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How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland.

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,720
20 Oct 2018 #1,051
oh right well that is convenient for you... situations don't happen in a vacuum you know.

I have noticed this with a certain type of Brit, on their high horse about what happens in the ex colonies, seemingly ignorant (perhaps through choice) about how those situations came about.
cms neuf - | 1,331
20 Oct 2018 #1,052
Not much but some - they has to remain in post to implement it and report to the Euro member governments, of course if you look at the markets now people are happy to sell pounds and buy Euro so it can't be such a terrible affliction.

But in any case it is off topic to this debate - the UK had a permanent exemption from joining the Euro.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 10,375
20 Oct 2018 #1,053
Could there be a re-run of the referendum possible?

Till up to 500.000 people today in London seem to wish this....
Miloslaw 6 | 2,904
20 Oct 2018 #1,054
BB,it is a huge demo.....but a second referendum has already been ruled out and would cause political chaos.


I get why you are so interested in Brexit now,you're just another Aussie that hates The British....especially The English.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
20 Oct 2018 #1,055
We are working trying to help our aborigines, except as i said above.

Good! Fair enough

a re-run of the referendum possible?

Sadly, a people's vote on conditions of a relationship with the EU is not going to happen BB. The Tories will never allow it - as this ridiculous idea of allowing old people and lazy xenophobes to vote to leave the EU is their idea of democracy at work. A needless referendum asking stupid questions, of a populace too dim to grasp the stark choice. And all brought about by Cameron trying to buy a popularity vote, and making the elementary mistake of asking the people of Britain if they would like to agree with a hopelessly outdated vision of the world from an entitled Tory twat (himself)

it is a huge demo...

Never say never though. A million and a half trashed Thatchers' illegal Poll Tax, so if enough people order it - it can actually be done.

Civil disobedience would be necessary though - and I don't see why not - when the old codgers and the lazy who voted for Brexit are stealing other people's money.
cms neuf - | 1,331
20 Oct 2018 #1,056
It would cause political chaos ? What the hell is the situation at the moment ? a government with a majority of 1 that has not passed any significant legislation in 2 years, propped up by religious nut jobs, Scotland talking about another referendum and the opposition a rabble who are surpringly popular in suggesting a return to the 70s.
mafketis 23 | 7,882
20 Oct 2018 #1,057
the old codgers and the lazy who voted for Brexit are stealing other people's money

Turnabout is fair play, the banking system has been taking other people's money for decades...
Spike31 2 | 1,283
20 Oct 2018 #1,058
I think Brexit won't affect Poles too much. Poles in the UK are widely regarded as smart and hard-working employees. Britain will try to keep us many Poles as they can after Brexit
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
20 Oct 2018 #1,059
Every immigrant, just like every dinner guest, feels he is the God's greatest gift to the host. Big mistake. My bet is that the Brits would be happy to be lonely and abandoned for a change. Just as they used to and still being able to get things done.

I wonder if it's the ocean level rising due to global warming or the island drowning from the guest overload.
cms neuf - | 1,331
20 Oct 2018 #1,060
Yes but the slight problem is that what tgey are sending home now is worth 45 percent less than it was a few years ago. Probably about a third are well settled with kids in school but the rest are very mobile.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,904
20 Oct 2018 #1,061
Spike31 is spot on,Rich Mazur and cms Neuf are both well off target as usual...
cms,I have many Poles and other East Europeans working for me,none of them are in any hurry to return to their homelands...
Rich,as always,you seem to live in some sort of parallel universe....but certainly not on this earth.... nailed it mate....
TheWizard - | 238
21 Oct 2018 #1,062
You are assuming there will be a Brexit. Yes, the rest of the uk is going to just lie down and let a bunch of fossils and evil scum do it to them. Hell will freeze over on the same day.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
21 Oct 2018 #1,063
Rich,as always,you seem to live in some sort of parallel universe....but certainly not on this earth....

I will pretend to know how that meaningless sentence connects with my post so I will assume that in your opinion the UK natives want more immigrants. Which is an idiotic thing to say since no country wants more migrants, immigrants, and refugees.
TheWizard - | 238
21 Oct 2018 #1,064
Lol i dont hate the uk, no ozzie really does. We are not aligned anymore as closely as some people pretend that is bs. The demographics has changed for a start. The monarchy while an interesting tourist trinket is just a leftover from the old days. Living high still which doesnt go well with the ozzie chop dow the tall poppie attitude. As mentioned the muslim debacle the enlaves and such in the uk, we see that as a horror movie. We would not sell arms to backward medieval trash such as saudi Arabia and dont take their 'image improvement money'. Look i can go on but the upshot is the child has outgrown the parent and sees the parent as a uncool, old entity no longer worth emulating. Not hate? No.

At the same time i want there to be a Brexit as i definately want the Tory government to collapse and consider them evil, economic chaos will ensure this. If you want to see hate go on the Scottish forum, every second one wants to leave the ' united kingdom' which the rich that tricked the masses into brexit will prosper from while many suffer. You can offshore your money to moggs eu based company now to protect it from the future in the uk why not they all are. But lookout you need a fair bit, peasants not welcome only the loaded, the rest are just the cashcows.
22 Oct 2018 #1,067
Brexit is more like when Robbie quit Take That.

All the Take That fans out in force crying that Take That were gonna be right sh@t now the popular one is leaving Robbie ,and it was !!.

Robbie went on to great heights with Barlow saying " I wish I were Robbie, I wish had his career " while his was sh@t in the gutter.

Come back Robs, Come back !!.

We are right sh@t without ya !!
Miloslaw 6 | 2,904
22 Oct 2018 #1,068
There will not be a second referendum.
I can't believe that there are people out there that are so stupid that they can't understand that.....I'll say it again...

There will not be a second referendum..there you go.....better now?
peterweg 36 | 2,317
22 Oct 2018 #1,069
Well,.. until there is a second referendum.

Nobody has any idea what will happen. The government don't have a mandate, they aren't in charge of events.
cms neuf - | 1,331
23 Oct 2018 #1,070
She also said she would not call an early election and then called one.

In th current parliament there is no majority for any kind of Brexit, soft hard blind or no deal. No deal will bring down the govt. so there will be either another election or another referendum. Screeching u turn is coming from May
Crow 138 | 8,083
23 Oct 2018 #1,071
Good that Brits are first. Haters won`t be able to blame Serbs.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,502
23 Oct 2018 #1,072
Who cares uk is already screwed. Doesnt matter if its hard soft no brexit or anything else. Theres still going to be sharia courts, pussy cops who cant even defend themselves let alone citizens, thought crime police and lack of freedom of speech, press, etc will continue to exist, tons of paki rape squads and brits will still be a minority in their own capital ans by 2040 2050 rest of the country
23 Oct 2018 #1,073
Can you stop this BS? I live in UK and one, I don't recognise the UK you describe. I guess somehow living here for quite few years I was walking blind folded and have less information about living in UK than you , living across the pond. Two, it's definitely not ' doesn't matter' kind of situation for anyone who lives here, including your family that you supposedly care so much about. No matter if someone is a remained or leaver, we all have our views how it should look like and how to avoid a disaster. But for you it's just another opportunity to spread your boring propaganda.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,502
23 Oct 2018 #1,074
live in UK and one, I don't recognise the UK you describe.

Then maybe open your eyes?

But for you it's just another opportunity to spread your boring propaganda.

Propoganda? It is FACT brits are a minority in their own capital, cops cant defend themsleves let alone citizens as they dont even carry guns, thought crime police arrest people for inconvenient truths, sharia courts are a parallel legal system, etc. Even your royal family has been culturally enriched lol
23 Oct 2018 #1,075
I'm Polish not British so it's not my royal family you genius. But even if I were I still don't understand why I should care about Megan Markle being partially black? Or even completely black if that were the case? It matters why exactly?

It is propaganda as you spread it in every thread no matter how little it has to do with the subject and two somehow no-one living in UK recognises the UK you describe. You just carry on posting the same crap over and over again as it makes you somehow feel better...Guess what? Most posters can recite you post just by looking at your name. That's how boring and unimaginative you got.
Spike31 2 | 1,283
23 Oct 2018 #1,076
It is propaganda as you spread it in every thread no matter how little it has to do with the subject

But that's true you know. I live in London [at the moment] and I can observe it on a daily basis. It is especially visible when you come to London from a predominantly white country like Poland. It just hits in the face like a slammed door, no matter if you're left leaning or right leaning person that's the first thing you'll notice.

And London is not even 'the worst case' since Luton is even more 'ethnic'
23 Oct 2018 #1,077
Seriously I didn't notice Maybe because it really doesn't matter to me? And as a non British person I don't think I have a moral right to complain about other immigrants or , as is often the case, British citizens. Am I a better immigrant because I'm white?
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 10,375
23 Oct 2018 #1,078
Am I a better immigrant because I'm white?

The Brits definitely didn't think so...

On average, every ten minutes the police are informed of a crime with a racial or ethnic undertone.
Polish immigrants are particularly susceptible to the attacks. "They have become a symbol of danger, alternating with Muslims in this role...."

Experts even say the mass immigration of Poles in the UK was it what helped the Ukip and the Brexiters to swing the referendum into their direction.

...."Hatred directed against immigrants from Central Europe, in particular Poles, has been increasing in Great Britain for at least ten years.....

It was quite a piece of work:

...."During these years, a large part of the British media played a destructive role, denouncing immigrants, creating a caricature of a Polish thief, criminal, cheat," Jon Burnett says.

If it isn't some Pole it is the Muslim...some part of the media always wants a scapegoat!

It's a bit sad when a London-Pole faces hate, abuse and discrimination and instead of standing up to his abuser he turnes instead against a Muslim to vomit his own hate, abuse and discrimination to feel himself abit "better". It's a pathetic but vicious circle!
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,502
23 Oct 2018 #1,079
And London is not even 'the worst case' since Luton is even more 'ethnic'

Don't forget Birmingham... my cousin lives in newcastle and even there there's a ton of ninjas...

The difference is youre a european and probably working, contributing, assimilating, paying taxes, etc in london/uk. A huge chunk of the turd worlders do none of the above. Many of them cant even speak english. For example majority of .somalis in uk live off benefits and in council homes. Idk about you but if i lived in uk and had to work my ass off to pay rent or save for 10 20.years just to afford a decent house in london and theres a somali or some other muslim living next door for free and to top it off causing violent crime, grooming children for sex and you cant even do anything if they break into your housr or fondle your kids and the cops domt want to get involved lest they be called the r word, id be pretty pissed. Yet thats the situation in so many places in uk. Thats why theres such a white flight in many areas.

Ive never had the misfortune of living in the uk. But o have been to london several times for work and to visit my family and also stayed w my cousin in newcastle. That was enough for me. Granted newcastle is much more pleasant than london. Best thing out of the trip was walking my family's dog in tower hamlets ans watching all the ninjas and neckbeards cross the road to avoid me while others started snackbaring, muhammed jihading, etc
Spike31 2 | 1,283
23 Oct 2018 #1,080
And as a non British person I don't think I have a moral right to complain about other immigrants (..)

I'm not saying that you should. It is just very strange that you are so unobservant.

I know people who react enthusiastically when they arrive to "multicultural London". Many of them get disillusioned pretty quickly, like my friend who was almost sexually assaulted by a group of a young pakistanis on a weekend night, and not on some outskirts of London but in zone 1.

And I also know those who don't like it at all and only came here to make some money and move out asap.

And also those, who thanks to their social and financial standing don't care too much about concerns of a "little men" because they rent flats and houses in a good neighbourhoods and they also don't use public transport. They only ever see a muslim when they turn on a TV news

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