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Younger Polish girl 24 dating old man

29 Oct 2013 #1
Hello I would like some advice please. My dad is 71 and has been dating a girl from Poland she is only 24 years old and moved to the uk last year. I am very concerned as all I thought was she after my dads money! Why else would she be interested. My dad not wealthy but comfortable and owns his own large house/car. He says he not silly and his money is safe, he met her on a swingers site and they exchanged numbers and it started from there. He has stressed she not after money and she has her own place, a job but her parents live in south africa? Ive told him yeh right she probably rents or needs a visa (dont nean to be rude I was trying to get him to wake up) I also said she wont ask for money probably just take your details and goodbye savings. Her parents apparently have threaten to disown her and they did call it off for 1 week but are know back together! Her mom has threatened to send men over to have words with my dad. Im asking on this site for opinions on uf you think she is geniun? Do polish girls like old men? I understand there genuine polish girls out there but she 24 my dad been recently widowed? ? Please help I just hope she not a con artist. Thank you for reading.
pierogi2000 4 | 229
29 Oct 2013 #2
If your father has wealth, yeah she is probably after it. Atleast her Polish family is trying to be pro-active against it instead of waiting for the pay day to come
OP pinklady
29 Oct 2013 #3
Thank you yes I agree I wish I can be same as her family and say I dont agree either. They by rights are probably really annoyed with my dad...just hope my dad dosnt get visitors as the family need to understand he has family to, I could say same thing and threaten her but I dont and will not.
pierogi2000 4 | 229
29 Oct 2013 #4
Both parties are technically correct

- They failed raising a normal women with values (Being a widow might have a part in this though. Once you've lost love once, whats a 2nd time)

- A fool and his money are soon departed. Your dad is on his death bed and wants one last fun hurrah. It is his money, he should do what he wants with it
mochadot18 17 | 245
29 Oct 2013 #5
I'm sorry but that is just wrong that's WAY to big an age difference, she deff has got to be after his money if he has it SORRY. If he is just recently widowed then maybe this will just be a quick phase you can hope lol plus i'm sure he's getting a lot of congrats from his friends, just you gotta make sure he keeps his money hidden and doesnt share his account with her nor does he give her a card to his accounts. Best of Luck :)
jon357 71 | 20,799
29 Oct 2013 #6
- They failed raising a normal women with values

How would you know about her 'values'? Perhaps she prefers more mature men.

Your dad is on his death bed

Where does the OP say anything about his health?
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Oct 2013 #7
Ive told him yeh right she probably rents or needs a visa (

Polish people don't need visa for the UK.

She is most likely after his money but I don't think she's any scam artist so don't worry your dad won't end up broke after that finishes.
TaiCat 1 | 30
29 Oct 2013 #8
Dunno about South Africa, but if she comes straight from Poland, she's probably not aware yet what is real wealth, don't let your dad spoil her, for now, buying even cheap clothes (like Primark) will make her super happy. Hopefully she won't upgrade her desires for brands lol
29 Oct 2013 #9
Polish people don't need visa for the UK.

Yes, and that's a fact that any Brit is going to know. However, an American troll probably wouldn't know it. And look at the time the OP is posting at.
bluesfan - | 85
29 Oct 2013 #10
you think she is geniun?

Please help I just hope she not a con artist

It looks like there's only one con artist on this thread - You!

an American troll probably wouldn't know it.

Exactly Harry. This is a troll thread written by a either a non-native speaker of English or an uneducated American troll.

Also, notice how many of the posters here have assumed that despite:

she has her own place, a job

have decided that because she's Polish, she must be poor and a gold-digger.
Harry, I'll bet you a beer that the OP is also one of the first posters to respond in this thread...
OP pinklady
29 Oct 2013 #11
Lol im a con artist for asking why a 24 year old girl is interested in my dad in his 70's im from the uk and the reason I wrote this late is because for weeks its been on my mind and rather than have a go at my dad when its his business im asking on here for advice on polish women. He been widowed nearly 2 years and has already stated he doesn't want to date an old lady lol his health is fine he looks more 60 and still works as a builder. I am angry because he has grandchildren and my mom also worked for there wealth. I wrote this late as I was up late lol
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
29 Oct 2013 #12
Your English is very poor and you just used the word "Mom"

I am with the others here, you're not from the UK. Just give up as you've been rumbled.
bluesfan - | 85
29 Oct 2013 #13
for there wealth

You're an American. You gave yourself away too easily.

rather than have a go at my dad

Why would you have a go at your dad? You obvioulsy have an interest in other people's sex lives.
How old are you? 45? 50?
Why don't you stay out of other people's personal lives and work on making yourself a better person.
Your opening post was littered with grammatical errors. Maybe you could spend your time a little bit more productively and learn something.
Who knows, maybe one day you could get a VISA and migrate to the UK or Poland.
OP pinklady
29 Oct 2013 #14
Lol my mom passed away nearly 2 years ago. Im stating that she too worked all her life and im not having some money grabber take my parents hard earned money. I always said I wouldn't mind my dad finding someone else to share his retirement with but this is a joke a 24 year old polish girl. I cant see why you think im a con I came on here for advice! So why are you being a keyboard warrior by slating me??? Does it realy matter where I come from, im just asking a question. Also this is not a spelling contest im using my mobile phone on predicted text! I realy can't see why your obsessing where I come from lol!! If you cant help then dont reply! I do have a life im married we both work. Cant see what this has to do with you just because im no good at spelling, maybe im dyslexic? But why do I have to tell you my disabilities? ?....again im wondering if polish women are just after money? Maybe im touching on a nerve by slating her as you are polish but im a concerned daughter. If she is genuine then my dad can carry on but its wrong she 24!! Would you like your 24 year old daughter going with a man in his 70's???

Plus im not having a go at my dad!! Im leaving him to it im just hoping and checking on this so called girl. Ive seen a pucture of herand she very pretty, so I dont uunderstand why. : )
Sparks11 - | 335
29 Oct 2013 #15
I believe that you've got your answer regarding the motivations of younger women dating older men. Maybe it's time to drop it.
OP pinklady
29 Oct 2013 #16
I meant picture. .incsae the spelling critic comes back on please forgive me

Give what up? Lol ive been rumbled why because im asking a question about polish women dating old men??? Does it matter where I come from?? Yes im from the uk : )
Sparks11 - | 335
29 Oct 2013 #17
People on here have answered your question.
OP pinklady
29 Oct 2013 #18
Thankyou to those who have commented, I appreciate your comments : )

Lol no how rude my dad probably healthier than you! I agree no morals the whole family probably in on it : )
Peter59 4 | 35
29 Oct 2013 #19
When a girl with experience meets a man with money, The man gets the experience and the girl gets the money :)
7 Dec 2017 #20
Oh yes, God forbid she gets a taste for Burberry.....then she'll end up looking like your average British chav on social assiatance

Bwahaha. :O) that brought a smile to my face. So true.
Ella30 - | 11
1 Feb 2018 #21
She's most likely after your dad's wealth, if she's not, it'd be strange for her to want to be with him considering the age gap. But stranger things do happen in this world. I hope the truth comes out soon.

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