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Polish wife is threatening me to pay child support 1000zl per month.

sa11y 5 | 331
12 Jul 2012 #31
If could afford a barge of good lawyers , he wouldn't be here asking for advice how to avoid payment of what seems a reasonable amount IF you have a job that pays more than average salary. I'm not saying this amount is fair for him, but it's not a big amount of money. Chances are that if this goes to court in Poland he may be ordered more based on potential, not actual earnings.
Ant63 11 | 403
12 Jul 2012 #32
Terabaap, do you REALLY think that any court in Poland will allow him to take the child to USA? Think again.

It's unlikely as the courts are mostly very amateur in operation and most judges appear to have no comcept of international law and can't uphold Polands own law because a lot of it is bull pooh. Geez they even treat there own citizens that live in other countries like defectors from the past. Eastern block it was. Eastern block it still is.

I have a document in front of me where a Polish judge refers to the Euorpean Rights of a Child as the New York Rights of a Child. Guppi Cretin.
sa11y 5 | 331
12 Jul 2012 #33
Ant, that too, but mostly Polish family courts will support the mother. They have history of that.
27 Jul 2012 #34
Re-posting this here, as this discussion is more recent:
I am continually hoping for a reasonable series of answers to the question of how child support in Poland is determined. Are we agreed that the point is to fairly support a child; both parents taking care of the child's needs? That in their home country and city they should expect to have food, clothing, good medical care, and educational support. Beyond that, toys, vacations, recreational activities should be agreed upon by the parents and stated in a support agreement. These expenses should be covered by both parents.

In such a case, is it not reasonable to look at the cost of living in this area and come to an agreement based on a median standard for that area (if they are both working)? In many countries percentage of custodial rights are also considered.

The idea that 50% of a man's salary (as someone in another post suggested) should go to the child seems ridiculous. There is no logical rationale for this; it looks like revenge or benefit depending on the amount! A man and woman have a child; planned or not, future together or not, they have a duty to provide the child with these basic needs. There is no reason a man should have to provide more; if one parent stays at home to care for the child (or not) a fee for care could be included. Also, in these cases, shouldn't each parent also have equal rights of custody if desired? (if they have equal responsibility for financial well being, this seems logical).

Can it really be possible that Poland has no such established guidelines? I don't believe that this could be true. Yet in each of the forums around custody I haven't seen any answers. In speaking with a lawyer in Poland, she is also shocked at some large judgements she has seen which are far beyond what a Polish father based in Poland is paying and seems mystified at how the court is determining this. Another male Warsaw attorney was also discouraging and advises that father's rights in Poland are very poorly represented.

Are there really no such guidelines (as there are in many other parts of the world) in Poland?
4 eigner 2 | 831
27 Jul 2012 #35
wife is threatening me to pay child support 1000zt per month.

so she's basically willing to pay you a 1000pln a month, right? Why is that threatening? (LOL)
mst_ski - | 3
27 Jul 2012 #36
Don't you see the first and foremost problem here, that the court told the guy to pay 1000zl when he earns 750zl on paper? Or did I misread something? If life in Poland for a person was good for 1000zl as it should be, there is no problem, the guy can have contact with the baby AFAIK. This guy works, he has taken a risk with marriage and a child and now he pays. Poland needs young people, and because of this kind of court decisions (among other things) only a few decide to have children in Poland (low salaries with regard to child support cost) and the country is aging and soon there will be cuts in pensions and public services. But yes, let's snap the guy, he should know each and every paragraph of the law, predict that he will split with his wife, realise that he can only get a half-legal job and and that Poland is a country where living for half of this salary is almost impossible. If the guy cares, the baby has a better future in the USA. They both made a mistake in marriage and both have rights to the child, but probably the court will favor the mother, just because she is the mother is an advantage for her, I think.
sanddancer 2 | 58
27 Jul 2012 #37
probably the court will favor the mother

The same mother that is feeding, clothing, educating and housing the child? 1000zl a month is cheap.
grubas 12 | 1,391
27 Jul 2012 #38
You dont to be a us citizen to make that kinda money even pumping gas or doing const work u can make 3k a month ($)

This is off topic but you can not make $3k pumping gas working 40 hours a week,I don't care who you are.

1000zl a month is cheap.

1000 PLN is very reasonable.My cousin pays 2000 PLN voluntarilly.

Don't you see the first and foremost problem here, that the court told the guy to pay 1000zl when he earns 750zl on paper?

They never went to court.1000 PLN is what the mother wants from him.Geez.And you expect court to give him custody rights when he makes 750 PLN "on paper"?Seriously?
OP papa11 1 | 7
7 Aug 2012 #39
Is ur husband an advocate?? How hew can help me?? And how can I contact him??
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
7 Aug 2012 #40
Who are u talking to ?

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