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Non internet dating service in Poland

outintheyard 27 | 517
30 Jun 2008 #1
Does Poland have dating service as in the US where private individuals assist in match making. This service works well in the US where people do not like the randomness of the net and a private individual can find busy clientel a better match.
urszula 1 | 253
30 Jun 2008 #2
Yeah. It's called "tirówki" services. Lol
30 Jun 2008 #3 / ?
OP outintheyard 27 | 517
30 Jun 2008 #4
Wow You are lucky! That is way better than the crap we have here. Am I going to have to change residence for a few years? Or better yet I should come up with areward for finding me a girl friend A couple thousand bucks or so What do you think? Crazy?
Mobidates - | 1
2 Mar 2010 #5
why do you need a dating service when there are so many dating sites.
July - | 9
2 Mar 2010 #6
You can try on Polish Gumtree. There is a section for Warsaw and "ogłoszenia towarzyskie". You can post there your personal ad as well.
terri 1 | 1,665
2 Mar 2010 #7
Do not try and go on Gumtree.
For a long time, they had a wonderful section there with thousands od postings every day and everything worked tremendously well. People loved posting the ads, others looking at the ads and even answering the ads.

But as always, this is Poland.
If something works well, let's not leave it alone because it is successful. Let's mess around with it, change it, make it a site that nobody will want to go on - and the result is what it is. Rubbish, but don't take my word for it - go and see for yourself.
July - | 9
2 Mar 2010 #8
Terri, it has changed. Have you seen a new version?

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