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PIS and PO - what is the difference in their programs?

12 Mar 2010 #31
PiS is more economically left-wing, like the Democrats but on social and milatary issues its more like the Republicans, rightist.

The PO is the opposite, more libertarian by American standards.

But this is in comparison to each other. By Western standards both are fairly Western neoconservative-- the difference being that PiS are National Conservatives and PO are Liberal Conservatives.
kondzior 11 | 1037
12 Mar 2010 #32
As I see it, Poland will be more or less OK, as long as no party have the majority. When ANY party feels "we are strong", they get too bold, they start some stupid "reforms" that invariably turn sour for the Poland.

Well, SLD seemd be exception to the rule, even having majority, they did nothing (too lazy?), thats why I liked them.

I no longer believe that any politician party is able to do anything good. So, as long as they just squable among themselvs, I am glad, as they dont have time to ruin everyone's life.
pgtx 29 | 3133
22 Oct 2010 #33
PiS will monitor the internet, specially the political portals.... as read in the Polish news...
sobieski 106 | 2116
21 May 2011 #34
Merged: Freedom in Poland and PIS?

According to Kaczynski parties if they work well for the future , must have facilities for young people who are naturally the future of the nation. - You are needed Poland, so that before your generation faces a great view. But at the same time facing a huge test. The state of today is Poland can be described in various ways. But the description reflects the essence of things will be the related to the younger generation - this generation unemployment , emigration, the perspective , the use of this huge resource accumulated by the older part of the younger generation , that is, those who have completed their studies - he said , referring to the resource skills , which is better education of the young generation . - The question of how it is used , or you create a new wave of Polish growth of Polish capitalism - he added.

I am surprised he knows the Internet exists :) E-banking maybe not :) But seriously, coming from a party which was eavesdropping on journalists, threathened Monika Oljenik with "I will get you", and a creep as Ziobro destroying his laptop...
gumishu 14 | 6223
21 May 2011 #35
eavesdropping (and I am pretty sure journalists are also affected) has actually risen twice in the time of PO government compared to the times of PiS - there were even indication ABW officials used the materials from operational eavesdropping in their private court cases against journalists - you wouldn't call that very prudent, would you -

Today's speech of Prime Minister Tusk on wiretaps of journalists :

"Power Law and Justice willingly listened , watched and taunted "
" Do not be surprised , yes. That power willingly use of such tools and listened , watched , or provoked , and not just journalists."

" Service in the world and the end of the world underwent temptations to abuse power , and the task fair , democratic government is to rein in these services . Then those services not only have their temptations , but also meet the political order "

"I'm curious about what you talk on the phone after midnight "

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