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Max Kolonko's career as a Polish-American reporter

tetley 2 | 3
10 Dec 2007 #1
Having read the interviews Joanna Gulbinska had with Max Kolonko and Janusz Wiśniewski on and I am interested to know how accurate Kolonko's comments about England and young poles are
hello 22 | 891
10 Dec 2007 #2
If you provide the exact link I could comment - but a general link to a newspaper doesn't help.
OP tetley 2 | 3
11 Dec 2007 #3
The interviews were in the interviews section

the Kolonko interview main part was at

and the Wiśniewski main part was at

In the Kolonko interview he was asked "There has been a new wave of emigration recently, especially to England and other European countries which allow people to work freely and legally. What advice would you have to young Poles thinking of working abroad?"
hello 22 | 891
11 Dec 2007 #4
Interesting interviews - I didn't hear about him before..
postie 7 | 112
15 Dec 2007 #5
This was an interesting bit:

In Poland, envy I meet all the time. Poles can be envy of your house, girlfriend, success, money, a car, a dog, anything. Then we go to church and ask God for forgiveness. Then we come back and love sit at a computer desk and under some anonymous nickname we slander anybody for anything. That Poland I'm not proud of at all.

Sound familiar?
OP tetley 2 | 3
8 Jan 2008 #6
Postie the bit you found interesting is not something I have come across with the polish people I met on holiday. but its sad if true.
8 Mar 2015 #7
Merged: Max Kolonko (reporter from Poland working in the USA) - your opinions

What do you think of Max Kolonko a Polish reporter now working in the USA, this is his page, he publishes a video (with English subs) every week-two weeks ;)

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