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Why do Polish women prefer foreigners for boyfriends and husbands?

szarlotka 8 | 2,208
3 Mar 2007 #61
But hell London?It is like kissing your sister.Nice but dont tell any one.

So what in your esteemed estimation is wrong with London then?
me alone - | 10
3 Mar 2007 #62
The people are to white they must get a tan at least.
No really i do not have a problem with any women as long ass the have a sexy one
3 Mar 2007 #63
but you are the last gay in the village this is not a prob for u?

Was that aimed at me, becuase i said i lived in a village?
3 Mar 2007 #65
So "espana" you are being nasty for no reason, even though I have said good things about Poland and Spain. Thats why the Brits turn nasty becuase foriegners provoke us after we give them jobs, money and housing.

Next year theres likely to be a referendum, bringing back border controls from the EU, to the UK govrnment, then you will need visa to come here. Serves you right for being nasty
3 Mar 2007 #66
start packing your bags:)
3 Mar 2007 #67
I have no problems with foreigners. If they start nice they will get the same back from me. No problems. I have alot of Polish friends and we operate on that basis.

I think I will leave before I piss off everyone. LOL!!!
Magdushya 3 | 104
3 Mar 2007 #68
nasty for no reason

Thats why the Brits turn nasty becuase foriegners

If they start nice they will get the same back from me. No problems

LOL we've got the same

in tenerife

do you live there?
3 Mar 2007 #69
But what about keeping british money in the UK?!? I thought that you wrote in another thread that spending money outside of your country may have some disasteres effect on it?

I think 40 plus years of paying into the country is quite a good contribution, still paying tax on their pensions to the UK gov. still have property over here and spending time back and forth spending money on family. Hope that clears that one up?

Magdushya 3 | 104
3 Mar 2007 #70 tenerife live about 35.000

what is national minimum in Spain?
me alone - | 10
3 Mar 2007 #71
i dont think espana will answer you as i think he is packing to go to London as we speak.

They normally say that if you start blamming other people for things that you your self are standing behind the door.If you can forgive me but espana last remak was stupid.
espana 17 | 910
3 Mar 2007 #72
me alone..... you say you not have a problems with foriegn people and you only like the white looking ones .so i think this is racist

anyway i m not packing my bags because my wife is british so i think you have to wait a little more this for ukguy
4 Mar 2007 #73
I might be a sado for living on my own and I have said things on this forum out of turn - we all have! we have to defend ourselves.

When my gran had cancer, my so called "friends" knew this, but it was never "how are you or how is your grandmother" it was "can you lend me £50 until next week, can I come around so you can fix my computer........ How selfish. So its better to be alone than like that. I am happy to wait and find some nice people thanks.
UKGUY 3 | 87
4 Mar 2007 #74
I have only had one girl who was Romanian. Nice but asked alot of me.....
10 Mar 2007 #75
What the hell is this mumbo jumbo? I am not polish and don't know many polish guys however i find it funny, specially coming from an arab.Do you know any woman in their right mind who would go out with one?its not like you guys are all Omar Shariff or Antonio Banderas on the 13th warrior...

1-First point you are probably right, a person always looks for something that is not the usual thing she sees in everyday life, maybe being a close country under communism makes woman have a more open mind towards foreign countries.

2-Yes polish men drink too much but also english, americans, germans, etc...its not like everyone drinks all the time, it depends on the individual.

3-About working matters, that is total ********* poles works twice as hard as many europeans and westerners, now you tell me.,who works more a pole guy working on the fields and factories in England or the stupid yetti who sits all day in front of the tv queing for doll money? just one thing mr. arab, in the south of spain they substituted arab workers for poles a few years ago, racism? i don't think so, only that poles worked harder while arabs did not.

4-Oh yeah less refined that the fat middle aged american who thinks spain is part of south america or the football holligan, yes indeed less refined, what a load of crap.

5-Oh yes less intelligent than the arabs that caused the riots last year in France.
6-Oh yes arabs shower all the time, that is why everytime i get a bus and one is sitting beside me i have to change seat because of the stench.

7-Yes they are willing to go to your has so much to offer that poland hasn't.
8-Yes mate, they all want to wear a towel on their head and get home to be beaten up by some bearded middle aged idiot.

9-Fair enough, its always better to know two languages, both my parents are foreing so i can tell you its a good advantage.
10-Oh yes,
"Hey Ewa i am going out with this pot bellied moron from Detroit named Mat who is 50 years old, and Margotzlata is going out with a camel named Hakim who beats her up all the time and has 10 wives you are jealous aren't you Ewa"

This is post is rubbish, this guy only wants an harem and write disrespectfully about poland and poles, its sick he doesn't want a girlfriend he wants a prostitute and bets his deeds on the money a person has got without any sort of respect for the girl. He speaks of polish woman as they were money grabbing bimbos.
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
10 Mar 2007 #76
What the hell is this mumbo jumbo? .....

I like you. When I take over the world your death shall be quick and painless :)

just kidding :)
sara07 - | 15
10 Mar 2007 #77
easy answer: better lovers!!!!
:) :) :)
10 Mar 2007 #78
I'm of 100% Polish descent. Although marrying a Pole was my family's preference, they weren't against it. I thought I'd always end up with a red-headed, Polish, Catholic. I got a red-head, Scotch-Irish-Canadian, Canadian Free Methodist.

A priest I worked with (not Polish, by the way) asked about the guy I was dating. He said, "Is he Catholic?" I told him no. He said, "That's okay, you can convert him." Then he asked if he was Polish. I told him no again. His response, "Now THAT'S a sin!"
Rubin 3 | 11
11 Mar 2007 #79
Yes people tend to generalize..... :(

If you live abroad automaticly likelyhood of meeting and merring a forigner increases.
How many Poles living in Poland are married to non- polish? :)
ola - | 18
11 Mar 2007 #80
I guess it's more interesting and from my experience Polish guys are a bit shy and afraid of making the first step
5 Jun 2007 #81
The list is Pure Bull....

Denmark is in need of good workers 'cause we have a very low rate of unemployed persons but also a lot of work that needs to be done. We have very high standards and the polish workers work even harder than danish workers! I have never experienced any of these workers to be poor or in urgent need of a shower.

Just my thoughts on this subject!
2 Nov 2007 #82
Well it al depends on the guy , not his nationality but on his personality , there will always be ******** , cheaters and liars in all nationalities . You can't keep your heart in a freezer and just have your eyes for Polaks only . Love happens , it has no skin color , no nationality , Love in it's finest is true so it doesn't matter if your special someone is polish or romanian or italian or lebanese , it's how you see them , how they make you feel , how they love you and how you love them . In the end it's your life and you must live it , if that special someone is the love of your life then all the rest is unimportant . Why worry about something that is irrelevent in the first place. It's all about what works and what works and what doesn't . And yes I know people are picky , people are ignorant , people are fearful, it's all part of being human . You Love who you love , so date who you want it's your choice .
Willy - | 9
2 Nov 2007 #83
You want a date with me Evelina?
2 Nov 2007 #84
polish women probably are with foreign men becasue they have substantial interaction with them, equally other europeans aere also with foreign men, this is the way the world flows, men like women women like men regardless of their nationality.. its a good sign to show we are coming closer as human beings...
kotekanroo - | 1
2 Nov 2007 #85
I don't know why Polish girls don't like Polish men. Dh who is polish is sweet, thoughtful, romantic, extremely hard working so that I can stay home w/our baby and cook and clean for the three of us. I'm looking forward to having another baby or two and then moving to Poland with him. He's homesick The only person who ever said anything about Polish men smelling bad was my old room mate(and she hated all foreigners) Dh always smells so good and makes sure I look my best when we go out. He's so thoughtful he even suggests I throw out old clothes and buy new ones and enjoys helping me shop.
2 Nov 2007 #86
You want a date with me Evelina?

Sorry I got someone special thanks anyways ;)
ebdpp - | 12
14 Nov 2007 #87
6 - Polish men don't shower as often

I have to say , that this is sadly TRUE. I'm dating a Polish guy who might not have all those bad characteristics listed above BUT he definitely doesn't shower as often and it really irritates me. I personally like to shower once or even twice a day, but I think he does it once or twice a week. Actually I don't know what to do about it, we've just started dating and it was the first thing I didn't like, I don't know what to do, specially because is the beginning of the relation and I don't feel comfortable neither suggesting nor standing it. Other thing I don't enjoy is his poor sense of fashion. I don't want a fashionable man, but he doesn't care much about his appearance (things like black pants, black shoes and WHITE SOCKS!!!!!!), also his entire wardrobe is from the early 90's!!!!!!. I could stand the clothing but the every day shower?????...... I don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me!!! I really like him, he is nice, he treats me well, pays for everything, he is not stupid, he is an intelligent man, he is got a profession back from Poland, he is a man with feelings and good sense of humour. I really can see a lot of potential and good things I really like from him; but the poor interest on his appearance turn me off, specially because it's one of the most important aspects from myself I always take care of . WHAT SHOULD I DO???? I don't want to let him go because of that but I can't stand it either and I don't feel like saying or suggesting anything that is just common sense on any human being and also it's just the beginning of the relationship. He was a Doctor in Poland that's why I just can't get it. I thought all Polish were like that because to me, doesn't make sense being a doctor and not take care of your appearance, but after I read what you said I don't know what to think. PLEASE HEEEEEEELP
tomekcatkins 8 | 130
14 Nov 2007 #88
but i would not like to raise our children there... and i think catholic pl is not the best place too, so it's the time to move somewhere again...

In that case look for The Netherlands. Quite liberal but not as capitalistic as England or the States. And not as "stiff" as Germany. :-)
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
14 Nov 2007 #89
Buy him some nice smelly stuff, thats about the biggest hint you can give

Failing the above, tell him you have a shower fettish and love doing it in there - that should solve the problem :)

as for the clothes aspect - say "hey lets go shopping" and guide him towards the mens stores - and pic up things you think will suit him :)
alana 6 | 30
14 Nov 2007 #90
personally i have several reason :-
1 - Life is more interesting with someone who has different experiences and background to your own.
2 - Polish men drink too much.
3 - Westerners work harder and earn more money than Polish men.
4 - Polish men are less refined.
5 - Polish men are less intelligent.
6 - Polish men don't shower as often
7 - Polish women want something more than Polish men and Poland can offer.
8 - Polish women realise that you only live once so why settle for second best.

9 - Their children will have the advantage of knowing two languages and having two nationalities.
10 - Their friends will be envious.

For what i know on Polish guys they are different from what u are describing... i was impressed by them. But i agree that someone from a different background and culture makes life more exciting and interesting, moreover its an advantage for children.

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