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Who controls Gazeta Wyborcza??

jon357 72 | 21,336
11 Sep 2012 #211
You tell me. Use your God-given...,oops, um, er... I mean Mother Goose (or Mother Nature) given power of deduction.

No no no. There's another thread for riddles, so come on, spill the beans, precisely which ethnic group do you mean.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
11 Sep 2012 #212
precisely which ethnic group do you mean.

He's claimed Moldovan, Bolivian and now Belarusian. It would seem that he's even confused about his own lies.

Thread closed for cleaning
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
13 Sep 2012 #213
Merged: Gazaeta Wyborcza anticlerical - Michalik

Poland's foremost Catholic authority, Episcopate Chairman Archbishop Józef Michalik has openly called Gazeta Wyborcza an anti-clerical newspaper.

Churchmen have long known the duplicity of the KOR-GW camp who used the Church when it suited them and stabbed it in the back when they felt strong enough to get away with it.

In the early 1990s GW was at the forefront of an anticlerical campaign alleging that Poland was threatened by a Catholic takeover comparable to a Khomeini-style system. That doesn't mean Michnik wrote editorials openly saying what he really thought about Catholicism (he probably felt he might need the church at some future point in time!?). Instead, he had others write the anti-clerical stuff for him, and when he penned something on the subject would hum and haw in feigned impartiality. But as chief editor he was responsible for everything that appeared in GW. There are far more subtle ways of Church-bashing and fomenting anti-Catholic attitudes. A few years ago the paper interviewed a post-communist SLD operative Paweł Borecki who was calling for a national debate on the Church's alleged attempt to take over the country. GW could innocently claim that those weren't necessarily their views, but in journalism a newspaper's political line is also reflected by whom it interviews, what it highlights, where it runs a given story, the size of the headlines it chooses, etc. Same when a few months ago a survey showed that only 40% of Poles regularly attended Sunday mass. Was it pure coincidence that GW triumphantly splashed it over its front page - the only paper to do so? Or what about the fact that GW's TV programme just happened (?) to have overlooked the offerings of TV Trwam. But as a regular reader of GW and language professor to boot, you are more than capable of reading between the lines or at least having a native speaker of Polish do so for you. So please don't play dumb. You know exactly what the GW party line is like and which ethnic roots are overrepresented in the GW's management and editorial structures.
8 Jun 2016 #214
Merged: George Soros purchase part of Gazeta Wyborcza

George Soros, a hungarian-jewish billionaire famous for investing in NGOs and Media Vehicles that promote, among others, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Euthanasia (He helped his own mom to commit suicide) and one of the main founders worldwide of Multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism, invested bought almost 10% of the polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

George Soros is also one of the donators to KoD.


Free Translation:

It was the first investment of his (George Soros) fund in Poland. It gives MDIF (The name of Soros Fund) 8.26 percent of Gazeta Wyborcza. He will also have votes at the general board of the company. In the last 20 years the fund has invested a total of approx. 153 million USD.

The deal was negotiated since May, and the details are unknown.
Lyzko 40 | 8,758
8 Jun 2016 #215
Why mention the fact that he's Jewish? Just curious.
8 Jun 2016 #216
Why not? The cultural background of someone is no less important than his nationality. Unless you are part of the Politically correct police.

By the way, ask Wikipedia:

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