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Polish women betrayal

McDouche 6 | 284
4 Jan 2014 #31
A homogenous population such as the one in Poland would benefit greatly from more genetic variety. Polish women marrying foreigners will be a good thing from both a medical standpoint and an aesthetic standpoint.

I just took a look at Maxim's 2013 "most sexiest women" and it's funny how most of the women on the list are mixed.

Some examples.

Kate Upton - English, Scottish, and Dutch.

Vanessa Hudgens - Irish, Native American, Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish

Selena Gomez = Mexican, Italian, and English

Jessica Alba - Mexican, Danish, and French

Arianny Celeste - Mexican and Filipino

Olivia Wilde - English, Scottish, Northern Irish, Irish, German, Manx, and Sephardic

Sarah Shahi - Iranian and Spanish
kondzior 11 | 1,046
4 Jan 2014 #32
Mixed race people are more attractive according to people brainwashed by PC propaganda since birth. Seems legit.

Notice also the contradiction. There is no such thing as racial superiority, but mixed race people are superior.
Ironside 53 | 12,424
4 Jan 2014 #33
A homogenous population such as the one in Poland would benefit greatly from more genetic variety.

That is a assessment commonly made by the people who have no clue about biology and Poland. Importing other races to Poland for the sake of that alleged improvement is a logical fallacy made by faulty minds guided or rather misguided by the false ideology.

I just took a look at Maxim's 2013 "most sexiest women" and it's funny how most of the women on the list are mixed.

In this case it seem to be driven by the fantasy world of filthy and depraved mind deeply injured by a prnography and all kind of sick stuff produced for some deeply unhappy and sick individuals.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
4 Jan 2014 #34
Leftists - fail. It's a tyranny of the dysgenics. The kinds of bipeds who rarely lived long enough to reproduce in the past now constitute a numerical majority of astounding proportions. Do you know why there are so many of them? Somebody like me has felt sorry for them and extended medical technology and welfare and social support and preferences to them.

The best and brightest build the civilizations, then the botched and bungled achieve critical mass and break them down. This is why societies last an average of 200 years or less - just divide it right down the middle. The virtuous and noble on the left side with the good genes, the right half of that Bell curve are the leftards who then breed like flies and tear it all apart in an orgy of total insanity. The chromosomal misfires and DNA discharges could never create anything. They can only destroy. It's not any one race or ethnic group, either. It's the unspoken brotherhood of the genetically shabby and sorry that works together as a team on all fronts to rip it all up.

Afterwards the leftards sit around and cry in the smoking ashes as the barbarian multikult invaders puncture their sphincters and wonder what they did wrong. Oh, right ... what with the massive dismantling and destruction of everything ... right ... you know, it appealed to my vanity at the time but now that I'm taking this 14 inch invader baseball bat in the anus I am harboring doubts about my real motivations.

It's aways too late to matter at this point. That's the leftard for you.
Ironside 53 | 12,424
4 Jan 2014 #35
It's aways too late to matter at this point. That's the leftard for you.

Please, do not write dissertations about subjects you know very little about or rather to mask your racial prejudices.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
4 Jan 2014 #36
I did it just for laughs. I can't believe the crap they can shovel through that electron tube into you people's brains. They could package up cat sh!t as French brand dark chocolate and if the commercials were any good you PC-ists would be knockng each other down to buy it and eat it.

This is part of a worldwide surge in multikult propaganda and it isn't in any one particular country. It's the same garbage appearing at the same time presented in the same way across the planet coordinated by central control in the mass media.
Ironside 53 | 12,424
4 Jan 2014 #37
Well most people do not use brain to think or to learn but to react and satisfy their bodily urges.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
4 Jan 2014 #38
Notice how whenever these guys try to think of some geniuses, they instead come up with the names of LuftMensching public relations victories whose greatest achievement lay in ... well ... in ... anyway, these guys were jeeniuses'n'stuf.

Schopenhauer? Nietszche? Bach? Beethoven? Tesla? Farnsworth? Shockley? Oh, hell no. Remember, these are Liberals. In addition to reading and writing below a third grade level, these guys don't even know the names of any actual geniuses.

Instead, we get some of the biggest frauds and professional actors that have ever strutted upon the stage of Luftmenschers ... Einstein, Hawkings, Sagan, Gould, assorted losers, charlatans, frauds, ************ and poseurs. Total achievements = Nothing. Total contribution to history and civilization = nada, zilch, zip, zero.

Oy vey, check out my hair, tousled itz! Also, I have an old sweater on! A jeenius, I tell you! A jeenius! He even comes with testimonials.

When musicians visited, Einstein would talk about mathematics. When mathematicians visited, he would bring the subject around to music. Always faking, flimflamming, dancing and dodging. Like a snake with tenure. His only real achievement in life was touring the world as a booster of Josef Stalin, who he vouchsafed for was yet another "jeenius!" Oy, a cluster we have, all vouching for each other! In print, no less!

I passed more brain cells in a recent bowel movement than Albert Einstein had in his entire head.

The fake science of Sagan and Hawkings is built upon the pyramid of poop left behind by Albert. The bogus science of Gould builds upon the tower of turds left behind by half a dozen fake anthropologists like Ashley Montague and Margaret Mead. Up and up the skyscraper of bullsh*t goes into the the sky, each successive level of grant milkers trampolining on the air anchors left behind by the previous generation of frauds and phoneys. Up and up we go, Luftmensching into the clouds until we have built false premise upon false premise until we get to dark matter and the Higgs Boson ... up and up and up. But what goes up on air and lies must also come down someday, sooner or later, because it is falsehoods and gibberish with it's only support as self-referential.

Right beside it is a monolith built of concrete which will replace it, which says that entire universe is crazy talmudic rubbish. It says the universe is a charged field of plasma and in doing so it smashes two centuries of lunatic rubbish and solves every single major "problem" in physics by replacing it with a simple unified theory that makes sense at every level of experimental verification.

There is no Higgs Boson. There is no graviton. There are no black holes. There are no strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces. All this stuff is as sick and demented as the thaumaturgy of the 14th century with the difference being that sometimes thaumaturgy accidentally stumbled onto useful chemistry principles.

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