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Polish-German Reconcilliation Seminar

Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
  9 Mar 2018  #451
picking this case in order to argue against migration from some people, while ignoring cases against Eastern Europeans

Eastern Europeans don't detonate suicide belts and yell 'Praise Jesus,' Eastern Europeans don't drive trucks into crowds, Eastern Europeans don't stab people for eating meat on Good Friday, Eastern Europeans haven't caused thousands of rapes upon their arrival in their new country, Eastern Europeans haven't beheaded soldiers on European streets, anti-rape pants aren't purchased by German women because they're scared an Eastern European will rape them, Eastern Europeans actually work, assimilate, and contribute to the society - they don't set up no-go zones where the police cannot properly do their jobs, Eastern Europeans don't torch thousands of cars when they don't get their way, Eastern Europeans haven't caused a state of emergency in any countries.

Muslims, specifically Muslim migrants, however have. They literally have raped and pillaged Europe - especially Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.

They sent them North because they could not longer deal with them, particulary Greece was overwhelmed.

They sent them north because the migrants WANTED TO go north - mostly to Germany. Why? because they knew Germany would take them, per Merkel's word, and they'd get free housing, free food, free everything. Now the migrants are unhappy with the free clothes they're given and are demanding Armani and Hugo Boss - literally migrants in Italy staged a pretty big protest over this. If these were actual refugees they'd be happy to be in Greece/Italy and not in a warzone. However, they are not legit refugees - they are economic migrants of the worst kind because they don't even want to work they just want handouts. Look at even Denmark - once the country cuts its benefits for migrants thousands IMMEDIATELY left for Sweden. Why? Because they don't care what country they really end up in as long as the taxpayers pay for everything for them while they sit at home, smoke hookah, pray pray pray pray and pray again, and make a soccer team full of kids,

people are more likely to get killed by terrorists in Germany than being randomly gunned down in one of the many mass shootings in the USA

Actually Norway, France, Germany, etc. all have higher rates of mass shooting occurences per million people as well AND higher rates of deaths occurring in a mass shooting per million than the US.

The point is, if Germany wants to ruin its culture, erode its identity, and import a million people that leech far more than they contribute - that's fine. That's up to them it's their country. But we Poles don't want them. We don't want the terrorism, we don't want the no go zones, we don't want hordes ninja women or neckbeards where our cities no longer look like they're European anymore like Marseilles and increasingly Paris,
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
10 Mar 2018  #452
Merkel did not take in refugees for economic reasons

They are not refugees. How many times one need to repeat such a obvious truth? Are all Germans unapt and maladroit like you or you are just an exception?

Those people had maps, directions and instruction available to them on the internet. They had help, navies and private ships were actually ferrying them across the sea.

They had instruction how to lie to authorities. Paid by the Soros money or some kindred foundations.
Poor job of the German intelligence that or maybe some moles in the German government?
Maybe its was meant as a political stunt?
whatever it was, it was a mistake, indirectly Germany fessed up already. Now they try to use that issue to build Germany dominated EU.

he countries in Southern Europe, including Hungary and Greece begged her for help.

What help did they receive?
Telling those people that Germany will take them in only made this crisis 100 times worse. You call it help? Don't make me laugh.---
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
  10 Mar 2018  #453
I find it funny how refugees and migrans were used interchangeablely. Indeed the leftist media universally portraying the people as refugees made the bleeding hearts welcome them in and even conservatives who thought they should lend a helping hand. At that time conservatives esp in poland and hungary and indeed almost everywhere in europe said these are mostly economic.migrants and they will cause huge problems were called xenophobic, islamaphobic, etc. Nonetheless, in certain places - even PL in 2015 - were led by the EU line toeing socialists and liberals. Even Poland was ready to take in some migrants - despite the majority firmly being against it. According to CBOS, even 50% of PO and Nowoczesna supporters reject migrants from ME/Africa with PiS/Kukiz being over 90%. Now fast forward to 2017 and everyone knows these were economic migrants with a tiny percent syrian and eritrean refugees - to my understanding the only two who have basically guarunteed asylum if theyre from there. Even the yazidis from Iraq had trouble getting in and id def say those were legit refugees.

Now were at 2018 and the attitude has changed. 3 years, thousanss of rapes, dozens of terrorist plots successful and foiled, billions upon billions spent, and europe deeply divided between cucked and patriots. I doubt merkel foresaw that this would create so much division. Their strategy was great but their timing awful. If anything they pushed more and more people and even entire countries firmly toward a more sovereign, independent, and even euro skeptic mindset
Marino_Kat 1 | 130    
10 Mar 2018  #454
Shithole countries like Poland aside,

Merkel is a pathetic chancellor. Thats what happens when you put a women in charge. She changes her mind evry day.

In end effect this will be solved easily. Inall EU countries far right wins. We greeks closed borders, Italy too. Migration went downby 96%.

What dome idiots dont realize, migrants are not the problem and just a symptom. Its leftism. What we need in all of Europe is a strong leader. Like Pinochet.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,197    
10 Mar 2018  #455
Greece is a shithole country which even cannot run its own finances properly, so I am amazed why you should expect any decent work done by their police force.
Crow 147 | 7,398    
10 Mar 2018  #456
But let us have in mind that would western Europe always rather support Greece then Poland, then any other Slavic country after all.
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
10 Mar 2018  #457
Merkel is trying desperately to show something in short supply in the Federal Republic, not to mention the German character in general, namely, empathy!!
Pity this empathy hasn't as yet extended to German-Jews living outside Germany. Reports abound of German-speaking applicants from any number of countries outside Europe, including the US, where a lingering prejudice exists towards German-speaking Jews who "look Jewish" and thus remain an annyong reminder of Germany's guilt for the Shoah!

Merkel has a lot of work to do on many fronts.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,197    
  10 Mar 2018  #458
described as purely Slavic in some very old Persian sources

Do you perhaps remember what kind of sources we are talking about, and when they were roughly written?

We are talking about the book of Abu Yahya Zakariya Bin Mohammed al-Qazwini († 1283) discussed in the "SPIEGEL GESCHICHTE 1/2015". They say the Persian author quotes the descriptions of Arab travellers, possibly from the 10th century (im geografischen Lexikon des persischen Gelehrten al-Qazwini finden sich Städtebeschreibungen arabischer Reisender, vermutlich aus dem 10. Jahrhundert), but I think they are obviously wrong here since those quotations from Arab sources MUST come from an earlier time than that or facts described in those Arab sources must relate to an earlier time that the 10th century.

Two towns in NRW named as Slavic in that lexicon are SOEST and PADERBORN.

Schuschit - Soest is a castle in the land of the Slavs (ein Kastell im Lande der Slawen). The Persian author describes then how salt is extracted from the only salty spring there (dort gibt es eine salzige Quelle, während es sonst durchaus kein Salz in jener Gegend gibt). They boil the water taken from that spring in order to evaporate it (nehmen sie von dem Wasser dieser Quelle, füllen damit die Kessel, stellen sie in einen Ofen aus Steinen und machen darunter ein großes Feuer an, so wird es dick und trübe). In other words, they make the brine 'dry out' so as to receive hard white salt (dann lässt man es, bis es kalt wird, und es wird festes, weißes Salz). This process in Polish can be described by using the verb 'warzyć' or 'suszyć' (German: austrocknen); and the latter name is exactly the ancient name of the town Soest quoted in that Spiegel Geschichte magazine (Schuschit). It is easy to imagine this ancient Slavic name transforming itself to the name Soest easily pronounceable for a Germanic/German speaker. At the end of the passage, the autor conludes that 'in this way the white salt is produced in all countries of the Slavs' (auf diese Weise wird das weiße Salz in allen Ländern der Slawen hergestellt).

Waterburuna - Paderborn is a stronghold in the country of the Slavs, near the castle of Shushit (ein festes Kastell im Slawenlande, in der Nähe des Kastells Schuschit). Other places indicated: Ebulda - Fulda (Hessen) and Maganga - Mainz (Rheinland-Pfalz) are described as towns in the land of the Franks.

I hope for this post of mine not to land in the off-topic as it may also be seen as part of German-Polish reconcilliation (here we are trying to reconcile on the fact that the Slavic people were once the inhabitants of the lands forming today the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) in Germany.
SigSauer 4 | 447    
10 Mar 2018  #459

Lol, in her infinite wisdom and empathy she has allowed 1 million RABID ANTI-SEMITES to settle in Germany. Brilliant!
johnny reb 17 | 3,395    
10 Mar 2018  #460
including the US, where a lingering prejudice exists towards German-speaking Jews who "look Jewish"

Maybe if they learned how to speak proper English your problem would cure itself.
G (undercover)    
10 Mar 2018  #461
The whole migrant crisis was manufactured by globalists/EUnuchs in order to speed up "European integration". One day they will likely trigger off a war in order to create "EU army". Once the countries don't have armies, borders, immigration policies etc. they want be countries anymore. They will be just regions. And for "international corporations" obviously it will be easier to "lobby" in one place, instead of 27-8.
Marino_Kat 1 | 130    
10 Mar 2018  #462

With all due respect....i saw Poland now and believe me...its a shithole.

Even when we cant run our finances, we are not as poor as poles and our land is in better shape.
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
  10 Mar 2018  #463
Except polands economy is worth far more than greeces. Per capity ppp is also a tad higher than greece, growth far higher, and unemployment much lower... not to mention we dont have a 200% gdp to debt ratio... yet were the broke ones.. riiiiight

Your slightly higher salaries mean nothing when the entire country along with most people are drowning in debt and the imf is forcing any austerity measures it can. In fact 2017 per capita ppp is 2k usd higher for the average pole than the average greek so while they may makr less nominally theyre able to buy more due to lower prices in pl.
mafketis 17 | 6,504    
10 Mar 2018  #464
..i saw Poland now and believe me...its a shithole.

Good, you've been here, didn't like it and now you're back in your home, that beacon of prosperity and fiscal responsibility.

There is absolutely no need for you to ever think about returning to Poland or writing on this forum. Go somewhere else and be happy.
G (undercover)    
10 Mar 2018  #465
Why are you wasting time on this clown ? In several years Greece will be even behind Bulgaria. No wonder, when the country is populated by idiots like this one.
kaprys 1 | 1,376    
10 Mar 2018  #466
No selfie from Poland? :(

Awww ...
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
10 Mar 2018  #467
Hope springs eternal, d.h. die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt FAT CHANCE, FELLA! Ain't gonna happen in our lifetimes.

Those rabid anti-Semites are not German, but Arab, hence their motivations are Koran-driven, meaning, they are purely ideological rather than biological!
If Jews all miraculously converted to Islam some day (don't hold your breath though, guysLOL), the Syrians and Assad would be happy campers.
Such was NEVER the case with Hitler or his minions - once a Jew, always a Jew...
kaprys 1 | 1,376    
10 Mar 2018  #468

Well, according to that article Muslims were responsible for considerably few antisemitic acts in Germany
mafketis 17 | 6,504    
10 Mar 2018  #469
The original German article says that when the culprit was unknown/not found they (the vast majority of cases) they 'assumed' that the cultprits were native Germans. In other words the government and press are lying.

In other news, the state of Saxony-anhalt had its first gang rape report in years when four asylum seekers attacked a 56 year old woman with a broken bottle and raped her. their defense is they're muslim and they had no idea what would happen if they drank alcohol (they were all drunk).

Thanks Mama Merkel! Thanks Greece for being so useless! Thanks expats in Poland who support this evil!
kaprys 1 | 1,376    
10 Mar 2018  #470
Still it's hard to believe it was only German Muslims who are antisemitic.

Can you send me a link to that article in German?
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
  11 Mar 2018  #471
It's not the Muslims who concern me most, it's the PEGIDA and AfD gunning for Mutti Merkel's job come next mid-term elections!
dolnoslask 5 | 2,272    
11 Mar 2018  #472
Why what terrible things do you think they will do?
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
  11 Mar 2018  #473
Holocaust marginalization, for one thing! Are you kidding here or don't you keep up with the news?? This AfD bloke Hoecke a while back publically decried in a SPIEGEL-interview the presence of Holocaust monuments in Berlin as a kind of "national eyesore", beating the same drum about how it's time for Germans to shed the guilt of their past. Next, it might even become a legal infraction to lay guilt for the Shoah at Germany's doorstep, like it is in Poland to accuse Poland of any sort of collusion.

Ya call this healthy?
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
11 Mar 2018  #474
Poland to accuse Poland of any sort of collusion.

To accuse Poland of any sort of collusion in this case is to be a vile scum or a retarded ignoramus.. and this is a fact not an opinion.

Holocaust marginalization,

oh? Whatever do you mean? If that means they will focus on history as it was rather than focus on some extracted parts of it that is a very good news indeed. For once that could learn at least what they done in Poland and to Poles beside what they did to Jews. Enough with this unhealthy focus on Jews. If Jews want to obsess about it, that is up to them but others don't need to share their obsession.
Marino_Kat 1 | 130    
11 Mar 2018  #475
Or they just start to get ober this WW II bullshit and look foward. We have 2018
dolnoslask 5 | 2,272    
11 Mar 2018  #476
Holocaust marginalization, for one thing! Are you kidding here or don't you keep up with the news??

No I dont when it comes to to the home of the Nazis, thats why I was asking you for information and instead I get a load of shouting, why should I be up to date with German politic and news ,I Didn't know about the marginalisation stuff, please in future give information but dont start shouting no need for it.
Tacitus 2 | 802    
12 Mar 2018  #477
he amount of land that Poland had after WW1 was larger than after WW2 by over 70,000 km2

It was also much, much poorer and underdeveloped than the German territory they received afterwards. Despite the heavy destruction, the industrial area of Silesia in particulary were still more valuable in compared to anything in the East.In terms of economic worth, Poland was more than adequately compensated.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,197    
12 Mar 2018  #478
All this issue with the war reparations for Poland from Germany is pretty much mysterious. The topic comes in and goes off in the Polish media. One may think it is the means of political pressue on Berlin to influence Brussels not to introduce any talk or action against Poland in connection with Article 7. Indeed, once Timmermans took a much more concilliatory tone in regard to this, there is absolutely no talk of possible German reparations to Poland. I have an impression that the man-in-the-street in Poland doesn't take the issue seriously and once the politicians stop talking about it, he stops thinking about it immediately.
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
12 Mar 2018  #479
It was also much, much poorer and underdeveloped than the German territory they received afterward

That is a quite simplified statement. That doesn't really solve anything or explain anything. You know it was quite possible to keep Polish borders in the east and still gain that Silesia region, Prussia and Gdansk, those are regions whose German identity or German claims to them are not that clearly cut and dry and have been contested for a very good reason.

Industrial are you talk about that been mostly to do with coal mining, something that is scorn right now by Germany and the EU. Whereas territories lost to Soviets contained quite a large (on European scale) deposits of gas and oil. So, that gain is only theoretical.

I may also add that the heavy destruction during the war wasn't the only issue, Soviets were talking everything that wasn't nailed to the ground and transported it east. They devastated it all even more.

Poland was more than adequately compensated.

That is something a cheapskate say - a one that refuses fulfil his obligations. Economically Poland was robbed blindly and put behind by decades due to lost of educed elites, manpower and being tossed to Soviets.

Wake up and smell the coffee, No matter how confronting and excusing such a self-serving self-justification might be. You know that is not true.

Why don't you say what you really mean. Poland got some German territory and should be contended with it. As in you eyes it nullifies all the economical bills and all human sufferings.

I disagree with this rezoning.
Tacitus 2 | 802    
12 Mar 2018  #480
That is a quite simplified statement.

It was a simplified correction, but it is true nonetheless. There is no question that the former German territories were more developed and thus more valuable than the former Polish territories in the East. The Allies and Stalin knew this and used this both as an argument at Yalta and Potsdam.

You know it was quite possible to keep Polish borders in the east

No, because Stalin wanted those territories, and nobody was in any position to deny him. The only question at Potsdam was, how much of German territory Poland would receive in return. It could have been more, it could have been less than it eventually turned out.

Prussia and Gdansk, those are regions whose German identity or German claims to them are not that clearly cut and dry

It is undisputable that the German territory lost in 1945 was overwhelming German in character, the cities had a very large German majority (including Danzig) and had been under German rule for centuries. The loss was the price paid for a war of agression and the numerous atrocities comited in its' wake and none of the diplomats at Potsdam considered it any different. I say this because I have read all the minutes of thei negotiations at Potsdam. The arguments about the future Polish-German border was its' length, how it could be defended and how the Polish were compensated for the lost territory in the East. Some pseudo-historical claims were not seriously entertainted, they were at best used as some justification.

coal mining, something that is scorn right now by Germany and the EU

Not really, since Germany does a lot of coal mining themselves. To my knowledge, the only problem Poland currently has in this regard is the pollution problem in their cities.

a one that refuses fulfil his obligations

It is Poland who refuses its' contractual obligations so far by not adhering to the previous agreements. Besides, this is not a purely financial matter. Germany won't make any concessions on this because there would be no guarantee that a future Polish government would not attempt the same trick in the future again.

As in you eyes it nullifies all the economical bills and all human sufferings.

No, the exchange of territory does not nullify the German crimes, but the many treaties between Poland and Germany afterwards do. The matter is closed and it is time to look to the future, there is zero moral or legal justifications for reparation claims today. It is regrettable that so many Polish people are deceived by their government on this matter.

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