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Campaign urges US to suspend ties with Poland over Holocaust law

G (undercover)
21 Feb 2018 #1
Ruderman Family Foundation opens online petition, releases video showing people saying 'Polish Holocaust' in defiance of controversial legislation

:))) Now tell me these people are normal.
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
21 Feb 2018 #2
Either extreme is bad!

As a Jew, even if my immediate family along with relatives didn't suffer directly due to the Holocaust, certainly I can not only understand, but empathize with, the anger many Jews feel towards Poland.

Clearly, the law is hidebound und borders on violation of free speech. I think the issue regarding free speech vs. hate speech, is that any speech which intentionally seeks to desecrate/violate the sanctity of another's reputation or purpose solely for prurient as well as malicious purposes cannot be allowed.

The latter of the two modes of expression seems to fit this description.

The entire discussion reminds me of a similar one back, oh almost thirty years ago, over the legitimacy of Kurt Waldheim as UN Secretary General, coinciding with the revelation by the international press, that Austria at the time still refused to acknowledge their complicity in the Anschluss, seeing themselves as victims, rather than co-perpetrators.

Only difference here is, that Austria never made it an actual "crime" to mention Austrian complicity during WWII!! This remains a key distinction, I feel.
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
19 Jul 2018 #3

Facebook publishing Holocaust Denial: Any sense Zuckerberg's waffling on this issue?

Well, we've gone from the outrageous to the unthinkable; Social Media spreading poison for free over the Web...and getting paid no less!!
Sure folks have lots to say about that.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,917
19 Jul 2018 #4
Sure folks have lots to say about that.

I have , this is one thing we both agree on , the kid is just a fart faced twat that got one lucky idea, probably never studied history or read a book in his life, there again I don't think he worries that anyone would ever come in the middle of the night, put him on a cattle truck to a death camp, gas him then burn him.

The rest of us will not forget and allow the poison to win in the search for private profit, Dolno has no facebook, hope u drop it if you have one Lyzko.
Slavictor 6 | 193
26 Mar 2019 #5

Time for a change of Poland's Foreign Ministers

Let us let the Sonic Stylings of Jeff Lynnes' ELO serve as backdrop serenade during contemplation of these two news items re: Polands' latest subservience to a foreign country by Poland's own foreign minister. "Strange Magic"

  • Orders Issued, Mar 20

  • Poodle Jumps, Mar 24

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