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Nude females in Legnica centrum

InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
25 Aug 2012 #1
Dealing with the two ladies will be conducted with the article 51 of the Code offenses - said Sławomir Masojć of Legnica command. Paragraph 1 of Article . 51 reads: " Who is shouting , noise, alarm , or other freak disturbs the peace , public order , repose night or cause mischief in public, subject to arrest , restriction of liberty or a fine ." Our photojournalist believes that the ladies do not have to offend someone because witnesses crazy naked women dancing in the rain I do not think it was. - In Wroclaw, we did not have such nimfetek , but there are " nimfowie in slipkach " who come to the fountain in the Market . Most often come from the country of Shakespeare - Slawomir Chełchowski laughs from the Wroclaw city guard . But this summer , no Briton not undressed and not " sowed scandal " or in a storm , or in the heat of the night. A spokesman for the Wroclaw guard recalls that the last of this type of event reported a few months ago , but it is also not complete the shapes . " Complete " played " in" the urban monitoring two years ago. Three drunken twenty-somethings , returning in the morning of the event , wished paddle around in the fountain . At the sight of the guards began to flee . Those caught one naked. He had to pay a few hundred dollars fine .

Not sure I am translating correctly but seems the article says you get to see nude women in Legnica but (presumably) only nude drunk men in Wrocław! I thought that only happened in Krakow...(visiting Brits on a stag night?)
TommyG 1 | 361
25 Aug 2012 #2
I haven't clicked on the link for obvious reasons lol...
But from the link it says Panie. I'm no expert, but I believe this refers to a man (in accusative or vocative - idk) Panowie = men, and pani = woman, Panii = women. Panstwo = couple.

Just my input - please don't troll my about my bad Polish. I know I suck.
OP InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
25 Aug 2012 #3
One of the proper minds here will come along and tell us why, but my guess is that because the endings of the other words in that sentence changed, so it becomes 'ladies'.

Google translates W Legnicy tańczą nagie panie to The naked ladies dance Legnica

W Legnicy nagie panie
apparently means
Naked ladies in Legnica

W panie
apparently means
The ladies


i panie
apparently means
and Mr.

So you can see why people call Polish very difficult :o)

I haven't a clue, but a book I have says: "panie translates as ladies (plural)"
It says pani is the singular for a woman.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
25 Aug 2012 #4
Yeah Panie means ladies, it can also be male, if you say Panie! Like you might if you are speaking to God or something. You know, 'Panie, błagam Cie.'
Palivec - | 380
26 Aug 2012 #5
This thread needs more pics...! :D

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