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Wedding in Poland, Bydgoszcz Ideas!

Vincent_L 5 | 2
21 Apr 2013 #1
Hello Everyone.

I'm going to marry my partner in the next few years, so I have begun thinking about the wedding/reception.

My partner would like to have it in or around Bydgoszcz because the majority of her family are located there. However, she doesn't know much about the city, and I was brought up in London and have never even been to Poland!

I thought some people here might be able to help me. Does anyone have any ideas of what venues would could use? I wouldn't want to go over £5000 if, that's okay. There should be around 60 - 80 guests.

Also, she is vegetarian, which is fine by me but she said she would like the reception to be completely meat-free... I said okay, but the deal is that I get to pick the honey moon location! (^O^) I think that's fair...

Does anyone know of any good caterers we could hire for the reception?

newpip - | 139
22 Apr 2013 #2
Not to be a downer, but Poles are heavy meat eaters. I can't imagine it would go over well if the wedding didn't have meat. Particularly those from a smaller city.

I could just hear the muttering under their breath- "what, no meat", "this woman lives in London but can't afford meat".

and then she would get talked about for the next two years--the wedding that didn't have meat.

And I am not joking- I can see this playing out just like this.
Lenka 5 | 3527
22 Apr 2013 #3
Many ppl will get drunk easily. Especially men I think. They won't eat much but I doubt it will change the ammount of alkohol they will drink
delphiandomine 86 | 17843
22 Apr 2013 #4
And I am not joking- I can see this playing out just like this.

I completely agree - they won't say it to her face, but you can guarantee that they'll be ******** and moaning about it, even if the food is absolutely fantastic.

And I'd argue that even if the guests aren't country dwellers, they'll still have ridiculous views about it.
mainframe - | 12
22 Apr 2013 #5
What! No Meat?! You crazy? Split the table. Half meat - Half veg.
All the Polish weddings I've been to were serious experiences. Wodka came out the taps. Pigs on spits. People partied as if there was no tomorrow (mostly the priest). Good traditional music

with frantic accordions and whooping yeehas. They normally lasted 3 days - with 2 days recovery. For 5K you can deliver good. Get good musicians! Go to a Polish wedding first and take notes

before you pass out and wake up in morning in neighbours greenhouse.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1082
23 Apr 2013 #6
"this woman lives in London but can't afford meat".

You are exaggerating a little :) They will just think What a freaks hosts are?

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