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Polish women and foreign men

hummingbird20 - | 17
2 Feb 2013 #61
Wow!How xenophobic are you!
You might be married a drunk polish guy,and you will look for a foreign rebound,trust me!
You can't judge all people!There are great people everywhere!I myself like polish people even if I ain't one of them!
Polish girls are pretty,smart,and they are open minded!even if we are taught that they are strongheaded,catholics and so on!
Even if your relationship might not work out cuz you are not doing your best,or cheating,or maybe you don't have common points,the same values with your foreign partner

You should change the way you think,it's all wrong!trust me
APF 4 | 106
2 Feb 2013 #62
Polish girls are pretty,smart,and they are open minded

Isnt this xenophobic too .. ?
hummingbird20 - | 17
3 Feb 2013 #63
Oh boy!
I ain't being xenophobic cuz I ain't a Polish guy,I was being very objective!
Trust me,you got to own up to your mistakes!
I'm very open to all cultures,and I think Polish people are great people!Not all of them,bad people are everywhere!
In general,I like Polish girls
So everybody I knew in my life
I remember this Polish dude who was messing up with some Irish girl,she was so messed up and got him in a lot of troubles!

I myself told him to date some Polish girl if he doesn't like Polish girls!
Wulkan - | 3,249
3 Feb 2013 #64
do you often make a fool of yourself?
English guy
14 Jan 2015 #65
Very true, i have seen a lot of Polish women like this! They have no morals and are just out for what they get
pigsy 7 | 305
14 Jan 2015 #66
Maybe you been meeting women from truck stops,I am with my wife 26 yrs now.
Yash 1977
3 Jul 2015 #67
I think love and compatibility has a little to do with culture, religion, and country of origin, but is mostly an individual decision. As far as Polish women and foreign men are concerned, I am smack in the middle of the discussion as my fiancee (and girlfriend of 2 years) is Polish.

Her family (as is mine...luckily) is very accepting of our relationship, we are both educated and run a successful business together.

Based on my experience, I would say that Polish women are more mature and level headed than many North American or Western European women. They can be a little moody (but I feel this is a way they check our commitment). They are truthful, loving and loyal. They care deeply about their birth family, as well as, their marital family ( more so their birth family.....common across continents I guess). Treating them like a queen does not hurt either :)

Honesty, education, sense of humor, security and a sense of partnership is what I think Polish women look for (Is that not the case with most women across the world?)

Lubium Moja Kohanie and Polish culture in general!!!!
Clem79 - | 1
21 Jul 2015 #68
Merged: Will Polish women be interested in Caucasian South Africans - or only Europeans? Just curious...

I am just curious - I read about the good values Polish women have and that they make excellent partners for the right man. Will they be interested in Caucasian South Africans - or only Europeans? I do realize it is the type of person you are - but some people might judge you from where you are from. If anybody can shed some light on the matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you all in advance :)
Man9 - | 3
27 Jul 2015 #69
Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free? Poly moly are cheap, czech too, put 500$ and enjoy ;)
17 May 2016 #70
So many Polish girls come to the UK and it seems their aim is to find a wealthy man. They will jump for business men in particular. In my experience they will run around you and do everything they can to make you feel feel special (including sex) but don't be taken in by them as they are cunning and will try to control you over time and they will definetely be seeing other men.
Levi 12 | 450
17 May 2016 #71
Trabzon, i would say that there are less polish woman looking for wealthy man in UK than turkish woman looking for man in the GCC countries for example.

Some turkish woman here even allow the rich sheiks to pee and poop on them for a good sum of money.
sam6 1 | 25
18 May 2016 #72
I think there is no more ( love ) between men and women , all looking for the money !

what happened to the people allover the wold ?
Kezcaisim 1 | 37
18 May 2016 #73
what happened to the people allover the wold ?

Kike propaganda happened (feminism, etc).
jon357 67 | 16,836
18 May 2016 #74
what happened to the people allover the wold ?

There's plenty of love. But ads online are not the real world.
sam6 1 | 25
18 May 2016 #75

I hope that
18 May 2016 #76
Polish women and foreign men ........ doesn't work
Culture / language barriers - plus a fair whack of em are selfish bit he's.

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