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My Polish wife doesn't want to move to the UK with me - what to do?

21 Jul 2010 #91
I'm a Polish girl and am dating an English guy, and the only thing i can advise is to be honest with her... she should understand that you are her family now (but don't tell her that) just explain that you're not able to live here and that you miss your country too, and that she really can always visit her family... Good luck!
rider - | 5
21 Jul 2010 #92
the problems you mentioned will be converted to your wife after you moved to UK .
she will not like the language and the weather conditions are totally messed up .better have a talk with your wife about it.talking is always good in relationship.
milky 13 | 1,657
21 Jul 2010 #93
Could be worse,could be the other way around.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
21 Jul 2010 #94
I wonder what the final outcome was. The falkster got it right, these things have to be discussed before tying the knot.
23 Nov 2013 #95
i can't see any reason to stay in poland , i was in krakow again last yeat and it's a truly miserable place full of gypsies who i don't like anyway ' including english gypsies and i truly detest irish ones , the weather was freeezing as well
25 Mar 2014 #96
I am not in Poland , I am married to a lady from the pacific and we live in Australasia. I miss England very much,. I have 3 sons with my wife, they all would like to go to england. However I have to consider my wife and her feelings. she has parents here who are aged. It would be unkind to uproot her and go to England. Try to find fulfillment in your family life there and it ought to outweigh the yearnging to go home. By the way I have stuck it for 24 years.

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