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Polish women and birth control

22 Apr 2012 #1
Hi all, I have a few questions about Polish women. I'm dating a Polish girl right now and she seems very odd on the topic of birth control. We have used birth control before however lately she's been paranoid about using it. She says it's not morally right even though she's used birth control pills in the past. Does this strange paranoia come from Poland being a very religious Catholic country? And if so, why is she ok with having sex before marriage?
22 Apr 2012 #2
Haven't you answered your questions already?
ReservoirDog - | 132
22 Apr 2012 #3
heh, people have funny problems..just like children.
sa11y 5 | 331
22 Apr 2012 #4
Oh, goodness gracious... Run away... She might be one of the clingy types looking for husband. Or she just found religion. Don't have sex with her! Polish girls don't have problems with birth control, believe me, I was one of them once ;)

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