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€80 billion for Poland new EU budget

Wroclaw Boy
6 Jan 2014 #151
Bull, Poland just joined the EU for money, they are no better than greedy mercenaries.

why did any other country join the EU?
7 Jan 2014 #152

The main benefit of the Union is exactly what the word means - unity. Unity means co-operation,
strength and especially - no more wars in Europe

Is this what NATO is for? The EU has nothing to do with NATO!

Same reason Poland did, but they are not getting 80 billion.
Wroclaw Boy
7 Jan 2014 #153
Same reason Poland did, but they are not getting 80 billion.

Indeed 'money' all of them.

That 80 billion was an investment, at some point it will need to be paid back.
Polish Patriot
7 Jan 2014 #154
Eurozone has a total lending capacity of €440 billion for Greece in financial aid .With a population of 10 million they will receive an aid - 30 times bigger than Poland . We are promissed to get it in 6 years , it is not guaranteed , they have already got it in just one year and no uncertainty was involved . Poland`s input for the EU as a share of our yearly contribution makes this amount rather insignificant and invisible ( it is as much as Biedronka`s store yearly turnover - 5.8 billion Euro ) .

From the 80 billion Euro you need to deduct the costs of preparing the whole documentation for the EU funds - the office staff , almost 70 000 persons ( one would say new posts , less unemployment , but I would prefer to earn such money through production of Polish goods ) , as well and the costs of "advisors" and the whole bunch of " analysts " .

We get funds but in the same time we lost significant part of our internal industry through European Comission`s decisions - our fishermen can`t catch fish , because of the implied quotas , our biggest shipyards are closed , our enterprises were sold to foreign investors for the fraction of net worth but those investors closed them to make Poland their consumers not producers .

We can`t produce sugar , eventhough we are the world`s leading producer , because of the Eurozone quotas , now we import sugar from Germany , paying 3 times more . I could give examples , but it is not a subject of this thread .

Greeks will get something like 44 000 Euro for every person of financial aid ( to assist them in repayment of bonds , the money they have already eaten - it will not be eaten again , it will go to the banks this time ).

We will get 1500 Euro for each person . For that we have to build our infrastructure ( to finish A1 + few smaller expressways and a new railway line . All this was dectructed in 66% by Poland`s enemies who never paid a cent for the war reparations .

Those moronic comments in the press or made by Cameron are just plain lies , because they know the truth about the whole scam of this issue . The real parasites are Dutch, German and French banks who will get this 440 billion Euro refund of Greek bonds ( they once took such risk to buy cheap Greek bonds which are wortless today , but they are unwilling to pay the risk of such transactions today . The Greeks are no better because they have issued such bonds as worthless papers to pay for their lavish lifestyles , living on other people`s expences and now Eurozone public taxpayers are left with the burden . Instead of producing goods they were shiping goats from an island to the island to show the cattle to claim the EU subsidies , among other sins , haha - such a joke . The country has got higher GDP PPP per capita than Poland , but we earn hard way our income , producing goods and exporting them . One would expect that their GDP will dropp significantly and become even worse than Polish , but no , it will be on the same level in years to come .. Greeks will live on EU taxpayers for years to come . I wonder how large will be the next aid for them . Poles are the hardest working people in Eurozone , but our GDP PPP will reach German level in maybe 30 years . I don`t want to join Euro to start paying my taxes for other lazy nations .

Go and complain to Cameron and don`t make a scapegoat from Poland , those of you who are wise . Don`t succumb to cheap propaganda rather blame your financial institutions who wanted to make money on cheap worthless Greek bonds , but now they are not willing to pay for their mistakes and want you - Uk , German , Dutch taxpayers to refund them missing 440 billion Euro at their account`s balance sheets .

Cheers !
10 Jan 2014 #155
Polish Patriot, Fair explanation.
Crow 155 | 9,030
10 Jan 2014 #156
Polish Patriot

God bless you man. Wise words
6 Apr 2014 #157
In 2012 Poland contributed 3.9 Billion Euro's and received 15.7 Billion Euro's...fair right? Source -
ufo973 10 | 88
31 Dec 2014 #158
Merged: Poland received $300 Billion EU Aid Package. Marshall Plan for European recovery.

That's more then The Marshall Plan for European recovery $150 billion in current money.
And still there's around 14% unemployment, Villages are getting empty by emmigrating to other countries and the wages are still the lowest in the EU.

How they spent the money?
Here's three ghost airports made with this money.

What you think?
Blanketsniffer 1 | 25
31 Dec 2014 #159
Here's three ghost airports made with this money.

its talking about millions in that site but you are talking about 300 billion. I couldnt do the math
31 Dec 2014 #160
Only half way through the money and roads, water plants and other infrastructure projects are worth it. Poland started from a very low level, it will take another 10 years ....
TheOther 6 | 3,674
31 Dec 2014 #161
and the wages are still the lowest in the EU.

That's why foreign companies keep investing in Poland. Without comparatively low wages, Poland's unemployment rate as well as the number of people emigrating would be much higher IMO.
Paulina 16 | 4,203
2 Jan 2015 #162
Here's three ghost airports made with this money.

Plenty of those "ghost airports" in Spain and some in other countries:

"While all of the airports in Spain and Greece were found to not have delivered value for money, the airports in Italy, Poland and Estonia fared much better in the audit. Airports in Gdansk and Rzeszow, in Poland, and airports in Tallinn and Tartu, in Estonia, were found to have demonstrated need and delivered results. In Italy a new airport in Alghero, Sardinia, had delivered value for money. Infrastructure investment in Catania, Comiso, Crotone and Naples had mixed results."
jon357 74 | 21,804
3 Jan 2015 #163
Ghost airports do exist, however none of the Polish ones are ghost airports.
3 Jan 2015 #164
Polish airports are far more vital than in other EU states due to to the lack of road and rail infrastructure.
Wiki Polonica
3 Jan 2015 #165
Weeg - have you driven in Poland recently ? I guess no . Most of the roads in Poland are in a very good shape .
Trains are a very good means of transportation too. Major cities have modern train stations . Come to Poland and you will notice that we have a very good and reliable road transportation .

I don`t like unsupported, groundless posts like that of weeg .
Polish rail freight market is second only to the German market,so your statement is just pure fiction .
People how come you say something about Poland without searching the subject ,in most cases with negative tone .
jon357 74 | 21,804
3 Jan 2015 #166
Polish rail freight market is second only to the German marke

Actually, when I worked at a large consumer goods company in PL, they stopped using Polish rail freigh due to the level of theft. Every consignment had something missing and the scale of theft suggests it was very well organised. This was not long ago.

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