for sure know that there are no bombs in Warsaw metro but they mean to examine each bag as it makes them "important".

Believe me, I have myself lived through several (REAL) bomb alerts in Paris and also in London Victoria Station (bombs from your brothers) and since Nov. 13 and March 22, all travellers in Paris and in Bruxelles metro systems are scarred to death each time they travel so please don't compare apples and oranges! I know that compared to your small island, Poland is a big boy but Poland and Warsaw are completely ignored by islamists.... Poland is no more than a mere regional power and Warsaw no more than a provincial town (all the Russians I know say it's a "big village").

Well, comparing "possible threats" in Warsaw and in western capitals not only shows your stupidity and also your insults to real victims! In the western main capitals, people risk their lives every time they get out of their homes.... Obviously your catholic Church has not taught you compassion!

PS: I took metro this am and nothing special! People are not any different!
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
24 Mar 2016 #136
The only European countries that could be attacked are: France,....the others can sleep tight.

I don't agree InPolska. There are plenty of Americans in Warsaw, Krakow and other places. What about flight queues to the States? I would like to see the police at airports here brandishing their automatics, people trained in anti-terrorism, and not trigger happy soldiers, and sign of a real deterrent.

Muslims could attack Poland anytime they want, and yes, Poland, and anywhere in Europe is a potential target, as these cities are a 5 hour car journey for a terrorist. They used a taxi to get to the airport in Belgium, so there is nothing to stop them going on a road trip to Krakow airport for example...

So be careful out there folks but don't be paranoid. Some of us lived in London at the height of the IRA bombing campaign and it was life as usual.

In the meantime the terrorists win, because we have nationalist idiots spreading their bile and hatred saying that no muslims must be allowed to settle in Poland because they are potential terrorists.

Divide and destroy tactics work for all groups sadly.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #137
@Doug: check the alert scale and you'll see! Poland is among the least threatened! France and Belgium are now in "state of war" with measures such as in the US after 9.11. In France for over 30 years, bags are systematically checked in all stores and all public places and you bet now it's even more so... In Belgium now it must be same too.... Bruxelles was closed for 4 days in late December and tanks were in the streets. Anything like this in Warsaw lately???? May experts on terrorism put life in Paris and in Bruxelles at the same level as life in ... Tel Aviv.

Have you been to Paris or Bruxelles recently? I don't think so and you would realize that putting Warsaw on the same level is completely stupid.

I was in London during IRA and I was in Paris in the mid 1980's when bombs exploded at several occasions in metro (Saint-Michel Station, for instance) and other public places. I mean REAL bombs killing and wounding people, destroying buildings. When was last bomb attack in Warsaw?

Sorry, you cannot compare Warsaw and Paris, Bruxelles, London, Berlin ... and Warsaw. I am from Paris so I know and please have some decency to victims and to people who risk their lives 24/7.

For sure, Americans (+ Britons + Germans) are heavily threatened (and hit) just as the French as (most problably Americans are no.1 target) but please don't put Poland and Poles in the same league!
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #138
. Some of us lived in London at the height of the IRA bombing campaign

Including myself and many other Irish people who could have been blown up just as easily as anyone.

(bombs from your brothers)

Not my brothers or the brothers of any decent Irish person.

The muslim "community" in Warsaw and in Poland is very very small

Yes but it exists.

there are NO islamist networks!

That we the ordinary public know of. You are a mistress of stating your opinions as if they are irrefutable facts.

Islamists don't attack at random

That's quite obvious.

Don't you tell me that you don't see the difference between "muslim" and "islamist"

Wherever there are Muslims there's the potential for Islamic fundamentalism to infiltrate and gain a foothold. And if you've read the Gulag Archipelago you'll know that in the same way that a handful of police could arrest an entire town in a night, a handful of terrorists is all it takes.

possible threats" in Warsaw

Of course Warsaw is not in any immediate danger. But in the long term InPolska, what do you think? Or do you not care because forty years from now it won't affect you. Islamic fundamentalists (not Muslims, yes I do know the difference) have a set of goals. The first is to attack those nations (of whom Poland is not one) whom they see as interfering in the Muslim world. The second is to return to Islamic rule those countries which were once under Muslim rule and have been Christianised, such as Spain. The third is to spread Islam around the world and to eliminate Christianity. We are heading towards another gates of Vienna 1815. In any case no sensible person would ever live in the fool's paradise of thinking that 'it'll never happen here'.

If I were an Islamic fundamentalist leader my goal at the moment would be to orchestrate an atrocity in every European country, no exceptions and strike at one major city, not necessarily the capital, in each. That's how we demonstrate our power, our omniscience, that's how we sow the seeds of fear and prepare the ground. It might take a few years, maybe a decade to achieve those attacks but it could be done and believe me it will be if that's what they want.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #139
@Doug: absolutely! A lot (you can read a lot thereof in PF) don't make the difference between "muslim" and "islamist" ;).

PS: while I was in London (was there several times) I went through IRA's bomb alerts but trust me, life in London in those days had nothing in common with life nowadays in cities like Paris and Bruxelles. In Paris since the mid-1980's bombings, all bags are checked in all public places and in all stores, people (= anybody, even people like you or me;)) can be controlled any time. A few days ago, the French government decided to have security guys in stores armed. Believe me, it looks like a country at war (and so does Belgium) and upon arrival at any airport, anybody can feel it ;). This week, they had a bomb (no damage fortunately) at ... Toulouse (I have a brother, his wife and my 2 nieces there )airport . When I say, "bomb", I mean a "bomb" not a bag forgotten by their owner like in Warsaw metro... and for Poland it's the "news of the century" ;)

In other words, comparing Warsaw and major western cities is like comparing potatoes and cherries....
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,845
24 Mar 2016 #140
Some of us lived in London at the height of the IRA bombing campaign and it was life as usual.

that was nothing compared to what is going on now, nothing.
I do still jump when I hear a bang though.
Good grief didn't the Irish "terrorists" even phone up beforehand to warn that some tiny bomb was about to go off?
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #141
@Atch: you don't make the difference between "muslim" and "islamist" ;) and that's why you don't understand situation. By the way, have you even mingled with muslims? I bet the only ones you have seen were on tv ;). Even in western Europe, the biggest majority of Muslims are NOT islamists. Islamists may be around 1 or 2% of said population but they are most dangerous and fanatics and they need to be neutralized. There were only 10 of them in Paris attacks and only 3 of them in Bruxelles. Do you know anything re Molenbeek? I doubt it. Molenbeek is the center of terrorism in Europe. Islamists in Molenbeek aslo benefit from war weapons smuggled from ex Yugoslavia through former Yugoslavs who have settled in Belgium.... Salah Abdelsalam (I suppose you have no idea who the guy is so use Google ;)) who was arrested on Friday was able to hide in Molenbeek for 4 months and during that time he was able to walk around neighborhood, to do his shopping for ... French fries (that is ... Belgium ;) (use Google again since I assume you don't understand re Belgium ;)) because of STRONG network. Where do you have such a situation in Poland or in Warsaw???? ;).

Now I get it, you don't see the difference between "muslim" and "islamist' and that's why you imagine some possible attacks in Poland or Warsaw... "lol". Since you have time, maybe through Google, you could learn a lot because obviously you confuse everything ;)

PS: Rozu: for once 100% ok! London in those days cannot be compared with cities like Paris and Bruxelles of now. In Paris and Bruxelles, now, it feels like a war and people are scarred every time they get outside of their homes .... So whoever dares comparing with "situation" in Warsaw is not only ignorant but also insulting victims.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,845
24 Mar 2016 #142
InPolska , you might want to think about learning to argue without insulting the other person's intelligence.
It doesn't do you any favours tbh.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #143
@Rozu: don't start again! I have realized that Atch (not to mention others) doesn't make the difference between "muslim" and "islamist" and as a result cannot understand the situation.

Well, argue with someone else! I'm going to work
Atch 16 | 3,319
24 Mar 2016 #144
@Atch: you don't make the difference between "muslim" and "islamist" ;)

Where did you receive that impression?? Did I not state categorically precisely the opposite? Or were you speed reading again and seeing what you want to rather than what's written.

have you even mingled with muslims?

Well now I lived in London for six years, how could I not. And I've taught several of their children, in, guess where, yes that's right in Ireland! We have Muslims there , wow!

You really are a supremely silly and very ignorant woman.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,845
24 Mar 2016 #145
Well, argue with someone else! I'm going to work

gosh how on earth do you manage you busy little bee!

You really need to 'get a cop on to yourself'. What you are doing is not rational debate or arguing, but just insulting and belittling the other person to make you feel better about yourself.

Go off and 'mingle' with some Muslims then my little internationalist.

Please focus on the subject of the thread everyone.
AdrianK9 6 | 369
24 Mar 2016 #146
Poland plays no role in world politics (and economics) so no threat to them and no interest whatsoever in Poland.

Yes they do - what are you talking about? Poland has the 21st largest economy - over $1 tril GDP... Poland is in a very important geopolitical place because it is on the border of NATO allied countries and Russian allied countries.

Yes, ISIS did threaten Poland in one of their videos stating that any country allied with the US against them is a target. I'm not an ISIS commander but I think it's safe to say that Poland is low on the list of targets. It's one of the more recent videos they released - it'd post a link but I'm at work and don't want the IT guys to see me watching ISIS videos. Now, if we allow a bunch of 'refugees' to come into Poland it's only a matter of time before there is an incident.

The multi-kulti crowd loves to say - 'Oh well, the terrorists and extremist are only 1% of the Muslim population at most' ISIS said flat out that they're going to send operatives mixed in with refugees. I think people should listen to that considering the huge amount of Muslims that have entered Europe and the fact that there's already been too many innocent citizens killed by ISIS affiliated individuals in just the past 1-2 years. Almost 200 in just the 2 most recent large attacks! Yes, maybe there 5,000 operates or whatever number ISIS said that infiltrate Europe is too high but it doesn't really matter. Let's use the Polish figure of how many refugees they told the UN they'd let in - 2,000. If as the liberals say, only 1% of the Muslims are terrorists and extremists, that leaves you with 20 terrorists/extremists by that calculation. It only took 3 guys to murder 35 in Belgium just a few days ago and I believe 6 or so to murder over 100 in Paris. So yes, Poland is in trouble and is in danger and the more Muslim refugees that are let in the larger that 1% number becomes. They aren't in as grave danger as perhaps Germany, France, Belgium, etc. because the Muslim refugee population is much higher, but that doesn't mean there's no risk at all of a terrorist attack committed by Muslim extremists posing as refugees. Furthermore, the refugees in Poland are in a society where they are not accepted and their communities are very small. There's no areas like Molenbeek in Poland, yet, thank goodness, where they are the majority in an area. However, the individuals that aren't liked by Polish society may all the more be inclined to commit some act since they are not liked by the society and want revenge.

Poland isn't in as much danger as perhaps Belgium, France, England, etc. because thank goodness the people half some common sense and didn't allow their country to get invaded by a group with opposing religious views and customs. I'll take my Polish soccer hooligans over Salafists with Sharia 4 Poland banners anyday.

Polska dla Polakow

Poles want to believe that the nasty Russians have shot the plane down

There is a video online of Russian soldiers shooting survivors of the Smolensk crash. I don't know what exactly happened and whether the Russians were involved or not. I can't say for certain but I do know that the Russians have repeatedly blocked investigation efforts by the Poles. Why would they do that if they had nothing to hide? Also, this video and the media reporting on it raises some further questions. I'm not saying for 100% the Russians shot it down and I'm not saying for 100% that it was pilot error. I am saying though there is a lot of things though that are being hidden from a proper investigation.
same video but enhanced and a bit longer: British article about this video:

witness who shot this video apparently committed suicide:

You need to stop taking everything at face value and believe everything that the media tells you. I'm not saying to walk around in tin foil hat - as there are some very ridiculous conspiracy theories. However, the point is they ask questions they don't just blindly believe.

Quite frankly, citizens were told that we were safe from ISIS. I believe the shootings in the US and Europe prove otherwise. Poland ought to protect itself considering they let in some refugees. They may not be in as much danger as other invaded Western countries. That's something for the government, military, and intelligence agencies and citizens as well to determine how to react appropriately. Let's put it this way - Poland is at a much higher risk of an Islamist terrorist attack then they were 5, 10, 20 years ago because of the refugees they let in. It only takes a few individuals, even just one, to kill a bunch of innocent people. Granted yes, most of them were Catholic but there were a bit of Muslims as well. A lot of the refugees that Poland actually let in would get some money, get set up for a while, and then go to Germany anyways.
johnny reb 30 | 5,181
24 Mar 2016 #147
The muslim "community" in Warsaw and in Poland is very very small and more important there are NO islamist networks!

That is exactly how they get their foothold silly but positive "thinking" on your "OPINION".

Go off and 'mingle' with some Muslims then my little internationalist.

Are you referring to the same bleeding heart liberal "that was going to" take a migrant Muslim family into her home ?

but of course 20-year olds in Michigan or Illinois know better

That is a no brainer as they are much more highly educated on ISIS then you are.
(Just read the two above posts........I rest my case)
This is a world wide war which does not exempt Poland.
Brussels dropped the ball by thinking like InPolska as the following report shows;

Two days after the worst terror attack on Belgian soil, signs are growing that the Belgium government failed to address security lapses that might have contributed to Tuesday's bombings.

The European Union told Belgian authorities to remedy gaps in their border security just weeks before suicide bombers attacked Brussels.
The revelation that a list of recommendations was sent to Brussels in February urging it to repair its "deficient" security checks came after Belgium apparently failed to monitor one of the suicide bombers despite warnings from Turkey.

Just wait until terrorist Iran gets nuke's and all hell is really going to break loose.
ISIS is on the move dolly szkła and if you think Poland is a safe haven your delusional.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #148
I was this afternoon at Warsaw airport (to see someone off)! Nothing unusual! Business as usual. We could walk around, sit down to eat and no control whatsoever. It is fortunate that Polish authorities are NOT as paranoid as people in PF (who are not even in Europe ;)).

PS: Johnny Reb: find ONE message in which I said that I would take in a family! ;).

PPS: Yes, contrary to racists, including Johnny Reb, rozu and Atch: I do make a difference between "muslim" and "islamist" but I suppose the only ones you have seen were on ... tv so case closed!
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
24 Mar 2016 #149
" if you think Poland is a safe haven your delusional"
Well it all depends on which way the wind is blowing, but Poland has the great sleeping bear in the East who would awaken if Poland is ever threatened nuclear or conventional, after all Russia would not want Islamic mayhem or nuclear pollution on it's doorstep.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Mar 2016 #150
@@Dolno: some people are paranoid and love to feel "victims" whereas noone gives a sh@@@ about them ,)

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