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My wife cheated on me abroad with a Polish guy

Tosic 1 | 8
25 Nov 2017 #1
I have been living some problems with my wife and she finally accepted that she cheated on me in abroad with a Polish guy and I called her and this guy opened the phone and said many bad words against to me... and he said I will kill your family I know where they live in... I actually did not want to go to a Police to make the situation worse...But those people where my wife is really dangerous without any hope people.. The aim is just using my wife... She is very naive person talked to him at the beginning as a friend and complained me... and later on he was aware of how she can manupulate my wife.... I do not know what does he give her and changed my wifeys life... I do not know who can help me at this situation. Is there any act to force turn back wife to home country? We had been living perfect years since 2011 until he destroyed our marriage. I do not give a chance my wife can love him (she already said that just Im with him) its just due to my boring lifestyle she wants to pay me the price... Please any help. How can I protect my wife from him?
BumSkillet 10 | 11
25 Nov 2017 #2
Honestly, you're in a tough situation. I would personally divorce her if she did something like this to me. Let her go waste her life away with him and find someone else who loves you for who you are. Powodzenia.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,715
25 Nov 2017 #3
Ur wife sounds like a thot... but if u were boring her it's understandable why she cheated. And it has nothing to do with that polish guy or polish guys in general. It could have been any man that was willing to get her off. Atkeast you dont have to worry about stds as poles have far lower incidence rates than other nationalities.

The Japanese believe that if a man cheats on his wife it's because the wife was not pleasing him. Cut her loose since zhe cheated on you and find another girl. Only this time make sure to poke her intestines once in a while so she doesn't leave you for a guy that will.

Why youd even want to protect a woman who cheated on you and has no qualms about it is beyond me. This is what makes have become. Zero masculinity total cucks for real men to do with them what they wish..

You dont need your ho a$$ wife back. You need to change your perspective and outlook and once you do you'll have a hotter younger woman asking for your attention.

Don't be as we poles say... a frajer...
OP Tosic 1 | 8
26 Nov 2017 #4
Because life is more serious than she thought.Maybe thats why I was a bored person. I focused on the business and tried to put the into project asap ..... She has been living for a long time with some serious health problems so nobody would like to have a disabled spouse. I wanted to care her. She was at the hospital more than 5 months for a critical surgery after that suddenly her life-style changed and did not want to think about the future.(Although Im more optimistic) Let me put in that way, her mentality was changed and has been manupulated by him.. Everything is related with the previous event... As I mentioned above, she was a naive person. For you guys I should accept and wait for the end? After 6 years its not that easy for anyone..
Crow 148 | 9,322
26 Nov 2017 #5
Cheating is normal, usual and even desirable thing. Humans are promiscuous species. Everybody f*** anybody.
LongTermR 1 | 37
26 Nov 2017 #6
Things are seems like sad. Be strong and do not give up. Perhaps she is in depression and not aware of what she does.
Sparks11 - | 335
26 Nov 2017 #7
I'd agree with Dirk, man up a bit. She cheated, whatever the reason don't mope about on the internet like a loser, get drunk, go on a trip, find some skanks and have some fun. Begging for internet help is...
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
26 Nov 2017 #8
She cheated

No she committed adultery and while doing so exposed herself to unlimited sexually transmitted deceases not to mention destroying her marriage in the process.
Wife = Thou shall not commit adultery
Polish Stud = Thou shall not covet they neighbors wife
Husband = Thou shall not kill
Sparks11 - | 335
26 Nov 2017 #9
ok. if you want to get biblical about it. Or what I said.
Joker 2 | 1,798
26 Nov 2017 #10
She cheated, whatever the reason don't mope about on the internet like a loser,

How about it....Go find another girl, she did you a favor! Now, you`re free:)
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,715
26 Nov 2017 #11

6 years is nothing out of a lifetime. Besides you're just making excuses for her. That's lame as hell.
There are so many fish in the sea it's ridiculous. Go on tinder for Pete's sake
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Nov 2017 #12
Everyone forgets about the 'hormones' . If a wife/husband is happy at home they will not look anywhere else for their pleasures.
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
26 Nov 2017 #13
Why not work it out with your husband/wife with make up sex ?
Use those hormones for the good instead of the bad.
If that doesn't work then it is like a failing business, be happy that some sucker came along and took it off your hands.

Most of the time though it boils down to that they both should be happy with each other as they both deserve a lot worse then what they already have.
26 Nov 2017 #14
Either I missed something or the wife has absolutely no intentions of coming back and he's trying to find a way to force her to come back...So it's not just moaning but something more.

Or he's a troll, that's always an option.
OP Tosic 1 | 8
26 Nov 2017 #15
What do you mean force ? Which I said its related with domestic act. Because in some countries third persons have fault (If third person aware of marriage). If my wife already is not under the influence of something if its her decision there is nothing to do.

Thank you for your opinions.
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
26 Nov 2017 #16
there is nothing to do

You could always suggest to her that you would volunteer to watch her have sex with him so you could learn the moves that you lack to satisfy her.
OP Tosic 1 | 8
26 Nov 2017 #17
@johnny reb
The main problem already she was addicted having sex with me so thats the main reason why she cheated on me abroad.
Joker 2 | 1,798
26 Nov 2017 #18
she was addicted having sex with me so thats the main reason why she cheated on me abroad.

This skeezebag is probably cheating on you back home as well.

Kick her ass to the curb and find a better one, there are so many other women that are less trampy. She's going to give you an STD one of these days and if you let her get away with it she's going to keep on banging other dudes. Then you're going to feel like a real idiot. Get out while the getting is good!
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
26 Nov 2017 #19
she was addicted having sex

Ah yes, a nymphomaniac or Hypersexual Disorder.
I found a quite interesting article for you that may help.
There are many variables that may cause this decease.
Crow 148 | 9,322
27 Nov 2017 #20
Humans are apes.
Joker 2 | 1,798
27 Nov 2017 #21
destroyed our marriage.

All jokes aside. I would divorce her if I were in your situation.

she wants to pay me the price...

In the US you would be able to rake her over the coals in divorce court.

Humans are apes.

Go shave your back you hairy Serb! LoL
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,715
27 Nov 2017 #22
You could always take her to the us, drop a few valium in her drink, roll her in a wheel chair to one of our fine hospitals and get her electro shock therapy. She'll forget all about it and be as submissive as a puppy. Most people who receive est are women actually but it's usually bc their husband is messing up and wants to make her more docile. For wealthy western males it's far cheaper than divorce plus the woman will be apathetic towards adultery after a few treatments.

Stds atleast the serious ones like hiv are actually very difficult to catch via hetero sex. Hiv dies immediately in oxygen and it's very hard for a guy to catch from a woman or even vice versa. With anal sex it's different because the anus acts as a sort of vacuum and doesn't let much air in. Hiv transmission rate is higher for anal than even getting pricked by a dirty needle but still fairly low risk at around 1% chance.

You say sex addict, I say kum dumpster....

People take zero responsibility for their actions anymore and instead blame it on some psychiatric term coined in the last decade. It's all b.s..
Crow 148 | 9,322
27 Nov 2017 #23
People. Vagina is vagina. Strange thing and all that.
terri 1 | 1,665
27 Nov 2017 #24
There was a time, if anyone ever studied History, when the male population were frightened of 'the little organ' ....and most of them still are.
Crow 148 | 9,322
27 Nov 2017 #25
Well, its a great mystery.
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
27 Nov 2017 #26
the male population were frightened of 'the little organ'

The male population is frightened of the little female organ that is because the hair hides the hook.
Crow 148 | 9,322
28 Nov 2017 #27
One can write a book about decent vagina. Anthology, actually. No wonder that mere mortals easily fall in trap and losing mind over that little thing. Or not that little, eventually.
johnny reb 29 | 5,429
28 Nov 2017 #28
Actually Crow this is not a laughing matter.
Tosic has a wife that is suffering from a mental disorder called Hypersexual Disorder.
This is caused from many factors with bi - polar being one of them.
Google and read about it before you poke fun at the poor guy.
Crow 148 | 9,322
28 Nov 2017 #29
I understand. But he isn`t poor if he didn`t decide to be poor. All is in the head. Take it catastrophically and it would come to you catastrophically. See, its just life. Life as it is. And it goes in circles. And nobody is excused.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,715
28 Nov 2017 #30
If he was having good sex with his wife regularly I doubt hed be in this situation. Women will put up with almost anything but once sex is gone it might as well be over. Same with men actually. He needs to move on instead of crying over spilled milk. 6 years is nothing, most marraige end in divorce anyway, plus there's plenty of fish in the sea of all ages

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