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All Polish women can't be nutters can they?

LAGirl 9 | 496
5 Jan 2010 #181
Hi not all Polish women are bad. most of them are pretty cool. I have a Polish friend who her American husband and his Polish family treats her like crap. there are good and bad in every country.its like my Polish guy and me whenever he acts stupid I want to leave him. I am inlove with him and always we talk and everything is fine again. FYI dont go with 22 years old. theya re babies mentally.leave this twat look for someone mature who works not at a nightclub.she sounds like a real slut trash. Good luck.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #182
exactly, talking sorts out problems. If the other person won't even do that, it is just nasty
nomaderol 5 | 726
5 Jan 2010 #183
Read this then

i read all quickly in a second or two. tooooo much difference between the male and the female brains. all different. but, there is one simple small similarity between brains of males and females that neglects and ignores all differences. why such a long research doesnt mention about such a simple similarity while it is the most important thing as it is the thing that makes motions. these scientists should learn more.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #184
I am just very pleased I can get a reasonable English girl. If a Polish girl decides something, from what I have seen, there is no negotiation. I don't think that is very clever.
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
5 Jan 2010 #185
there is one simple small similarity in them that neglects and ignores all differences.

Do you mean why do we not take into account the differences and make allowances for them or have I misunderstood you?
nomaderol 5 | 726
5 Jan 2010 #186
when they are motionless you can take the differences into account. but, it is not the differences that bringing females and males together, it is the similarity that does this work (under these conditions.)
tcooper913 2 | 22
5 Jan 2010 #187
all very nice girls, but all with one thing in common... all feel they need to totally ignore me and cut me off all with little reason, all about things which could be sorted with communcation,

a little off subject, but that's the exact treatment I get from my Polish daughter-in-law. I have been very confused. Her family seems very nice and genuinely kind. She seems to really love my son. In my mind, if she truly loved my son, she would at least treat me with basic human respect. She refuses to speak to me for whatever reason. In 27 yrs as a parent, I've never had a problem with the friends/gfs of my sons. Most people, I would be able to communicate with, but she treats me like I am not even worth speaking to. At first, I just thought she was quiet, but really she has been consistent in her attitude.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #188
Hmm, and she won't let you know why, it's just the not making sense ****, that does my head in. If I did something bad, I would understand why I deserve to be ignored. But I did very little. I think I must stick to Germanic women and give these Slavic women a pass... lol
king polkakamon - | 544
5 Jan 2010 #189
Have you heard slavic women telling you how much they love their boyfriend after sex with you?Or how much they love sb while they are in love with sb else?It generally does not make sense to us,just accept it.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #190
yeah, not much makes sense, not heard things like that though!
jonni 16 | 2,485
5 Jan 2010 #191

In Poland there's quite a tradition of mothers-in-law being hostile to their sons' wives, and badmouthing them privately to their son, even trying to break up the marriage. Maybe she assumes things are the same where you are?
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #192
haha, crazy, the one i had relationship was a little mad, talking about if i wanted a threesome, and just generally she was so pretty, and then texting me like mad as soon as we started talking, was really not making sense then! in a good way :) Then the complete opposite with a less pretty girl i just fell out with, absolutely no interest. But the whole ignoring sh1t, it's becoming a mission, I must understand it all!
tcooper913 2 | 22
5 Jan 2010 #193
I know that can be a common stereotype in other cultures, but I was demonized before she met me, and there appears to be no point of return. No one who knows me would believe that I could've done anything to deserve this treatment. I spoke with my Polish dr about it, and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She has a friend who is having the same problem with her son's wife. My dr says that they don't want to accept us into their family. Her family seems to love me, so I don't get it. I've always had great relationships with my sons friends/gfs. None of them would believe this. I came here with an open mind, but my son's love for her is the only thing keeping my from completely detesting her. In the beginning, when I'd try to be nice and get to know her, she would rudely tell me that she was in a bad mood, then it was she doesn't want to know me or anything about me??? I am the stupid one who talked my son out of breaking up with her before I met her.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #194
Hmm, well the ignoring stuff seems to be common, but i get burnt down in flames if I say it too much here by the Poles. I just say what I have seen though.
nomaderol 5 | 726
5 Jan 2010 #195
you have big flames in your land. you just are not touching those flames cause you know you will be burnt by being ignored. so, blaming poles is not right thing to do, you need to blame flames in your lands first or hopeful yourselves.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #196
what?? I'm not blaming anyone for anything
nomaderol 5 | 726
5 Jan 2010 #197
you said you got burnt by a polish or two? by being ignored. isnt this blaming?
Barr_2009 1 | 252
5 Jan 2010 #198
No i said if i am saying polish girls act cold and ignorant when they want, the polish here burn me, at least with their words...
LAGirl 9 | 496
7 Jan 2010 #199
I have to say most Polish girls are very sweet honest and faithful and are good people. you just happen to find the 1 percent nutty ones but I am sure if you had found another Polish woman you would be happy. good luck.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Jan 2010 #200
just 1% are you sure? heh, i'm not sure about that. of course there are good ones, it's just a strange thing to meet about 3 who do the ignoring thing, when it didn't happen with other women. I was quite happy with the girl i was in a relationship with. But she was evil how she ended it then started the long silence.
LAGirl 9 | 496
7 Jan 2010 #201
Oh I am sorry to hear that Barr-2009 well the ones I meet are pretty decent. I think its s slavak thing the attitude my boyfriend does the same he is from Poland and he has an attitude but we always work things out.maybe more then 1 percent are crazy then.
king polkakamon - | 544
7 Jan 2010 #202
Fek the polish.Come to Ukraina and there you will understand everything you need to know about polish girls.Now you see through glasses.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Jan 2010 #203
I went to visit a girl in Kiev, Ukraine, she though was very nice! And LA girl, you say you work it out, I really hope I can with this one, as I've always thought she was a great girl apart from her changeable moods. She said she doesn't want to talk or meet again and she's just got a different number and hasn't given me it, also is moving place. So I wonder if we will work it out, how it is possible without speaking I don't know! I must wait before trying to e-mail, but how long :(
king polkakamon - | 544
7 Jan 2010 #204
She said she doesn't want to talk or meet again and she's just got a different number and hasn't given me it, also is moving place

Why are you so stuck?I had to see a polka from the sommer and now she comes again to see me.(after I finish the ukr obligation).
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Jan 2010 #205
I didn't use to be I hardly spoke to her all summer when she went to poland. I'm stuck because of her ignoring me, and few days ago calling her, for her to just put the phone down. I'm stuck because she says she doesn't want to speak or meet again. So I don't want her to mean that, and want to change it somehow. I think if she was just there to speak to, I wouldn't be stuck, I'd just get other girls in the knowledge that she's still there, but now to get her to speak again. There is a problem to fix somehow.
king polkakamon - | 544
7 Jan 2010 #206
If we paid attention to women craziness we would get crazy ourselves.I regard every woman who refuses to talk with king as unlucky not to taste me and I feel a little contempt for her.But of course no responsibility for her bad choice.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Jan 2010 #207
well what if you really like the girl, then it must be hard also for you, to just accept a girl thinking in that way
king polkakamon - | 544
7 Jan 2010 #208
to just accept a girl thinking in that way

Sometime I really went nuts with polish girls.We talk about the most ungrateful behaviour imaginable.I think this catholic culture is catastrophic.Anyway I get better along with russian,ukr or czech girls,not that they are more reasonable but at least they are rewarding and do not make me want to beat them.

For example I remember a polka who kept me waiting under the rain while she played cards and drank beer wth her friends just 100 meters away.Another one who told me she was tired and wanted to go to sleep and when I left her she met another guy who was waiting for her just 100 meters from the place we separated.

There are so many examples,I really got tired.But polish girls cannot control eye movements when they lie,so you know when they lie opposite to mediteranean women.

Now I have 4 and each one is a mental case or a case of exhaustion.They bring you to limits.Viva Ukraina.I will get there to get some strength.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Jan 2010 #209
The first Pole I had was pretty fine, infact was like a dream, except for the end. But the one I've been friends with, I've took her to concerts other side of the country, and paid everything, bought her some gifts, always taking her by car into the city and paying for drinks, cinema, etc. What do I get back? Just ok I'm not going to speak or meet you again, and no we can't speak about it.... quite ungrateful and unreasonable. She thinks she deserves everything. I know exactly what you are saying!!!
king polkakamon - | 544
7 Jan 2010 #210
The best is to tell them how much? from the beginning or sth like that.Or like do you need money?Will we go to my home?

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