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Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland?

jon357 67 | 16,836
3 Jun 2016 #331
There is no comparison between the crimes Daash associate Islam with violence

Exactly, however Poland is largely peaceful; the only terrorism so far has been homegrown from 'nationalists' who would identify as Christian, even though they are not (parallels with Da'esh here).
gumishu 11 | 5,632
3 Jun 2016 #332
the only terrorism so far has been homegrown from 'nationalists'

ever heard of Ryszard Cyba??

and well the only act of terrorism by some who identified as nationalist happened just recently - and in my opinion the person in question is simply mentally ill
3 Jun 2016 #333

Even with a article clearly stating that Jihadists are trying to enter Poland via Ukraine to commit mass attacks, you say that Muslims doesn't represent any risk and should enter Poland withou any surveillance?

Oh, i forgot, you are yourself a muslim, so this is expected...
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
3 Jun 2016 #334
Jihadists are trying to enter Poland via Ukraine to commit mass attacks

They can take the motorway from any remaining Belgium cells' location and even stop for coffee on the way.. Which is why it's derisory to say that ruling out any Middle Eastern immigration would safeguard a terrorist attack.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
3 Jun 2016 #335
Even with a article clearly stating that Jihadists are trying to enter Poland via Ukraine to commit mass attacks

Not very sensible "Jihadists" then, because the Polish-Ukrainian border is guarded to hell by the Poles and the Ukrainians have a well-guarded border zone that you simply can't approach without being questioned.
gumishu 11 | 5,632
3 Jun 2016 #336
Not very sensible "Jihadists"

who said that Jihadists must be sensible or know anything about the Polish-Ukrainian border
btw there were people smuggled through that border in the past which was only revealed after some family got separated from their child in the mountains
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
3 Jun 2016 #337
It does happen, but it's very very tough to do so. You'll always see border guards camped out in Bieszczady for instance. I had a chat with two of them about it - their mission was effectively to go and camp in the wild for a few days, while observing the border.

You can't even move in Bieszczady without seeing the Straż Graniczna - my friend got fined 200zł for approaching the border in Wołosate without a permit!
4 Jun 2016 #338
Ukrainiam Organized crime found a profitable business:

Sell Documents and Visas to Middle-Eastern and Asian illegal immigrants that want to enter European Union:
jon357 67 | 16,836
4 Jun 2016 #339
Russia and their organised criminals/politiicians (the same people in much of Russia) is a bigger danger due to leaky borders, the sort of corruption that is ripe for any terrorist whether IS or not to exploit and yes, false documents.
peterweg 37 | 2,320
4 Jun 2016 #340
Ukrainiam Organized crime found a profitable business:

******** website, if there is any truth in it, get a credible source.
Crow 146 | 9,117
4 Jun 2016 #341
Refugees from Kosovo have a good chance to be Islamic extremists.

you have a point here. Great islamists, extremists and total fanatics.

And in that environment you have deployed Polish soldiers on Kosovo, where most fanatical forms of Islam founded its foothold since EU and NATO stole Kosovo from Serbia and when there arrived many new Albanian (Squitar) settlers from Albania (Squiteria) >>>



johnny reb 28 | 5,033
12 Jun 2016 #342
Poland is going to have to be on very high alert during World Youth day.
A terrorists dream place for mass casualties.
America just had another terrorist attack last night by a Muslim that killed 50 gays in a night club wounding many more.
No further comment from me as I would get banned for sure.
jon357 67 | 16,836
12 Jun 2016 #343
Poland is going to have to be on very high alert during World Youth day.

I think they will be on very high alert indeed. Euro 2016 is a bigger worry, as was The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.
johnny reb 28 | 5,033
12 Jun 2016 #344
With the mass killing of 50 gays last night in America by a Muslim shows that the terrorist are not giving up.
Crow 146 | 9,117
13 Jun 2016 #345
Its the clash of civilizations, people. Tensions everywhere. Somewhat as Samuel Huntington predicted. Among else, in forming of global civilizations he desired that Poland finish within Anglo-Germanic world. Let us hope that he miscalculated and that Poland have strength to prevail and prove itself as the epicenter of one branch of Slavs, great Slavic civilization such could be new Commonwealth.

Once Bosnian islamists were sponsored by the USA, NATO and EU in deal with Saudi Arabia, to be used against Serbians (the very heart of Europe), in order to segment Yugoslavia and Serbia, to bring down the Slavic South. In all their propaganda, why they doing this, was the hint of idea (that very much suits to mind-set of their public) that they doing that in order to harm Russia. But, Russia had and have huge maneuverable space, tools and resources to deal with any attempt to harm her interests. It is well known fact. So, what western Europeans and USA didn `t want to announce publicly is that they actually, when working against Serbians, works on the first place against Poland, on the long run. Against Poland, because without Serbians, Poland losing maneuverable space to escape total assimilation by Anglos and Germanics. Without Serbians, strategically weakened Poland losing potential to attract numerous countries that would be willing to join around Poland in order to form new Commonwealth, ie Intermarium.

Anyway, those who once were sponsored by USA, NATO and EU now turning against their sponsors. Its because USA, must be under pressure of Vatican, losing interest in support to worldwide islamic terrorists. Where is Poland in it now? Well, its about to be seen. But, for sure, being or not being under USA control, islamists would always work against Poland an Poles. Its by default. Don`t ask why

Bosnian jihadi makes threats against U.S. cities

Source: B92,, Jutarnji List Tuesday, June 28, 2016 | 12:40


"Rise up Muslims, kill Christians and their servants, in their cities and in their countries. Place explosives under their cars, in their homes, in their offices... Kill them with snipers and silencers, kill them, even if with a knife, and do not differentiate between soldiers and civilians,"

Parents support Bosnian jihadi who made threats against U.S.

Source: Monday, July 4, 2016 | 11:09

The parents of a Bosnian member of Islamic State who recently made threats against U.S. cities are supporting him "in what he is doing."

Glory to the all Serbian defenders of Slavic South, entire Sarmatia and Christianity, for we shall know no fear!

an article of Warsaw Voice... presentation of book by Marek Orzechowski

Our Islamist Neighbors


I am not trying to frighten anyone, because life itself is scary enough and so are phenomena that we're losing control of. The processes you mentioned are driven by the tremendously expansive Islamic ideology.

nothanks - | 640
8 Jul 2016 #346
> U.S. to send 1,000 rotating troops to Poland, Obama says

> Dallas Police Shooter Identified as Former US Soldier

> Dallas police shooting: Suspect told police he 'wanted to kill white people'

Brilliant plan Polska
Crow 146 | 9,117
8 Jul 2016 #347
Brilliant plan Polska

nobody ask Poland for anything in this chaos, if not orgy, that occurred.

U.S. to send 1,000 rotating troops to Poland, Obama says

sure. If not migrants then Afro Americans.

Anti-Islam Demonstration in Poland - Polish people burn ISIS flags (English subtitles)

ISIS coming

Islamic State claims responsibility for latest France attack
Source: B92 Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 15:15

The terrorist organization said the attack in Rouen was carried out by two of its "soldiers," AP is reporting.

IS claims responsibility for latest Germany attack

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug Monday, July 25, 2016 | 17:12

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Amaq, a news agency that supports Islamic State, Reuters said.

Great sh** would befall anybody who endanger Slavia (ie Sarmatian worlds)

Bosnia: Islamists seen shooting and burning Serbian flags


"Strengthen us, my Allah, we are faithful to Resulullah, brothers ready like tigers, .......... we are all ready for the tekbirs (calls of "Allahu Akbar"), for our hearts to calm down with ezans (adhans, Islamic call to worship) from minarets, we are coming from the end of the world."

i am especially sad when comes to islamism in Bosnia. That is Turkish gift to us Serbians and Slavs in general. Truly, it is sad in what Turkish invasion turned ancestral land of one Polish Jadwiga that originate from local Serbian medieval dynasty from Bosnia.


St. Jadwiga
Lyzko 29 | 7,245
27 Jul 2016 #348
King Jan Sobieski drove the Turks out of Eastern Europe, if I recall:-) Now, they've returned.

Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows:-)
Crow 146 | 9,117
27 Jul 2016 #349
Its that western European obsession with Semitics and their eternal wish to combine with them. We Slavs should stop losing our time with western Europe. Just formal and neutral stance on them.

shocking story about Serbian medieval monastery dedicated to Archangel Gabriel (under UNESCO protection) from 14th century destroyed by Albanians (Squitars- as they call themselves), on Kosovo. Tragic example of hunt on everything Slavic and Christian, cultural genocide on Serbian and Slavic culture. 14th century monastery is reduced to the heap of minced rubble. BDW, protectors and founders of monastery were of the Nemanjic Imperial house (only European medieval dynasty that got crown from both- Rome and Constantinople), ancestral noble house of Polish Jadwiga.

Serbs, shot at on Saturday, return to destroyed monastery

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 16:56


The monastery, built in the 14th century, and completely destroyed by ethnic Albanians in 1999, is located in the village of Buzovik, the municipality of Kosovska Vitina.

This must be about Poland
27 Jul 2016 #350
Sources tell that the Iraq man found with explosives in Lodz and put into jail attended Wilanów mosque in Warsaw.
Crow 146 | 9,117
3 Aug 2016 #351
This must be about Poland

but Poles are Slavs and Christians. In meta-ethnicity Poles and Serbians are both Sarmatians. In context of this thrtead i giving information about region within Serbia, where are stationed Polish security forces. So, by all means, i speak of Poland and Poles, too.

Now, new info.

Just to show what Polish soldiers on terrain can expect from local Albanians... considering that extreme Muslims thinks of Christians and Slavs as of infidels.

an article >>> about how Albanians respect internationally monitored contracts with Serbia >>>

"Albanians don't give infidels word of honor," Djuric told

Source: Tanjug Tuesday, August 2, 2016 | 14:05

An adviser to the Kosovo prime minister has referred to the head of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric, as "an infidel."

Crow 146 | 9,117
25 May 2017 #352
LISTEN THIS ! >>>> RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT ! >>> Area where ISIS have camps on Kosovo is positioned maximally 50 km from camp of Polish 15th ``Zawisza Czarny`` Mechanized Brigade. Obviously, till now mujaheedines didn`t attack Poles considering Poles being in the region as part of NATO (and NATO/EU collaborated with Islamic league on Balkans in last 25 years- that`s Clinton`s and Obama`s heritage). But, with new USA administration determined to fight Islamic terrorists, with rising tensions between Poland and EU (ie western Europe), with raised attempts of Poland to protect its own interests, conflicts with Albanian (and other) mujaheedines becoming reality. Once when Polish troops on Kosovo clash with Albanian mujaheedines, in a blink of any eye Poland would be target. And there is no region in Europe that is more important for Poland then those are Serbian lands that gravitate to warm seas and exactly those are lands what wants Islamic league and Germanics so there goes that mind-blowing ideology of Nazi-Islam what combine Islamo-Germanic interests. What I want to tell you my brotherly Poles, brace yourself. There would be great brawl. Sarmatian sword would be bloody again. Its just so inevitable.

ISIS-Daesh Training Camps in Kosovo, Recruitment of Terrorists by NGOs

There are at least five Daesh military training camps in Kosovo, located in remote areas near the self-proclaimed republic's border with Albania and Macedonia

25 May 2017 #353
Iraq man found with explosives in Lodz

He wasn't.

This must be about Poland

ISIS-Daesh Training Camps in Kosovo, Recruitment of Terrorists by NGOs

Crow 146 | 9,117
25 May 2017 #354
Harry, what you want? Why you complaint?

Are ISIS camps on Kosovo? YES

Are Polish 15th ``Zawisza Czarny`` Mechanized Brigade stationed on Kosovo? YES

Is this about Poles? YES

Is that about Poland? YES

No need to worry. Listen

Now, let me organize little course for Poles in dealing with incoming radical Islamic threat. No, not that Poles wouldn`t know to defend themselves, for sure they would but, we Serbians are experts and so goes this course.

My sisters and brothers, in Christ and in Slavdom, after all in Sarmatiadom.... let me start with this... here you can see captured Turkish mujaheedine in Bosnia >>>

and here, you may see captured local Bosnian mujaheeines >>>

Oh, this is ultimate movie. Truly good guidance how to defend Poland >>>

God save Poland, save Serbia!

Long live Visegrad!

Poles, let me continue

Serbian child, boy Spomenko Gostic, veteran fighter against mujaheedines, applied in army of Serb Republic in Bosnia after his family was killed by mujaheedines. Venerable boy himself died in battle against monstrous mujaheedines in 1993

Poles, listen. Listen

How to deal with mujaheedines.... spot how Serbian commander demand from his troops to advance with war-cry that instill fear in evil sons of radical Islam that poluted Slavia (war-cry that imitate wolves)..... video is from final operations on the entrance to Srebrenica when Bosnian Serbian troops pursued mujaheedine forces of Islamic league, while NATO gave air support to mujaheedines >>>> spot video on 1:21 >>>>

Genesis of western European problem with radical Islam is that governments there sponsored radical Islam in Europe (in Bosnia, on Kosovo) and now loosing control

For the sake of golden truth, this is how western European governments and USA Clinton clan collaborated with Islamic league in Bosnia >>> USA was able to get rid of Clinton`s and now western Europe have problem to get rid of its own corrupt politicians >>>

UN (NATO/EU) bringing mujaheedines of Islamic league into Bosnia, to fight against Serbians

MUST SEE. Its more the weakileaks can give you. Spot reality behind curtain of anti-Serbian propaganda. Scandal that still wait to become scandal.

So that Poles get info.

Hand work of Racowie. Bosnian Serb soldiers fight radical Islamic monsters - story about defense of Slavdom, 1991-1995, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Boys, children of Slavia that must be seen. Credit to them and their bravery

My dear Polish sisters and brothers in Slavdom and in Christ, if ever, if ever beast threaten your homes, you remind yourself on resistance of Serbians. It was hard. Always is but, we managed.

Serbian Arkan`s forces interogate captured Bosniak mujaheedine prisoners

/all these captives Bosnian Muslims survived. They were lucky that there wasn`t any Islamic league`s mujaheedine among them. If there was one at least..../
5 Jun 2017 #355
Jon, Poland was a occupied country for over 50 years, if you are deep rooted in Polish society as you claim you are, you will know and understand, Poles are patriotic to the core, occupier or not you will never control the Polish heart which flows red and white. They are wonderful hosts welcoming and hospitable to a fault. Let's not forget it was two Polish generals responsible for seeing off the English during war of independence in the now USA.
6 Jun 2017 #356
Why is Serbia being wedged into some of these topics ??

That's a very good question. I hope that one of the mods can tell us. From my reading this thread is about "Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland?" but perhaps I'm missing something. If this were a thread about ISIS I'd expect to see posts about how Polish troops are fighting ISIS and whether that makes Poland a target for ISIS. I'd also expect to see discussion about the Russian men who were arrested in Poland on charges of running an ISIS-linked cell and perhaps questions whether Poland's apparently eternal enemy, Russia, had a hand in that cell. But instead the thread is mostly about Serbia and Serbian matters.
Crow 146 | 9,117
6 Jun 2017 #357
Am I missing something here ? Why is Serbia being wedged into some of these topics ??

I will tell it again

Poles and Serbians are historically connected. Mutually interdependent. Even if we focus on every-day issues we have this situation >>>

>>> Polish troops on Kosovo (Serbian territory by constitution, UN protectorate, illegally separated from Serbia by Albanian national minority deeply involved with radical Islam)

>>> 5 (five) registered ISIS camps on Kosovo

So, less then 50 km from Polish troops (Zawisha Czarny mechanized brigade) in the region, operates ISIS in 5 its military training camps. Look at your map, its less then 1000 km from Poland. Once (rater sooner then later) when Polish troops on Kosovo enter in conflict with ISIS, chance of civilians in Poland become target for ISIS maniacs would be dramatically increased.
6 Jun 2017 #358
So, less then 50 km from Polish troops (Zawisha Czarny mechanized brigade) in the region, operates ISIS in 5 its military training camps.

The source of that falsehood is Sputnik News, i.e. the Kremlin. Poles know that the Kremlin is far more of a threat to Poland than ISIS could ever be and Poles know that the Kremlin has planned far more attacks on Poland than ISIS ever will. You carry on believing what the Kremlin tells you about ISIS: Poles know better than to trust the Russian government about anything at all.
6 Jun 2017 #359
See, in this Sputnik is just out of many sources.

Sputnik is the original source of your laughable claim that there are five ISIS training camps in Kosovo.

But please do keep posting the Kremlin's lies here, you're helping Poles to remember who the real enemy of Poland is (helpful hint: it's not ISIS, it's the best, and only, friend of Serbia).
Crow 146 | 9,117
6 Jun 2017 #360
Unfortunately, I am right here and you are wrong. I said, unfortunately, because I bringing ugly news. We speak about heart of Europe overrun by ISIS.

Its just the matter of time when would Poland be involved in large scale real war against ISIS. Story started with involving of Poland due to obligation to NATO/EU. But, reality would move Poland in direct confrontation with radical Islam that is sponsored by western Europe and back then US Clinton clan. It would be simple impossible to Poland to left local Kosovo Serbs at the mercy to ISIS and also, to abandon region (by betraying Serbians) that is vitally important to Poland`s access to warm seas. So, Poland would hit hard onto the Islamists. Its not in quotation, that is inevitable. Just timing of this suits to western Europe (EU) and that is perfect trap for Poland.

But Poland isn`t alone.

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