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Strange Polish Girl.

12 May 2012 #1
Hello fellow polish friends,
I have been meeting a 19yo Polish Girl like 10 times, and i really like her, but she seens to be a little cold/shy/conservative. For example, other night we kissed, hand in hand ... But other day, we met, she doesnt let me even kiss or touch his hand... We talk all day long in facebook, she things we have alot of things in common, but that 'we need to know eachother better', and that we should start 'kissing' and 'hold hands' when we get together as a couple'.. With her i have always been a kind of romantic guy..But i dont know, seens that she is playing a game with me or something, like i said, sometimes she is hot, sometimes she is cold.

What should i do? Propose her to be my girlfriend? Start ignoring ? Or what you guys think about it?

By the way, i'am Brazilian 19 yo too.

Thank You
David_t 2 | 11
12 May 2012 #2
In my opinion, your topic is great to be placed here. I am a foreigner at here too and exactly facing the same situation which is too difficult to tolerate it. I don't want people look at me as an instruments in hand to make themselves happy because I really love her and she knows about it. But I feel around these ages they only want fun, transient happiness or sex.

I am tired to watch when I love someone she becomes like my sister or prostitute to me. I am loosing hope on Polish girls somehow as I am loosing my trust about them. It's not the answer to all my clean and lovely feelings.

One time we go to party and she is drunk start kissing me hugging me and stick herself to me and one time I want to hold her hands and she refuses and show the face to me.

I believe our Polish friends can give us some suggestions at here. please girls and boys let us know the relationship culture and your opinions at here.
Marek11111 9 | 808
12 May 2012 #3
What should i do? Propose her to be my girlfriend? Start ignoring ? Or what you guys think about it?

move on, my rule is if she does not put out in third date then I move on, she is playing you you are a place holder while waiting for some other guy.
David_t 2 | 11
12 May 2012 #4
Yea I agree with Marek. We guys should know not to spoil these type of girls as they are good players in the life. Don't let her to think of you as option while you may consider her is she is having a good personality, attitude and faithfulness character. As we know these type of girls may not deserve more than one night as they wish so. Having PR and one night stand attitude is something which they wish for it and you cannot change it. They don't only ask for money not to expose their devil face. Every one deserves for what he/she deserves too. Happy in your life my friend and Be aware that you are having many options for your life and the one you love is just somewhere around waiting for you. Don't sell or impose yourself and good feelings for whom doesn't care about it a penny. Good luck!
Marc - | 1
12 May 2012 #5

You have to know that the Polish girls are so strong, but sensitive and emotional too.
They have also very variables mood, but I think its so sweet, beacuse life with Polish girl istn't boring.
And you must fight about her feelings, heart all the time....:) :D

Majority of them, like when man show true feelings, and provide her: that she isn't a toy or ....other easy girl.
You MUST chat with her, and tell about your opinion, feelings...She will appreciate it.

I have also very complicated, unpredictable Polish girlfriend..but I love her so much for that.
and if she have a bad mood, and she is cold for me, I can change her attidute....
and spend with her a crazy time together :)
WielkiPolak 54 | 998
12 May 2012 #6
She doesn't let you kiss or touch his hand. What kind of a he-she is this?

On a side note. These topics are so stupid!!!! Stop going on the internet to ask for advice. Just deal with it. People are different. Figure it out yourself man. Or are you a man?
Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
12 May 2012 #7
I kinda feel the same, its like , you cant really say they should be putting out, so is that how you guys are? you want sex on the third

date, WTF about being a gentleman and stop worrying about your penis for once take her out on a nice date like a fancy resturant

or a nice movie or something that is exciting like go-carting or to amusment park?

it gets boring seeing a guy just want to suck face all the time, you hold her hand , yeah thats fun, now what??

get with the program, you want a girlfriend or a F&ck friend? Polish girls, brazilian girls, irish girls, dont matter what
girl it is, if you act like a dork and just want to hang out, she is going to find someone else. you have to also stop

smouthering, girls dont like when a man is mushy, falling all over the place, they like someone they can catch too
so act like you are a man, and sweep her off her feet, make her feel like she is the only one!!

my god is life that difficult to figure this out?

guys like the girls to take charge, but she will only take charge if you act like james bond or something!! lol
get your james bond on dudes!! LOL

make her laugh, make her want you!! geese o peets!
ReservoirDog - | 132
13 May 2012 #8
What should i do? Propose her to be my girlfriend? Start ignoring ? Or what you guys think about it?

Go back to kindergarten kids.
noreenb 7 | 554
2 Dec 2012 #9
Why don't people continue threads? I mean, some stories are really interesting and I would like to know the magic "what happened then". It's alike the book you can't finish and you don't know what was the end of the story.

I hope you are with you favourite Polish girl, lusiada.
14 Feb 2013 #10
Ahhhh well, at least i know im not the only one going through this bizarre situation.
28 Dec 2014 #11
Patrycja19 - Big LOL.

Get real. People are not James Bond. You are a kindergarten child to think he will always spend his time fighting for you and making sure, you are not a bored poor child.

You need him to excite you? You need him to be exciting? But what such an exciting man would do with such a boring kid as you :)

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