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Romance with a polish girl... I need help!

avant 1 | 1
28 Oct 2013 #1
Hello everyone,

Recently I was in Europe (Netherlands), and decided to take a small city tour. When the group gathered together, I saw a girl standing by her own and BAM!... I became a believer in love at first sight. I don't even remember the first part of the tour, because I had only eyes for her. At a small break, I talked to her and she happened to be Polish, currently living in England. We shared lots of laughs and conversation on the rest of the tour, and I left her on her hotel, while I went back to mine because I had a flight to catch. I got her Facebook contact and number, and we have been a bit in contact after that.

I couldn't resist anymore, so I sent her flowers last week, from "a secret admirer", trying to build a romance. But I'm stuck there, I don't know what else to do, or what does a polish girl likes. I know she liked the flowers! Any advice?

I live in Canada, but I would be willing to travel to England to visit her. One interesting point is that, while talking, she mentioned that she was planning to move to Canada, and that was even before I mentioned where I was from!

I am a serious guy, engineer, currently preparing my Master's degree. I want to do the right thing. Please help?
Cardno85 31 | 976
28 Oct 2013 #2
left her on her hotel

Interesting choice of term there. That is a very common Polish mistake in English as the direct Polish-English translation is "on" a destination at times. Sure you are not a native Pole in disguise?
jon357 67 | 16,836
28 Oct 2013 #3
Sure you are not a native Pole in disguise?

His profile suggests another perfectly respectable reason ;-)
OP avant 1 | 1
28 Oct 2013 #4
Haha I wrote that in a hurry, I guess the correct is "at her hotel". Not a Pole in disguise, although if Polish ladies are like her, I would wish I am!
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
28 Oct 2013 #5
Well, she probably knows it was you who sent the flowers. Just step back a little and let her indicate she's interested. If she makes contact but doesn't come on strong, reply after a few days and just say "As you know, I'm in Canada, let me know when you head over and we can maybe hook up and I can show you around my city".

Whatever you do, don't invite her back to your place to see your etchings.
larneylee - | 1
19 Oct 2014 #6
Merged: Are Polish girls more romantic? South African with Polish surname, history, seeks advice on a few things


I was not sure what to write in the subject, but as the subject line states, I am a South African, with a Polish surname and a family history originating in Poland. There are a few things I would like to ask or even state.

Having been in the UK for a number of years now, but the past year and a half I have met the most wonderful Polish people. Why? who knows. I have always had a a certain something inside of me to track and discover my family history and now more than ever. Also recently; I have met a Polish girl. It is still early days but there is just a certain something inside of me that feels unusual. I mean good and fabulous unusual; by this I mean the relationship I have with this girl feels incredible. I suppose I am not explaining myself properly. Am I correct in thinking that, this past year and a half I been fortunate to just simply have met some wonderful Polish people and I could have met any other nationalities who were also wonderful? There is something inside of me which always feels that my longer life journey will in some way be more connected to Polish.

This must sound so odd, so I apologize. Are Polish girls more romantic as a race? or if I am just a romantic person at heart, my words, thoughts, actions regardless of my nationality would be well received by most? If there are any people reading this who might think I am looking for some reassurance, maybe I am but I am a stable guy, balanced and understand the waves and motions of life but I was curious to know from anyone if you perhaps think that my new life's path is somewhat heading towards all things Polish?

Who can say it is...........or it isn't or it is just a coincidence perhaps; but I am curious..........

I aimed to write something on here which made immediate sense to me until, I read this back and thought ''what have I done'' :-) Anyways; someone out there might get what I mean........

Looker - | 1,079
21 Oct 2014 #7
Are Polish girls more romantic?

It's hard to say. Some are very romantic, some are certainly not. If they feel comfortable and safe, then they are lovely, but when some difficulties appears - you'll see what sits deep inside them, and you may find yourself in big trouble ;)

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