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Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland?

19 Oct 2014 #91
do you have any idea about muslim inkrakow? im gong there this nvember and will bring alog my mother? is it safe for us? im afraid now when see all of you just ******* muslim like they arent human
Wulkan - | 3,243
19 Oct 2014 #92
will bring alog my mother? is it safe for us?

she might survive if she won't cover her face and wear other muslim clothes
19 Oct 2014 #93
Personal expression and free speech allows you to make the sweeping statement above- "Poland are so racist" just as it allows me to state mine, which is, if it's such a racist country don't visit, nobody is holding a gun to your head, lady.
skrud - | 36
20 Oct 2014 #94
if it's such a racist country don't visit

mafketis 29 | 10,297
26 Oct 2014 #95
even poland will understand that we are free and wearing hijab or niqab is jest personal choice

Then you admit it has nothing to do with religion (esp niqab since women are not allowed to wear niqab on the haj).
random1 - | 5
25 Jan 2015 #96
You should change your nickname... maybe to ninja999? I think you stop being Polish to the outside world when you put on a niqab or burka -- that a completely alien custom to Poland. Actually that's even alien to some parts of the Muslim world, where women are more likely to wear a hijab or nothing at all to cover their head.
27 Jan 2015 #97
The Polish are no more racist than those muslims who killed 12 people during the events of Charlie Hebdo simply for using their basic human right to freedom of speech. Poland is a Catholic country and follow Catholic traditions just like if I was to go to Saudi Arabia I'd probably be flogged for wearing a crucifix and not dressing like a ninja, don't like it? Suck it up and deal with it!
Levi_BR 6 | 219
27 Jan 2015 #98
if I was to go to Saudi Arabia I'd probably be flogged for wearing a crucifix and not dressing like a ninja


You would be flogged, if you survive to the flogging, they put you in jail for a long time and then deported.
Theturth man
12 May 2015 #99
Merged: I'm a Muslim and looking for muslima polish

Dear friends,
A salamu alykum

I am a Muslim and Arabian and seeking for a Muslim polish girl . Can any one please help me with this ?

johnny reb 31 | 6,245
12 May 2015 #100
I am a Muslim and Arabian and seeking for a Muslim polish girl .

Why ?
jon357 69 | 18,345
12 May 2015 #101
Remember that the post is a gentleman looking to meet someone for romance, not a discussion on traditional clothing from different regions of the world, though since you asked, a couple of sentences about it that are relevant to the thread not least because the partly address a potential cultural misconception by the poster.

No, Levi, they are not 'obliged to wear Burka'. The obligation is for an Abaya when out in public, a light garment covering clothes, very practical in hot weather. Face covering is not an obligation, though most (especially in central and eastern ksa choose to). Expat women mostly don't. Burkas by the way are intended for sandstorms and are not a Saudi thing. In the rest of the region, outside KSA, the rules are much freer.

Clothing issues no help for the OP though and largely irrelevant in Poland. I do know several Muslimas in Warsaw, both Polish women who've reverted to Islam as well as people who were raised Muslim. None wear an Abaya and only the converts cover their heads.

The OP doesn't mention if he's actually in Poland or not - if yes, the best way would be to meet families in the mosque and hope to be introduced to someone. There are also Polish women on Islamic dating sites. If he isn't in Poland but has heard of the legendary beauty of Polish girls, perhaps he isn't aware that only a very small proportion are Muslim and that Polish Muslims tend to be educated and sophisticated and more likely to seek a life partner closer to home rather than half way across the world - they are also likely to be more affluent than the average inhabitant of KSA.

@TheTurth man, try this site:

There's also

And don't let people in this thread put you off just because they've got prejudices.

Hi Levi, you're going off topic as usual so I won't respond to your ravings about Islamic dress, except to say that I have far more experience of the region that you ever will and that your answers to TheTurth man's posts are not helping him at all in his question.

The thread is about Polish Muslim girls and the posters question is how to find one. Yes, there are Polish Muslim girls, both reverts and otherwise - however the poster may have the wrong idea. Perhaps you can suggest to him how he can meet a Muslim girl from Poland or another girl who may be willing to revert.

The two websites I mentioned could be useful to him - do you know of any others?
max2010 - | 1
27 Jun 2016 #102
Merged: Searching for a Muslim Polish girl for marriage

I am 25 years old and I am living in Germany .
I am searching for a Muslim girl for marriage
From where should I start searching ?
jon357 69 | 18,345
27 Jun 2016 #103
Many more eligible Muslim ladies in Germany, though if you really do want a lady from Poland, the best way is to actually come here and meet one.

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