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Beata Szydło - the best Polish politician, world's politicians could learn from her

Casual Observer
30 Jan 2018 #61
No, but France had double that amount of concertgoers being culturally enriched

The murder rate in USA is about 8 times higher than Poland. Serious question, on the basis that Americans are more violent, should Poland ban immigration from the USA? Should it ban immigration of muslim Americans (passport holders), or black Americans, or any Americans?

After all, the murder rate in USA is much higher than in UK or Germany, despite the islamic immigration. So, on paper, Americans are more dangerous than islamic immigration.

Please discuss and justify your logic. I'm actually interested in your answer (for once)

Arabic being more commonly spoken than the native language,

Dude, as I intimated, there are many areas of UK and Germany where Polish is spoken more than the native language. Should this foreign language not be tolerated, or is just arabic that you don't like?

I hear Polish spoken on the streets in England every day I am there, and that is in a fairly rural area (not inner city). I also hear Hindi sometimes, Urdu and Chinese. How should I respond? Be offended at the Urdu but not the Polish? Or tell them all to "SPEAK FRICKIN ENGLISH IN THIS COUNTRY!"

What's your suggestion? Another serious question.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
30 Jan 2018 #62
Given time, they or at least their children will change their views.

Ha! It's mostly young guys who were the children of migrants that joined IS - especially in France and Belgium. The younger generation is even worse than the older migrants. Then add all the new comers - the vast majority of migrants aren't women, children, and families - they're young economic migrants, not refugee families.

What's your suggestion? Another serious question.@ Casual Observer

Poland needs to keep doing what it's doing to keep its PERFECT record of ZERO Islamic terror attacks! Don't let the EU force their far left diktates upon the Motherland and allow it to become like France with a nonstop state of emergency.

@Casual Observer

Thats up to poland to decide. If they want to block americans from gaining residency or whatever thats up to the polish government, not me. I can only offer support for the government policies i like, criticize rhe ones i dont (i.e. the new abortion laws) and only wish that my motherland remains a safe, islamic terror free prosperous nation

Also most of the homicide in usa gang related or by criminals. Cops in my city dont even bother intervening because most taxpayers dont care about dead gangbangers ane hoodrats. Most murders arent even solved i think only like 20 30% are and its usually because the guy bragged on fb or to his friends that he shot a rival. The homicide in europe however varies its not vast majority gang related as there isnt the gang bang culture as in the us.
Casual Observer
30 Jan 2018 #63
Thats up to poland to decide.

I'm asking your opinion on those two questions (posts 61 & 62). I'm honestly interested in your opinion. Because the logic seems clear - don't let 'dangerous' people in.

If, on the other hand, you can reason that, well, the danmger of letting in Americans is balanced by the positive aspects (financial, cultural [good stuff!], political) then you might start to understand how such compromises and accommodations are made, and how things like the Trump and Kaczynski 'closed door' policy is basically just political posturing. If it was actually about safety based on statistical facts, there would not be Americans let into Europe and there sure as Hell would not be North Koreans being let into Poland. So something else is going on, and it's more about political posturing than it is about the safety of society. See what I'm getting at?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
30 Jan 2018 #64
Of course its political posturing. 3/4 of poles reject migration from africa and me. Pis is merely listening to the wishes of the polish citizens.

The fact is that migrants, not native europeans, are overwhelmingly responsible for the terrorism, murders, rapes, arsons, etc occuring in western europe.

Muslims and all migrants simply need to be carefully vetted which france, sweden, germany did not do and now they must reap what they sow. They had an open door come one come all policy. You had 40 year olds pretending to be 16 and they got away with jt. Of course all migrants arent terrorists but theres many who reject european values of free speech (ie charlie hebdo) equality gay rights etc. We dont need people in poland marching with sharia4poland signs
Casual Observer
30 Jan 2018 #65
But what's YOUR opinion?

1. Why should Americans be let into Poland when they are statistically more dangerous people than islamic immigration, base don stats from Germany, France, Belgium, UK?

2. How should I respond in England to people speaking Polish, Chinese and Urdu on the street, and signs in those languages? Should I resent all of them and expect them to all be in English? Or some of them, or none of them?

The fact is that migrants, not native europeans, are overwhelmingly responsible for the terrorism, murders, rapes, arsons, etc occuring in western europe.

Simply not true. Can you back that up?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
30 Jan 2018 #66
1. Up for government to decide. Poles dont perceive americans as a threat to poland and do not find them as likely to commit terrorist attacks or rapes as migrants from me and africa. Its all about perception in this case

2. Like i said idc what langauge people speak - the larger issue is people who refuse to learn the local language and yes sadly theres poles in that group and assimilate. Refusing to learn the language is sinply 1 of many aspects of a general pattern of refusing to assimilate that the migrants exhibit. Others include drawing benefits despite being able bodied, demanding sharia law, refusing to recognize female or gay rights, sexually assaulting women and justifying it as no big deal because the woman wasnt covered hence okay to assault. Hags in bags and ninja women are naturally off limits.
gumishu 15 | 6,287
30 Jan 2018 #67
How should I respond in England to people speaking Polish, Chinese and Urdu on the street,

do as you please, there are no shoulds and shouldnots in reality

the simple practical reality about violent American thugs is that they are too stupid to come to Poland and that is why there is no need to limit their access to Poland by an administrative measure
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
31 Jan 2018 #68
@Casual Observer

Oh please everyone knows migrants are responsible for the uptick in crimes especially rapes

Since i already know youll knock infowars, this study that says 92% of violent crime in germany caused by migrant comes from a zurich university study

Migrants linked to soaring violent crime

Migrant crime up 50%

Girl raped in no go malmo, what a whatever

Theres dozens upon dozens of articles and videos that illustrate how migrants are overwhelmingly responsible for rapes and other violent crimes, not to mention flat out terrorism as nearly every single terror attack was caused by a muslim (oftentimes a migrant) and rarelt a native european which usually involved a revenge truck ramming into muslims leaving a mosque
Casual Observer
31 Jan 2018 #69
Poles dont perceive americans as a threat to poland

Thankyou for answering. Although would you agree that this could be driven by the media narrative? For example, right wing media in USA/Europe often emphasises the islamic threat. However, in Communist times it was emphasising the American threat. If the media has an agenda, especially if it is goverment controlled, then public opinion can be swayed. If there was a constant drip-drip narrative of violence in America, then people would increasingly view Americans as violent and dangerous. In the UK, TV news often sydicates American news, and we do see a LOT of American shooting coverage. And people do perceive Americans as gun nuts as a result. We're seeing a lot of coverage of violent cops too, shooting people first and asking questions later.

demanding sharia law, refusing to recognize female or gay rights

If you remove the word 'Sharia', isn't the same also true of the Polish Catholic Church and fundamental Christians in USA? Neither Poland nor many USA states are crazy about female or gay rights, such as terminations, civil partnerships, adoption etc. Take Pence, for instance, and the Black Protests in Poland. Hardly a beacon of equality, is it?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
31 Jan 2018 #70
In the us yes almost entirely due to media, in poland its because poles see whats happening next door in germany, france, etc and they dont want it. Watch the mfa video on migration - this is very much in line with what poles believe.

And yes americans are gun nuts so their portrayal is accurate. People of all.colors class crees etc love their guns here.

Yes people do want perhaps abotion to be banned but catholics never called for the 10 commandments to replace government law and democracy. Muslims have repeatedly marched in europe demanding sharia to replace democracy. In some countries theres even sharia courts. You dont see catholic courts in poland. Amd as far as gays yes marraige is sacred. Gays arent killed for being gay like they are numerous muslim countries and which is what would happen if the radical muzzies instilled thr sharia law which is the goal of the more extreme elements. The fact that europe is taking people from places where as many as 90% believe sharia law should replace democracy is scary.
Casual Observer
31 Jan 2018 #71
You dont see catholic courts in poland. Amd as far as gays yes marraige is sacred.

Well, courts in Poland are based on laws highly influenced by Catholicism, such as for abortion, adoption by gay parents etc. We all know that the church has a huge influence in government these days. I think we can agree on that - it's PiS policy.

I specifically never said "marriage", as the word is loaded. But even registered partnerships have been voted down in Poland every time, and are illegal. Gay people do not have the same rights of inheritance or parenthood or tax as straight people. Even Catholic Ireland is more relaxed than that. So Poland is quite restrictive in gay rights. Also in women's rights.

I'm not trying to be provacative when I say that coming from a non-Catholic background, I can see little difference between the dogmas in terms of human rights. And when it comes to individuals, then Bible Belt American, Polish and Islamic (e.g. Turkey) can be quite similar in their fundamentalism, if you're a woman needing an abortion or a gay guy wanting to live as a normal couple and pass his inheritance to his loved one.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
31 Jan 2018 #72
Perhaps, however christian doctrine does not call for kuffars to be beheaded. Quran does. Sharia is violent, christian fundamentalism, which i reject, however is not. Even the most extreme Christians do not call for violent crusades against muslims nor do they yell praise jesus after committing a massacre. Muslims however do yell allah akbar while commiting terrorist attacks, throwing gays off roofs, etc.
Tacitus 2 | 1,387
31 Jan 2018 #73

All of those attacks (in addition to others) have claimed the lifes of less than 20 people. In other words, islamic terrorism has claimed the lives of perhaps 1 German per year since 9/11. Cows have killed more Germans during this time than terrorists. Yet nobody claims that Germany is under danger from cows.

Funny how the million migrants Poland took in aren't raping women en masse.

Neither are the genuine refugees like the Syrians. If you want, you could easily portray Polish people as criminals too, particulary large Polish families are known to commit a large range of crimes in Germany.

ecause the million we took in

Do not confuse refugees with migrants.
Crow 160 | 9,195
31 Jan 2018 #74
You know people when sestra Beata ruined her political career?

Here >


See? Sestra Beata was too often seen with Albanian (Shquiptar) politicians. Yes, yes, just go google that. But, see, Polish president Duda is wise. You won`t found single Duda`s picture with Albanians on the Net. Go, try. See? In Davos, these days, as it is said, Duda`s bodyguards didin`t allow to Albanian politicians even to come close to him, like that they have plague or, God forbid, syphilis. Duda knows.

Shame for sestra Beata. Shame.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
31 Jan 2018 #75
I think he just finds Dirk a bit hilarious and is having fun winding him up.

Yes, he seems to be quite good at it.

sestra Beata

Sestra Beata currently helps brat Mateusz in the government. She was last seen sitting beside brat Mateusz during the Holocaust Day celebrations in Auschwitz.
Crow 160 | 9,195
31 Jan 2018 #76
I hope that brat Mateusz knows what he doing.
Atch 20 | 4,161
31 Jan 2018 #77
I could imagine naked sastra Beata run across the green field.

Good man yourself. That's the way to keep the thread on topic! :D
Crow 160 | 9,195
31 Jan 2018 #78
No, really. Just close your eyes and think
Casual Observer
31 Jan 2018 #79
I would hope so as it is 48 degrees in Germany today but only 4 degrees in International Falls Minnesota today

More cherry picking! Germany is 1/3 bigger than Minnesota. It's pretty cold and snowy in the south and east in winter. Colder than the three most populous states (California, Texas, Florida).

Minnesota has 2% of the USA population!

Anyway, Beata Szydlo, a used sock puppet.
Crow 160 | 9,195
31 Jan 2018 #80
I concur.

But, if that was to buy time to Poland, then it was justifiable.

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