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Polish relationsip and translation - help needed...

13 Jul 2016 #1

Can someone tell me if the below makes grammatical sense in polish? I used google translate but need to know if a Polish speaker understands this clearly? I'm sending this to my girlfriend's mother in the hope she can help me?

Witam pani Renia, mam nadzieję, że masz się dobrze?

"Używam Google Translate i nie wiem, czy ta wiadomość będzie sensu gramatycznie, ale muszę spróbować.

potrzebuję twojej pomocy. Emilia nie wie, że jestem tekstylny cię. Emilia nie rozmawiać ze mną. Mieliśmy argument i krzyknąłem na nią. Myliłem się, aby to zrobić, starałem się robić wszystko, by porozmawiać z nią. I rozgniewał, bo Emilia nie odpowiadać na mnie i powiedział kilka przykrych rzeczy, które złożyło gorsza. Byłem głupi, aby to zrobić i żałować swoich działań. I boli Emilia z moich słów, a ona jest bardzo zły, teraz.

Kocham Emilia bardzo, ale nie wiem, co robić?

Proszę o pomoc, nie lubię być oddzielony od niej."
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
13 Jul 2016 #2
I am wondering why you want to text her mum? Maybe your girlfriend hasn't told her mum and this might make her more angry?
Atch 16 | 3,415
13 Jul 2016 #3
I only speak basic Polish but I understand the message. It's not perfect, because you can't translate literally from English into Polish but I think the meaning would be pretty clear even for a native Polish speaker. The main problem is that you shouldn't be using the 'ty' form with an older lady unless you have her permission to do so. As you're addressing her as Pani, I'm assuming that you're on quite formal terms with her and using 'ty' comes across as very cheeky/rude.

Unfortunately I don't think Google Tranlsate can cope with the Pan/Pani forms, not even from Polish to English. It translates Pan literally as 'the Lord' so it's a big mess. I would suggest you add a short sentence at the beginning apologising for using 'ty' and say the Translator doesn't have Pan/Pani option.
OP Ic4ru5
13 Jul 2016 #4
Her mum does know me, I spent christmas with them both back in Slupsk. My girlfriend can be very stubborn and I have made a massive mistake and her when I said some hurtful things. I'm hoping her mum will help me get through to her. My girlfriend lives in England.

Atch: How would i say the short sentence explaining the 'ty' scenario and apologising?

Dreamgirl: I am absolutely in love with this girl, she means the world to me and I don't want to lose her over something stupid I said in anger.
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
13 Jul 2016 #5
What did u say? If we know a bit more perhaps we can help
Atch 16 | 3,415
13 Jul 2016 #6
I'd say:

Bardzo przepraszam ,ale wie Pani, nie znam Polski bardzo dobrze. Google Translate nie ma opcja na Pan/Pani. Muszę mowić 'ty'.

it basically translates as: I'm very sorry but you know I don't know Polish very welll. Google Translate doesn't have an option for Pan/Pani. I must say 'ty'.'

Now that's just my own rubbish Polish! My grammar is terrible but any Polish speaker will understand that.

There are a few native Polish speakers on this forum so maybe one will come to your rescue if they're around, Sorry I can't be of more help.
OP Ic4ru5
13 Jul 2016 #7
its such a long story... but it got to the point where she wouldn't respond to any of my attempts to contact her... calls, texts, e-mails and even going to round to her flat...

this made me more angry because i didn't know where i stood... and it just seemed that no matter what effort I was making she was just not interested (UK EU referendum was playing on her mind at this time)

No matter what I tried it just seemed like she was making excuses and then I lost it and said a whole bunch of hurtful things (nasty, horrible things because i wanted her to feel the pain that i was feeling)

and its just gotten worse from there... she just does not engage at all no matter what i have tried to do to apologise....

Atch, I'm grateful for what you have provided. thank you.
Atch 16 | 3,415
13 Jul 2016 #8
Ic4ru5, you're very welcome.

Can I give you a bit of advice, don't get drawn into discussions on the internet with people who want to 'help' you. Sometimes such people are genuine, sometimes not, but even if they mean well, they don't know you, or your girlfriend and it's best for you to deal with this in your own way. You only came here because you wanted some help with a translation, not relationship counselling, so just be cautious about getting into your personal stuff with strangers. It can end up messing with your head and leaving you more confused than ever.

Good luck with everything :)
OP Ic4ru5
13 Jul 2016 #9
Thanks Atch. thats good advice. I'll send the message with your sentence inserted and hope for the best.
Gibonka - | 18
13 Jul 2016 #10
it got to the point where she wouldn't respond to any of my attempts to contact her..

That is a sign she wants to be left alone maybe
Gemini505 - | 1
14 Jul 2016 #11
Merged: Relationship trouble- possibly translate ... 😞

hi everyone
Am in a long term relationship, with polish guy- 10 years now, for last 6 he was saying yes one day we will marry but nothing comes of it- he knows I want to... We have a child also

Couple of years ago we had a heart to heart I told him how hurt I was that I felt he put it off and didn't want it

Even reminded him of times we spent in Poland with his family where they all ask again and again when is the wedding,( he's from a small village and to be honest they are all surprised we didn't marry and I'm sure think it's my doing ..?)

....and I felt like a fool - once about 6 years ago we argued about it and he promised the next year he would "surprise me"

Time goes by and I guess it has eaten away at me,and to be honest my self esteem
His English is fine but I wondered about telling him in polish how I feel - in his native tongue would it help??

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