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Possible gift for Polish girl (she is just a friend)

fatihy 3 | 6
5 Oct 2012 #1
I am thinking to buy a gift for a polish lady, which helps me a lot about all polish procedure. She is just a friend. The gift must be elegance but not so much romantic :)

What the polish girls like ? For example i am thinking one elegance necklace, but i don't have any other idea. Please help me to choose a gift. What could be as a gift ?

This lady is like 30-32 years old, and she likes to wear elegance.

Zibi - | 336
5 Oct 2012 #2
elegance necklace

A necklace would certainly suggest you are romantically inclined. Buy her a box of expensive chocolates instead.
smurf 39 | 1,966
5 Oct 2012 #3
A copy of 50 shade of grey and a vibrator.....she'll soon be more than a friend after that.
annia - | 2
16 Oct 2012 #4
Hi, hope it is not too late, but good and "safe" present will be a scarf,
beckski 12 | 1,612
16 Oct 2012 #5
A small pin or brooch would go well with a nice scarf.

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