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Polish feminist attacks Legia fans for celebrating their team's league win

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
7 Jun 2017 #1
Well known [sadly] Polish feminist Magdalena Sroda took to critique Polish football fans when they were celebrating their team's success in winning the league.

In a fbook post that she put up on the evening of Legia Warszawa winning the league, she criticizes the 'vulgar hooligan's' behaviour and somehow manages to mix the government and Church in to it as well, because she must spew her hatred all round.

For those who don't speak Polish, her full text [which can be seen in Polish below], translates more or less as

"It's midnight but no one sleeps in the city because the Legia fans are celebrating. It is not quite clear what they're celebrating, because the main words exclaimed nonstop are [various Polish curse words]. If a bunch of people (non-fans) fired off flairs and screamed in the middle of the square, the police would probably take them away within a few minutes. Today they do nothing. The fan is king. We have thousands of hooligans making noise, drinking, destroying things and behaving in a vulgar way and nothing. As if the supreme authority was out there celebrating. The fans can do anything. The Church gives them its blessing (they will soon be the vanguard of all its pilgrimages), the government empowers them (Kaczyński must be impressed by such screaming bulls) and they will probably soon serve the party as a wing to fight the opposition. Let the boys have their fun, those in power like the roar, the demolition makes them happy. Legia fans - these are first class Polish citizens."

7 Jun 2017 #2
the 'vulgar hooligan's' behaviour

So she should, while they're mainly decent enough chaps on their own, in a group they have a habit of being a bunch of morons. Last time they won a couple of fans stopped the taxi the Mrs and I had just got into and demanded the driver told them where the stadium was. We weren't even within a couple of kilometres of the stadium. Real fans, eh?

mix the government and Church in to it as well, because she must spew her hatred all round.

The behaviour of both towards hooligans is disgraceful.
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
7 Jun 2017 #3
I suppose you prefer celebrations where people wear rubber dicks and vaginas? Much more child friendly and civilized.
Crow 152 | 9,747
7 Jun 2017 #4
I falling on my knees before Polish females and nicely calling them to stay calm. Women, don`t be crazy in this critical moment!
Narodowiec33 1 | 6
9 Jan 2018 #5

Any of you heard the Legia Thieves Song

I really need to grow some balls, but it really was moreso my phone battery dying than me not doing it. But I so regret I didnt film it, when I heard it. Not long ago, maybe two weeks when legia played and lost 0-2 to some team, they hung out at a bar near my place. The bar is in the middle of the park, Rydz Śmigły I believe or the one on side of Łazienek. It has a white power or white pride graffiti on its side with a circle lol. It is almost always empty and I always wonder how they stay in business until I went there after a Legia game. It was full of virtually only fanatics. I actually like running up the stairs there as its a great workout so I was surprised to see the scene unfold in there. At one point they sung and it looked like they were lighting the place on fire but it was race or flairs inside.

Well I drank a beer, hung out near them but didnt go to the game nor had Legia clothes on, just nationalist stuff on, so I didnt fully fit in or talk to anyone. So I left continued my run a bit and saw the fire and singing and had to go back. When I went back, I saw one guy in dresses hella wasted and singing inside the bar all loud and trying to get everyone else to sing which they did sporadically.

FIrst it was their standard song like, "Legia Warszawa to potęga. To jesteśmy." Or something but then he changed it into a song I never heard, it sounded like an outlaw song and some of them went with it as well as they smiled from around the bar. It went:

"Legia Warszawa. To my. Jesteśmy złodziejami!! I Pijakami. Złodziejstwo to.... then I couldnt understand what he said next, but it sounded like złodziejstwo to w nas or w krwi. Basically he said we are thieves and outlaws and drunks. It was ana wesome song and I wanted to film him and upload it to my social media to blow it up but my phone camera died. Anyone knows how this outlaw Legia song goes?

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