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Should i wear this to a polish wedding or not? :)

Lucylashes 1 | -
24 Aug 2009 #1
Hi all, my boyfriend is polish and he is living in ireland at the minute. I am an irish girl. His sister is getting married soon and i have been invited to the wedding which is taking place in poland. The thing is i dont know what is suitable to wear to the wedding. I have a dress that i have only wore once to a wedding in ireland before and would like to wear it again... but i dont know if it suitable as....

1. It has some white on it

2. it is strapless

Ive heard that guests shouldnt wear white AT ALL, and it is offensive to have bare shoulders in catholic church. Are these things a big deal in poland or not? I dont want to offend anybody. Any help appreciated thanks.

beckski 12 | 1,612
24 Aug 2009 #2
it is strapless

I think your dress is very pretty. If in doubt, try wearing a small sweater with the dress to the wedding. At the reception, go ahead and remove the sweater.

Have fun!
shewolf 5 | 1,077
24 Aug 2009 #3
Why does the picture say Discount Clothing 151? Is this a picture of someone else in the dress? I think it would depend on what it looks like on you. It's a lovely dress but the colors are loud for a wedding. Maybe a solid color would be better. But I wouldn't worry about the issue of not wearing white. I think that no longer matters.
cjj - | 281
24 Aug 2009 #4
Wear what *you* want to wear -- if that creates waves of disapproval that you can't live with, then you have early warning of issues to come.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
24 Aug 2009 #5
I am Polish and I would absolutely wear it. Church is often cold - sometimes very cold - so wearing a little something extra for the religious ceremony would be a good idea; but I've seen very daring dresses in church (including the wedding dresses themselves), so I wouldn't worry about that aspect at all.

Enjoy yourself, the dress is cute :-)
OnLocation - | 4
30 Aug 2009 #6
Of course you can wear that. It's very pretty. If your going to go to church wear something on top like a sweater or something. Younger people don't mind but older people may say something. If your going to the party you don't have to wear anything on top. It also covers your legs but that doesn't make a difference. My friends in Poland wear even more reveling dresses to weddings. Just don't go looking like a stripper and you'll be fine ';P JK By the way, I never heard about wearing white to the wedding. I mean the bride wears white so what's the problem. Guys also wear white shirts.
AmericanGirl - | 20
31 Aug 2009 #7
the dress is beautiful, go for it! I wore a very colorful strapless mini dress for my cousin's wedding in June and got more compliments than strange stares. Have fun!
nelson123 - | 1
13 Oct 2009 #8
Hello friend,
I liked your dress,it is beautiful and the important part is you are looking pretty in it..So I think you can wear it..if you don't have other you have not shown any more choices for your dress..

z_darius 14 | 3,964
13 Oct 2009 #9
Awesome dress.
The priest may be jealous.
beckski 12 | 1,612
13 Oct 2009 #10
So I think you can wear it..if you don't have other choice..

I think she's probably already attended the Polish wedding. Her thread was created on August 24th.
samnslon 8 | 22
4 May 2010 #11
Thread attached on merging:

i am an english girl and this july i will be attending a large polish wedding with about 400-500 people coming and i have no idea what to wear or how to present my self...i have not been to an english wedding yet either...i need help :)
Ksysia 25 | 430
4 May 2010 #12
Hey, that's going to be fun! :)

We don't wear hats since the war - but wear one if you enjoy it.

Depending on the environment, the more 'city' venue, the more toned down the colour - the more 'countryside', the more vivid colours are allowed.

For example, in Lodz you could go in linen trousers and flat soled sandals and a tunic - but in the country wear a satin dress in a vivid coulour, like bottle green, and high heeled shiny shoes. And your hair up.

Just make sure you'd be comfortable dancing in those shoes, because a lot of dancing is expected.

And a friendly hint - eat all the meat that will be served, it helps with the digestion of alcohol.

We always bring a cash gift for the couple, we give it along with the wishes.
samnslon 8 | 22
4 May 2010 #13
the wedding will be held in this hotel and the family are paying for all travelling guests:

i really would like to make a good impression as they are very good friends of my boyfriend, thay asked on there invitation for money not gifts.

thank you :)
skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
4 May 2010 #14
I checked out the link you posted and noticed there's an email address that you could use ( - I'd email them if I were you. Summarize your concerns and questions and send it in. If your friend (boyfriend) speaks Polish tell them the reply could be in Polish. After all they're the pros and might be able to give you some good advice, I'm sure you aren't the first foreign guest they've dealt with.

In my view you simply need to show up with a smile on your face and a good attitude. Learn a few words in Polish, that always brings appreciation and respect. It's possible some people will be shy around you as they speak little or no English. The younger crowd might flock to you to practice their English. PS. Shyness disappears after folks have started drinking ;)

I think you have a good attitude about it already and will impress them just by your willingness to do a research beforehand.

So smile, be curious and friendly and have a blast.

PS. I'm a guy but am very partial to ladies putting their hair up like Ksysia recommended - never seen a lady who didn't look great with her hair up. ;)
Ksysia 25 | 430
4 May 2010 #15
Hm, looking at the hotel pictures in of no help- anyone can rent a hotel if they are willing to pay. It's better to know what are the people like?

Since you are a foreigner, I think you could just wear what you would wear in you country, and be all the more exotic for it - depending on just one thing. If it's not making you comfortable, then it would ruin your fun.
pgtx 29 | 3,145
4 May 2010 #16
I think you could just wear what you would wear in you country, and be all the more exotic for it

yes... i always wear on international weddings a Polka dot dress... very nice ;)
samnslon 8 | 22
4 May 2010 #17
Hm, looking at the hotel pictures in of no help- anyone can rent a hotel if they are willing to pay. It's better to know what are the people like?

they are all business people they either own a company or they are all very high up in a company so most of the people are rich and in there middle to late 20's

thank you
Ksysia 25 | 430
4 May 2010 #18
Ok, so I think they will not wear any cheap fabric, and most will have moderate jewellery. Still there are various kinds of business people. Since it's nearer to Lubin than Wrocław, near the German border, and they have foreign friends, I think that they will be a hint conservative and a hint party people at the same time.

Silesians are a tad like Texans. The women will be feminine, and the men will be a little Spartan. So you can chose a dress close to the body if you enjoy this, or with an uncovered back - they will not bat an eyelid.

Black colour is naturally prohibited, even though it's an evening occassion. So is white. Creams belong to the closest relatives. Unless they are strongly 'city', they will probably go for full coulours, like blues, reds, greens. Ladies who can't show too much any more will have gold elements in their dress - like a jacket with golden thread. So leave the gold to them.

Silesians are likely to go for feminine dancing shoes - up to you to decide is that ranking high enough to make you cover the toes.

Depending on your boyfriend, bring a shawl/jacket, or make him give you his own when you'll all go out for some air in the night.

Get a professional make up done in Poland - it will make you feel great and is not that expensive.

There will be no room for a bag.

Add a little bit of glitter - it's an evening festivity, so it's permitted.
TwojPrestige - | 14
5 May 2010 #19
I'd recommend to put on a pretty ellegant dress. Maby sth above knees? Don't put on the white or ecru one - those are colors reserved for a Bride! Black is not good either.

Nice hairdo is welcome as well. And don't forget about nice but COMFORTABLE shoes to dance all over the night :)
Trevek 25 | 1,699
5 May 2010 #21

Something confortable and pretty, slightly formal perhaps. Not too sex-bomb! make sure you're confortable in it and can dance as you might not have time to change before the reception... and they last forever.

Whatever you do, don't do the usual british thing of wolfing down all the food in the first five minutes. We Brits are conditioned to do that, however the Polish wedding lasts for over 12 hours (at least) of solid eating and drinking (I'm not kidding).Also, it is a total disgrace to expect people to buy their own drinks (like we do in Britain), and there will be magic wine and vodka bottles which seem to refill themselves (not kidding).

I once nearly died when I heard a couple of Irish guys pondering about whether to go to McD's before the reception. I had to warn them off the idea.
Ksysia 25 | 430
5 May 2010 #22
disgrace to expect people to buy their own drinks

that's true...
I went to a hen night last month, and we had to pay our own bills. Which had not stopped the bride-to-be from offering the sandwich plates to people like she made them herself. I knew about this paying thing, because my friends had been to a wedding here once and were sharing this hint with everyone.

The hotel was really beautiful and the guests were welcoming. So all in all I was pleased. I came prepared, bearing a plastic card and I was not drinking so I could drive back after the time on invitation had run out: 2PM to 5PM.

They were doing the same as we: mainly gossiping and eating. So that was nice to know. I just think that this time frame and bill paying adds to the stress rather than relaxation. It's way easier to throw a little something in the garden. And guests usually bring bottled gifts, so you can't say that cooking a little food is expensive.
Wroclaw Boy
5 May 2010 #23
it is a total disgrace to expect people to buy their own drinks (like we do in Britain),

If British weddings were like Polish ones everybody, well most men atleast would be plastered within an hour.
Ksysia 25 | 430
5 May 2010 #24
Hey, not that bad, Wrocław.
Three English guys come to our parties regularily and they keep the pace with the rest. No passing out on the floor before 3AM ;)
KathrinaK - | 1
17 Jul 2010 #25
pretty dress indeed! but since its a Catholic church, you may want to wear a sweater or bolero on top.
opts 10 | 260
17 Jul 2010 #26
The thing is i dont know what is suitable to wear to the wedding.

Make sure that you wear a clean underwear.
skibum 8 | 62
17 Jul 2010 #27
Have a look here for advice/info about Polish weddings.

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