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Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady

JaneDoe 5 | 114
9 Feb 2011 #91
is it too late for you?

Too late, and many agree.
OP shekofte 5 | 23
22 Feb 2011 #92
excuse me that i came late :-)

To topicstarter:
I have nothing against Iranians, but you need to understand 1 thing:

Just like Iranians fishermen cannot fish in European waters, Iranian men cannot fish for European women except when these women visit Iran.

Same goes for all non-European males: stay away from European women! Find a woman in your own part of the world!

hello jarnowa
personally , i partially justify you
because i think all of men have such sense about their females ...
but the law of the country (for example Poland) is the fact (and reference) ! not your own idea !
can you find a law that ban marriage of a polish lady with foreign men ?

Switzerland even brought incest-marriage law within the same family.

what the hell !
emha - | 92
22 Feb 2011 #93
European women have the right to choose the guy they want to date, but European men have the right to discourage immigrant males from chasing European women. :)

a new Polish film for you :) . "Wojna żeńsko-męska" - 'The War Between Men And Women'

Albanaich 2 | 31
22 Feb 2011 #94
The main problem (and it applies to all of Europe) is that women are not 'Property'.

Your posts seem to imply that you wish some kind of control over her. You will have none. If it turns out she thinks you are a reject, she is quite entitleed to change her mind and screw someone else.

She has choices. You can't buy her or control (if you check out the posts by the European guys hear that's a major issue)

A lot of of Muslims have problems with that concept.
southern 75 | 7,096
22 Feb 2011 #95
It is a general problem in mediteranean societies that girls get high social protection.It is a screwed up situation.You have to play lover and serious at the same time,macho and gay,harsh and tender,aggressive and weak.While with western girls is way more easy and with slavic girls child's game.I give that to mediteranean women that they train us for foreign women by their extreme demands.Of course local women hate the foreign ones.They call them cheap ho's if they are beautiful and garbage if they are not beautiful trying to find out any possible flaw in appearance.I don't care about the local women attitude as superior but if any of them wants I can tear her ass up as well.
3 Aug 2014 #96
hi...Im persian girl..i want to get married with a polish man..any one knows about condition get married in iran with polish man?and is he need translate his documents to farsi or english when he comes to iran anf get married here?

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