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Polish signs if she likes me or wants to just be friends ( help )

Engpol96 1 | 2
10 Aug 2018 #1
A bit about me before I ask my question.

I'm British, born to 2 Polish parents, I know the language ( Not fluently but I understand nearly everything ) , love my heritage and decided to move to Poland this year to reconnect to my family and learn the language.

I met a Polish girl who's fluent in English but Im struggling to see signs if she likes me or wants to just be friends ( obviously in England its different ). She's a liberal who loves multiculturalism, we went on a date ( neither of us said it was a date, but we went for dinner and a drink afterwards ) after we kept talking and she told me that she'll take me to another place I may like.

In England I have friends who are girls that we go out for dinner together ect ect.

Not too sure If this is a worthless post as no one can tell what a girls thinking or due to Polish customs this could be a sign?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
11 Aug 2018 #2
Easy. When crossing the street, take her hand and see what she does. Especially, when you are done crossing.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
15 Aug 2018 #3

Sounds more like she wants to be friends than romantically involved. Women esp polish women give off clear body language if they want to be romantically involved.

Or maybe since she's a liberal multikulti type she's really a lesbian or into being culturally enriched by third worlders in which case it sounds like you're out of luck. Maybe that's a good thing though. You wouldn't want to be weiner cousins with 10 dudes named Ahmed rashid muhammed onglokbobe etc and then wondering why your **** stick itches so much. I can only imagine what having scabies on your nuts would be like.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
16 Aug 2018 #4
You just took all the romance out of this lovely story. And I was waiting for Episode 2.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,960
16 Aug 2018 #5
My recent experience may or may not. Living in Poland as an American with two completely different dating experiences. Current girlfriend of 6 months, ultra conservative, ultra conservative family. No hand holding in public even until it was after two months. Did not use the term BF or GF until just recently. Didn't even know she considered it a serious relationship until she made plans for us to go to a wedding 7 months from now.

Prior to current GF, experience was with liberal Polish girl who wanted public displays on second date, and was much more outgoing. Introduced me as a BF to friends on 4th date.

I think it will depend on where your girl is from, and what she is looking for. I wouldn't expect any one cliche' to hold true. That said, the conservative values will drive you crazy if you are not used to them. But she will be worth it in the end if this is the kind of girl she is. Good luck.

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