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Understanding Polish men and when they are flirting

6 Oct 2012 #1
Hi everyone, I recently met up with a very nice polish guy on a blind date, and he seems like a lovely guy. I am half polish and half English, and he is full polish. I am trying to get to grips with understanding the differences in the dating culture, are polish men quite reserved when it comes to complimenting their date? He has called me lots after our first date, but keeps insisting on a kiss the second time we meet, is this fairly normal? I am playing my cards close to my chest and not giving much away. He is calling me things like skarbie, kochanie and misiu. I hope he's not a womaniser because admittedly I do quite like his personality :(
dancer7 1 | 19
7 Oct 2012 #2
Hey! Check my thread; How do guys from Poland flirt. I would keep your cards, and only kiss when you feel like it or want to, he seems he little pushy. As far as I know Polish men dont give compliments that easy, however thats just my observation, should vary from one person to another. He sure seems to like you, figure out to which extend though.
natasia 3 | 368
9 Oct 2012 #3
Polish men go in for the kill pretty quickly. They like to close the deal. They will get you as soon as you can. It is up to you how long that takes, but generally they will be very persistent.
eyesdontlie - | 2
12 Feb 2013 #4
My polish man friend is very fourth coming with the compliments in fact he is probably the nicest most genuine guy I have ever met and if cirumstances were different he would be more than a friend lol x I would take thingsat your pace and always behonest with you and him xx good luck

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