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Philippines' tourism logo "borrowed" from Polska? :)

skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
18 Nov 2010 #1
MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) - The new tourism brand of the Philippines, "Pilipinas Kay Ganda," hasn't even turned a week old, and yet criticisms have been thrown at the Department of Tourism left and right.

The latest criticism--and accusation--making the rounds of social networking sites on the Internet is that the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" logo was lifted from Poland's own tourism campaign, Polska....

The Internet has definitely made the world smaller. Sometimes too small maybe? ;)
I've been to the Philippines many times, beautiful country but more so wonderful and very friendly people. No grudge here, maybe they should offer some discounts to all people who's names end with -ski, -ska, etc. :)

Walang anuman. (You're welcome) LOL

Zed - | 195
18 Nov 2010 #2
I yearn to go for a visit there. I would let them use that logo too, it's nice :-)
jonni 16 | 2,481
18 Nov 2010 #3
Similar. As are the flags of Poland and Indonesia.
nymph888 2 | 31
28 Mar 2011 #4
Ooppss.... Oh well, let's just say that indeed, imitation is the deepest form of flattery! :)

I'm pretty sure that with poles' good looking features, it's not impossible to get discounts down there :)
NODUFF 5 | 13
28 Mar 2011 #5
I can see the similarity . . . . a nation of attractive, smart, catholic girls . . . . oh sorry, are we supposed to be commenting on the tourism advert? LMAO ;-)

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