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Polish relationships with over seas ladies and men

Fluffypanda 2 | 4
1 Apr 2016 #1
Alright! Can some one tell me about some cultural stuff about love and relationships social etiquette and so on? Your experiences with polish men and women and those who are polish what are your experiences with British girls and guys and other over seas girls and guys?

Also want to know what a traditional polish gentleman does for a woman in relationships? Same with modern polish gentleman relationships? What about the polish ladies? What are her roles in a relationship?
Mika92 1 | 6
5 Apr 2016 #2

You have a tough question here, because it's very general one. In my opinion, It's very hard to say what polish ladies do in relationship or what polish men do. You see it's different from person to another from character to another, the level of education, type of work, age, background if she or he from the city or from the countryside and so many things.

In general, Polish men and women are very much like any other nationality, they are diverse and different.

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