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New uniforms for Polish Army

PennBoy 76 | 2,432
3 Jul 2012 #1
The Polish Army is introducing new uniforms for it's troops. However there is almost no change to the camouflage (apart from a little darkening of the greens) the chevrons will be removed, and the material will be half cotton half polyester. 'Deputy editor of the monthly "New Military Technology" (Nowa Technika Wojskowa) Michael Sitarski pointed out that the new uniforms will not have a changed camouflage. According to Sitarski it's outdated and inefficient, such is due to the repetition of the pattern, making it easier to detect, and a bad choice of colors (there isn't enough contrast and black is being used, a color which doesn't appear in nature). - If we introduce a new uniform, it is a very good opportunity to begin to introduce a new camouflage, which still needs to be introduced in the future - said Sitarski.' I share Mr. Sitarski view, the camouflage is outdated, everyone (US Army, Germany, Russia (paratroopers) is using digital, wrong colors, chevrons removed for what?? to make the soldier look like he's playing paintball? The incompetence of the wrong people put in charge of this succeeded in making the Polish soldier look like a hick.

  • Soldier from Poland
pgtx 29 | 3,145
3 Jul 2012 #2
is the mustache mandatory?
boletus 30 | 1,361
3 Jul 2012 #3
If we introduce a new uniform, it is a very good opportunity to begin to introduce a new camouflage.

That's true, but who cares about efficient planning. All armies in the world, not only Polish one, know how to waste money.
But to tone it down a bit:

Polish Special Operation Forces (SOF) have been using uniforms in multicam (MC) pattern for quite some time. This includes JW Grom, JW Komandosów, JW Formoza and JW Nil. New SOF units JW Agat and the 7th Squadron of Special Command (7 EDS) still wear standard unforms, but this will change sooner or later. Some other units, such as 9th Recon Regiment, have been also pampered with better equipment and MC uniforms.

chevrons removed for what??

Simple, epaulets are useless in field uniforms, since the insignia, being obfuscated by camouflage, are hardly visible. Informally, some senior officers in Polish Military Contingents in Iraq and Afghanistan have been wearing their ranks on their chest - as any modern military does.

and a bad choice of colors (there isn't enough contrast and black is being used, a color which doesn't appear in nature).

I'd like to point out that the current camouflage pattern comes in two colour schemes: woodland and dessert (or whatever they are really called). Soldiers in Afghanistan mostly wear the dessert colour, but I have seen pictures of troops wearing either one, or a combination of those and a fleece top in black colour - used in cold weather.

The incompetence of the wrong people put in charge of this succeeded in making the Polish soldier look like a hick.

Complaining, complaining. :-) You pictures are very unfortunate. Who cares how MON infantry models (green berets) look like. Take a look at this set of pictures from Afghanistan instead.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,432
3 Jul 2012 #4
Take a look at this set of pictures from Afghanistan instead,

The uniforms of the Formoza units are 100 times better than the crap they've picked.

beckski 12 | 1,612
3 Jul 2012 #5
However there is almost no change to the camouflage

He looks like a GI Joe doll

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OP PennBoy 76 | 2,432
23 Jan 2013 #6
Polish Special Operation Forces (SOF) have been using uniforms in multicam (MC) pattern for quite some time.

Yes I know only the Special Forces use it, they should change it and make it the standard field uniform for the whole army. The US Army is interested in a very similar design, it was for a while willing to adapt the Marine uniform. The Universal Camouflage Pattern it currently uses has been an utter failure. Universal meaning for all combat zones (forest, desert, snow) meaning it didn't work in any. Gray isn't a color appearing in nature in any climate zone.

  • Soldiers on the left wears the new multi-cam uniform
citizen67 6 | 189
9 Feb 2013 #7
Won't it be confusing,? MultiCam has been adopted by the British Army and now the Australian, and I think American Special forces use it as well?
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,432
9 Feb 2013 #8
It won't their changing it once again. I really like this new one.

Dreadnought 1 | 143
10 Feb 2013 #9
Ah the usual thing, cheap governments buying cheap nasty uniforms for the troops. British Army now compared to the 1980s look like a 'sack of **** tied in the middle' I put this argument to a British Army website, who retorted with...."our soldiers are fighting a war they don,t have time to look tidy" I replied with "during the late 60,s I lived near to a US Airforce base and saw many soldiers transiting from Vietnam......they looked immaculate...were they not fighting a war also"? No answer was the reply.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #10
Yes, American soldiers are far better equipped, rich government I suppose.
pip 10 | 1,658
10 Feb 2013 #11
how many of you have served in the military? I am willing to guess none. so shut up about the uniforms because none of you will ever wear them. Leave that to those who serve their countries.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #12
What are you talking about? National service (Military Service) was compulsory in most of Europe until recently.

I think the new camouflage is a winner.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
10 Feb 2013 #13
...they looked immaculate...were they not fighting a war also"? No answer was the reply.

Maybe thats why they lost.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #14
They lost the Vietnam War because they had neat Uniforms?
Dreadnought 1 | 143
10 Feb 2013 #15
Check your history the American military won every engagement with the Vietcong....never lost a battle, it was the politicians who kept giving up the ground they had won......if not for politicians they could have taken all of Vietnam. And yes I served in the British Army from 1972 until 1988. (West Germany, N.Africa, Falklands, Med,..... etc etc.....still got some of my uniform from back then including a combat jacket I wore in the Falklands....still fits me.)
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #16
What do you think of the British Army equipment in general? and the recent new helmet and camouflage?
Dreadnought 1 | 143
10 Feb 2013 #17
The new camouflage is a horse with two heads, yes it is considered better than the old DPM, but it is also a money saver, one uniform does the work for many different terrains, Temperate, jungle and desert. So saving the government money. I just wish that some of the money saved would be spent on quality.....the people look to their soldiers to seem smart and efficient, if the uniform is made so that no matter how hard you try you will still look 'scruffy' then the people can lose trust. Same for the new helmet, it seems to be pretty good at stopping 7.62 rounds and has saved several lives so far.....maybe some of the money has been wisely spent? I just remember what one guy who was in Northern Ireland (one place I missed) told me.......nothing but nothing, no body armour ever made is going to stop a sniper with a Barratt Light good camouflage is the thing eh? so that damn sniper can,t see you.
jon357 74 | 22,287
10 Feb 2013 #18
The new camouflage is a horse with two heads

They could sell one for Findus lasagne.

No harm in updating the uniforms - I would hope the officers keep their distinctive hats though.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #19
I still don't think the British Army infantry equipment helmet etc .is up to the standard of the USA and France.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,432
10 Feb 2013 #20
Isn't is made out of kevlar? As for the shape and good head protection, it's a copy for the German WWII helmet.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #21
The British soldiers wish they had the French and American equipment.
Dreadnought 1 | 143
10 Feb 2013 #22
Wellllll.......I have been retired a long time now........the new helmet has got to be better than the one I was wearing in the Falklands war.
citizen67 6 | 189
10 Feb 2013 #23
M6? Yes, but we haven't really caught up with the Americans, we are decades behind.
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
10 Feb 2013 #24
Check your history the American military won every engagement with the Vietcong....never lost a battle

haha,lols, yeah,OK....

You think they wore their natty Class A's in the boonies? Loon :) % days in the field and Americans jungle uniforms were literally rotting off their backs.

You cant compare soldiers on parade to soldiers fighting a war, no wonder the people on Arrse thought you were a muppet mate :)

Im guessing you are a WALT though, either that or a semi WALT, *combat jacket from the falklands* ,yeah,from when you were there in 1986 maybe or the local market......

  • not exactly buckingham palace guards
scottie1113 7 | 898
11 Feb 2013 #25
how many of you have served in the military?

If 12 years in the US Marines and a tour in Vietnam count, I have. So I'll leave these discussions to to the amateurs here.
Dreadnought 1 | 143
11 Feb 2013 #26
My point about the new Brit Army uiforms is that although they do have parade uniforms they are most seen in towns in the new scruffy combats that do look like a 'bag of shiite tied in the middle' The Americans on the other hand do not and never have liked their soldiers to be seen in fatigues in town, they would be expected to put on a tidy uniform, at least way back when I was in 'barrack and working dress' was considered tidy enough to be seen in towns and it was. Hmmmm a 'Walt' ?? I suppose there always has to be a time when some upstart calls you that, perhaps you would like to go back to your buddies at ARRSE and report me to the Walt finders??? My little Red Books says I was on Op Corporate.........but I,m sure the walt finders would be able to put your mind at rest from the previous posts I have made on ARRSE. I brought some lovely souvenirs home from Op Corporate, one of which was a beautifully made trench knife forged by Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Bayer....mine is the modello 1909 trench Knife, not the bayonet........I doubt if there were any of those left for the 'come lately,s'? It hangs on the wall here on my farm and visitors always like to hear the story. You know, "pull up a mess tin, there I was surrounded by hundreds of enemy and all I had was my old brass button stick" (yep still had them when I was in). Oops almost forgot, yes my Combat jacket is the one I had as 'best' in 82, Ok it,s seen a lot of action in wardrobes and such since then, but I checked it and its the one, just shows they were quality then, even had linings. Oh and I do keep fit, I still have one pair of Lightweight trousers which I can get into no problem and as I got out in 88, not bad going eh?.......... for a 'Walt' of course.
Jaworskiunlv - | 2
12 Feb 2013 #27
New to the forum here as of today actually, however this topic peaked my interest. I am an American Army Officer serving in Afghanistan right now. Having dealt with many international partners over the past months I can tell you one thing for certain; give your respective country the benefit of the doubt. You would be hard pressed to come here this very instant and go up to any random Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman from any country here and have them honestly tell you they feel they are under or improperly equipped for the current operating environment.

Most of the time for Operational Security reasons, you will not read or see what is currently being used by your nations service members. And for good reason! The internet is a dangerous place for details that are not vetted by anyone to be broadcast. I can assure you though, the remaining forces that are here have had almost 12 years of prior experience and research into what goes into their kit bags and on their backs. Trust in your hometown guys and gals, they're working with the result of research on what bad experiences can teach us and have someone watching their backs.

Most uniforms look pretty good at this point too actually. =P
citizen67 6 | 189
12 Feb 2013 #28
Thank you for your support, but the British army has had a lot of problems with its basic equipment, the assault rifle SA80 was a disaster and had to be resurrected, the helmet M6 was hated, it pushed forward over the soldier's eyes when the soldier was prone, the camouflage was inadequate and has now been replaced, we didn't hav knee-pads despite being suggested back in the 1980's and armour when we started the Afghan War, our equipment is several decades behind the American and French equipment, our only innovation to military in the last 3 decades has the wearing of the Arab shemagh and gloves.
Jaworskiunlv - | 2
12 Feb 2013 #29
No doubt there are things that many of us would change if we had the big checkbook and the signature to say this is what the new standard is, enjoy! I cant think of a better example of the grass is always greener on the other side expression than in the military. Just getting to interface with many international partners and seeing what everyone has to work with and gets to use, half the time I am personally either jealous or asking myself why the heck don't we have that nifty _____ whatever item it happens to be.

I've learned that each military, and each individual branch or service component within a countries armed service, is specifically equipped for a specific mission set, especially within this environment where everyone is forced to do more with less. Everyone has those couple of dud things that they are forced to make due with. Its even more frustrating seeing the price tags on some of the stuff everyone, despite nationality, would agree is pretty freaking useless! One promising thing though is that there is constant change everywhere and finally people are starting to listen to the, "hey, this needs to change, this thing isn't worth a damn" or "this is how this could be better".
Dreadnought 1 | 143
12 Feb 2013 #30
Pull up a sandbag young officer, lets set the old lamp swinging and I,ll tell a couple of old Army stories......way back in the 70,s when I was a young NCO and had the pleasure of hauling around an old Signals truck, well, we gets to this Exercise location (one of the 'Reforger' manoeuvres) and I being two days early get all set up nice and warm in this big old barn. (set up means an hour or more of wiring and powering up) Two days later along comes the American truck that was alocated to be parked in the barn also. The driver comes and finds me and says "sorry but you,ll have to move over 4 feet or so closer to the wall" "what??? why do you guys need so much room between the trucks"?? at this point the guy decides to demonstrate rather than speak, he presses a button on the side of the truck and the whole side moves out another half a width!!!!!!! I had never seen this type of expanding body truck before and gained some respect for other people,s equipment!!! obviously had a bigger cheque book than we did, but also...we had 2 telprinters in my truck, they must have had 10 or 15 in that behemoth. Yes I did move my truck, I could see a good reason why.....and they made good coffee in the back of that American truck and I was made welcome too. At one point one of the American guys asked if he could examine my rifle ( 7.62mm L1A1SLR.....UK made FN FAL) "Wow this thing is as heavy as a section Machine gun" I replied "yes it is heavy but very high velocity and it can easily kill at over a mile, if a round hits even at that distance it might take an arm off, either way whoever it hits won,t be getting up again for a long time" He looked at me and said can you see a target at a mile or more? Hmmm I had to think about that one........No I are right it is useless at that range......but trust me when a round from this goes by close you get down and stay under cover" His rifle seemed like a plastic toy to me, but I assumed it was a fairly good killing machine and wished that mine only weighed that much. (The only American Unit I ever served with was 3 years at COM6ATAF way back in the late 70,s)

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